Baldini must go

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, February 27, 2015.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I have made it clear that Pochettino must be given time at Spurs. However, as much as you will expect me to blame Daniel levy, there is one person who must be relieved of his duties and that is Franco Baldini.

    As director of football, he has taken charge of Spurs transfers and brought us the magnificent seven. Many point to the fact that Spurs fans believed that when we sold Bale and brought in 7 players, we were all delighted. Maybe.
    One player replaced by seven. Did that strike anyone as good business really? Until the signing of Lamela was rumoured, who really thought that he was someone we should make the biggest transfer in the clubs history? Be honest. Nobody did. I watched videos of him and could see someone who could score goals as long as he was on his left side. One trick pony. Well, that is what he is. One audacious goal and little else.
    The person who went to the games to scout him and thought he was worth £30 million? Franco Baldini.

    Fazio was scouted by? Franco Baldini. Fazio had a history of making mistakes and getting sent off.

    In regard to Soldado, he had been scoring goals for fun in Spain. Baldini can be let off on that one.

    Sadly, since Baldini was hired by our intelligent chairman, he convinced him to use all of the bale money on 7 players, 6 if we take Soldado out of the equation.

    You all know that I am no fan of Levy. Never have been and never will be. If he isn't going to walk, which he won't, his puppet must go. Baldini needs to pack his bags now. If not, back to you Mr Levy.
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  2. Anon48 Guest

    Where is your proof that this was all done by Baldini, I have been told differently and have explained it many times. I do not believe that Baldini picks the players to come in, he recommends some but they are only bought in if the manager agrees or vice versa. Remember Sherwood rejected the return of Berbatov.
    That which is stated without proof can be dismissed without proof.
  3. Jay Guest

    Yep, I'm on board with that now, and that's not knee jerk after this game. Specifically since the last Jan transfer window. The team had reached a domestic final, sat within striking distance of 4th place, still in europa and fa cups. This is similar to most other Januarys in the last 10 or so years. And yet once again he failed to press home our promise and strengthen the squad. We needed a striker we could depend on as we only had 1, everyone knew that. Not signing one was negligent beyond belief. We also needed a decent winger, as most of the ones we have are mediocre, give the ball away continuously and have no end product. I was just thinking 5 minutes ago that Baldini needs to go, he wasted all that money. Like all other spurs fans I've kept backing soldado, especially at the games, but I've had it with him now. I think it's time that spurs fans faced up to the fact that, despite working hard and displaying a good attitude, he just simply isn't very good. I know it hurts to admit because of the cash we spent on him, but he's been here nearly 2 whole seasons now and is yet to put in even 1 single performance reminiscent of a £26 million footballer. Footballers of that price are game changers; soldado has never even looked close to changing a game in a tottenham shirt, he's so reliant on others to create chances for him, yet his finishing is abysmal. We've been absolutely bent over on that transfer I'm afraid lads. We absolutely MUST get rid of him in the summer. Lamela is decent and has potential, but we overpaid by around £10-15 million on him as well. And Paulinho is one of the worst players I've ever seen at the club in 36 years as a supporter, that's another £17 million down the drain. How on earth is baldini still earning a wage at this club?

    And as of this January, Levy should go as well. I've had enough of his sheer unwillingness/inability to reward managers performing well by strengthening the squad as required, and I've had enough of defending him to other spurs fans. I love Poch though, the impact he's made is incredible since he's been here, improving the mentality of a mentally weak squad, making them much fitter, giving identity to our playing style and, perhaps best of all, clearing the treatment room of injuries for the first time in decades. On arrival here he was handed some decent ingredients mixed with some pretty poor ones, yet at times he's made a pretty tasty meal out of it. The lads have run out of steam now though. No win in the last 4 games, a bad run. The lads are shattered, the replacements aren't good enough, and even our better players are slowly slipping out of form. I blame Enic for that. Levy out.
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  4. Jay Guest

    Anon48 - read the definition of the position Director of Football. Yep, the manager has power of veto over his choices, but the DoF in any club is ultimately responsible for the transfer policy at the club. The buck stops with baldini.
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  5. Saracco New Member

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    I completely agree and until Baldini is out we will never advance to where we need to be as a club. I love Poch and absolutely believe he is the man for the job in the long term. We've already seen a huge turn around in some of the big fixtures this year compared to last year and once he is able to implement his own players into the squad I have no doubt we will be successful. If he is given time, he will find the right players.
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  6. ihe Guest

