A tribute to Tottenham legend Dave MacKay

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by GarethMcKnight, March 3, 2015.

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  1. GarethMcKnight

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    Spurs fans will be saddened by the news that former player Dave MacKay has passed away aged 80.

    The Scottish sweeper will be mourned by the White Hart Lane faithful as he played a starring role in the successful Tottenham side of the late 1950’s and 60’s, becoming an iconic player and captain of the club.

    After starring for Hearts in his homeland for six years, we shelled out £32,000 to bring the superbly gifted player south of the border.

    During his time at Spurs MacKay became a dominant figure in the team and a key component of the 1961 side that won the League and Cup double - Tottenham were the first club to achieve this post-war and the Scot played an important role in the success.

    The no-nonsense enforcer was also an integral part of the 1962-63 side that lifted the European Cup Winners Cup, while during his time at the North London club Spurs also won the FA Cup in 1962 and 1967.

    MacKay was later sold on to Brian Clough’s Derby County side and featured 22 times for his country at international level.

    After retiring the Scot won the First Division with the Baseball Ground outfit as a manager.

    Following the sad news of MacKay’s death, tributes have come flooding in for the great man.

    "Very sad news at the passing of one of our biggest and greatest legends Dave Mackay, a fantastic footballer and man.” - Micky Hazard

    "He was great man, inspirational. He was as tough as teak, led by example and was a wonderful leader of men.

    "He represented everything that was wonderful about football in those days. He was a very polite, decent, humble and down-to-earth guy.” - David Pleat

    “Sorry to hear that Dave Mackay has passed away. He was a wonderful footballer, and a winner, both North and South of the border” - Gary Lineker

    The club have also released a statement of condolence and praise for MacKay, with an extract as follows:

    He was a superb player who possessed all the technique, passing ability and talent to be the complete footballer.

    He was the heart-beat of our 1961 ‘Double’ side, was then a key member of the team that retained the FA Cup the following season and, although injury kept him out of our 1963 European Cup Winners’ Cup final triumph, he had played a vital role in getting us there.

    He formed a marvellous midfield combination with Danny Blanchflower and, when the Northern Ireland international left us in 1964, Mackay took over as Spurs captain and led us to another FA Cup triumph in 1967. He twice broke the same leg in our cause but, each time, came back stronger than ever.

    Arguably the most fitting