    Why is the solution always to sack someone.
  7. Soldado just has to go asap. I'm not interested in whether he's a "good bloke" or whatever, his performances have been unacceptably poor. 26 million quid flushed down the karzi. The departure of Baldini would be no great loss either. Like Soldado, he's had his chance and blown it. I'm afraid we're stuck with Levy though.
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well well well i said at the time looking at the system we played we needed a Powerful Athletic Hungry front man to play the lone striker and that Soldado did not fit the bill, i questioned spunking such a high amount on Lamela who was potential at best, of the whole 'magnificent 7' Eriksen was genuinly the only one i was happy to see arrive as watching him at Ajax & in the CL you could see this guy had some class. The rest were all so so.
    When i have said certain players are rubbish and need to be sold imediately ive had pelters on here, that i didnt understand football, that i needed to be patient and that i was negative but id like to see them same people tell me any different now?
    The transfer policies have totally lost their way, there is no ethos to getting players to compliment the first team system, the glaring deficiencies in the team are forever ignored, we cling onto painfully average players and out price the deadwood of moves, wev managed to stock pile the biggest squad of average players wev ever had, yet we cant get our few gems out the door quick enough, and finally the worst part is working on a glorified swapsies budget in the transfer market what you put in is what you get out!
    Baldini must go is a dead cert , Levy is the root cause to it all the blokes a Charlatan!
    The majority of our transfer buisness recently has been appalling to put it kindly, we had muppets on here claiming the summer was a 'clever window' when we bought basically a load of reserves, the January window we bought 2 kids. Were trying to get value for money out of a bunch of scrap Levy will not admit the nalls up him and his 2 stooges made and instead of dealing with the problem is going the arse about face way of fixing it. Big calls need to be made, proper transfer strategy needs implementing, a ruthless cull of this substandard dross weve aquired and most of all funds need to be given to Poch for the players he wants!
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  9. superspurs Guest

    Whilst I agree Baldini must and should go it does make me laugh a lot at the people saying things like "Soldado cost £26 million" And "Lamela cost £35 million"

    No they didn't, at least not at this point...

    Soldado cost £13 million with the other £13 made up on appreances, trophies won, international caps and goals... Lamela a similar story with a Base fee of £22 million

    Trouble is people like to ignore this and quote the higher fee to point out he should score every time. Yes maybe he should but only a £13 million outlay do far it's not as bad as it seems... Compare h to Falcao who WILL cost Man United £24 million just for one sseason and things don't look so bad for Soldado...

    But yes Baldini will go now we have Mitchell
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    If this is the case then wheres the rest of the Bale cash gone then?
  11. PLYTHE Guest

    I have to agree that for all the patience ive had with Soldado finally I have run out,

    my eternal optimism I have for SPURS is a bottomless well, but in this case i have found the bottom with a thud!!!! The miss last night is the final straw, I am however going to sit tight when it comes to Lamela but his time is coming also, I genuinely thought last night was the game for him to show us who he really was, and I guess to an extent he did just that.

    Whatever needs to be done to get it right I just wish it would just get DONE!!!!, Baldini out?, Levy out?, Both out?
    Whatever it is, it just needs to happen, SPURS genuinely aren't that far from breaking into the top bracket of European clubs, although in saying that the breakthrough has to happen soon as you dont often stay in the same place forever its either up or down for my mind, lets just hope its not the latter COYS!!!!!
    Soldado, Adebyor,Kaboul OUT!!!! Premium replacements IN !!!!!!!
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  12. iyaa Guest

    SOLDado is absolute garbage n needs to be released for free...its cheaper than ****ing breaking every single one of your fans hearts...him n fazio, dembele, ewomanuel WHY'DWEBUYUO? ,kaBOULSHIT,chiRICHES,LAMEla,CRAPoue, BENDavies can all **** off back to hell or wherever poor excuses for footballers like them come from...i imagine SOLDado's mom must have been so proud when she watched him last night...chairman wont fire the director of football because he was hired on the strength of his way daniel LEAVEy fires a guy named BALDini...****ing useless bunch...respect poch but over two legs he put out two second string teams...the starting 11 last night would not even get played in a premier league game against Leicester how the **** did he think it was gonna beat the third best team in italy...maybe he thinks we so much better than them that we can play our special needs team because he is such a good 'tard whisperer...
  13. NW3 Guest

    Baldini has done an appallingly bad job and needs to go.

    The more concerning issue is how long will it take to get rid of the raft of mediocre players we have accumulated. Only Kaboul is out of contract in the summer, the rest will have to be transferred or loaned out. If we are to move forward quickly Levy needs except that he will have to sell these players for a loss.
  14. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I think Levy knows by now that losses are inevitable, yet it is a job of DoF to find suitors for possible loans and/sales. It was and still is Baldini's job. He failed the most in this area. And although Levy is at fault as well, riddance of deadwood is a transfer policy cornerstone. Granted it is not easy for the club of THFC caliber to sell failed projects, the call for a better performer, nevertheless, is clear.
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  15. Anon48 Guest

    To Jay. The definition of the job of Director of Football can be anything the club wants it to be. At WHL the manager will name the player he wants, Levy/Baldini will look into the possibility of the transfer, if the other club is willing to sell then Levy will negotiate along with Spurs Financial Secretary, its not the payment of the transfer fee that limits Tottenham, its the size of the wage/salary demands of the player therefore the ongoing cost, if the financial secretary agrees that the players demands can be met then the transfer can go ahead, if not Baldini and his scouting associates will be asked to suggest alternatives (which from my understanding will be Mitchell's job now), these names are then put forward to the manager to yes or no, as with Sherwood and Berbatov, it is the manager who has the final say so how comes Baldini gets the blame, other than the fact that the alternatives mostly seem to not be good enough, remember he has the financial restraints put on him before he offers a player as available. Baldini did not waste the money on his own, look to the clubs previous transfer policy, perhaps the Mitchell appointment is then easily explained
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Poch wanted Schniederlin, Levy wouldnt pay up so Levy n Baldini gave Poch Stambouli instead.

    And here layeth the problems.

    And here endeth the lesson.
  17. A lot of what I see written here (not just by yourself) is speculation. The other side of the Schneiderlin coin, is that Soton were refusing to sell him. With ADR, I don't know which is true, but if it is the latter, that cannot be Levy's fault.

    Someone else commented that we have yet again failed to sign a striker in the window. But whenever you see that comment, you will notice that they never name the striker we failed to sign. But taking a closer look, there are a whole lot of criteria that have to be met, the first being "quality". We play a single striker mainly. So almost anyone we sign has to sit on the bench waiting for Kane not to play. That by itself, is going to rule out most quality strikers, unless we are going to pay Man City type wage for someone like Bony to sit on the bench. At City, Bony has plenty of opportunities even though the incumbents may be better because they will play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2

    I remember the fuss about us not signing Damaio which most people put down to parsimony on the part of Levy. The Club then announced that efforts were made to sign him but failed when they discovered that he had multiple owners. Soton also wanted to sign him but withdrew, though I know not why, but I do know that this man was going to be the answer to all our prayers (if you listen to some) has still not been signed. maybe Spurs were telling the truth, and maybe Soton dug their heels in too much when Koeman said, Schneiderlin was not leaving.

    Again, I think a lot of Levy's reputation for stinginess relates to when he appeared to leave everything to the last minute on deadline day, and frequently, "has-beens" were the order of the day. It might be a coincidence, but that all started when Redknapp joined, and finished when Redknapp left. Since that time, the only deadline day signing I can think of was in the last window. I might be wrong though.

    Not looking to argue with you, but sometimes we see patterns and try to explain them. It's human nature to do this. But then again, sometimes it is what it is: coincidence.

    As for Baldini, if you look at his two predecessors in that role, Comolli and Arnesen, he can only be judged as a failure.
  18. Anon48 Guest

    Baldini is a failure only because of the financial restraints set upon him. We could all improve on Tottenham. Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard etc, etc. Until Tottenham get extra income we will have to go for players who are not in the top end of those who might be available. The art is in finding those who are better than what we have, players like Modric and Bale are now pursued by every club in Europe and are not around in great numbers, in that yes Baldini might have failed, but once again he is not the man who has the final decision. You are asking Baldini to find a silk purse with the money for a souse ear. Therefore failure to some extent will be inevitable.
  19. jimmyforengland New Member

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    Three weeks ago, we were in the hunt for three cups and a Champions' League slot. Today, game over. If only we had the backbone of a Dave Mackay in the team, instead of these overpaid, overrated, overseas, over here idiotic f*!c%ing wa!&ers. I wouldn't give you the smell of an oil rag for them, particularly the likes of Lamela, Soldado, Chadli, Bentaleb, Pochettino, you name him. Who among them will get stuck in for the Lily Whites? Dave Mackay - thanks for the memories. He wouldn't thank me for it, but in light of what's come to football in England since his time, I' gonna name him an honorary Englishman.
    Hands up those of you looking forward and excited about the Swansea and QPR games. Hands up those dreading them?

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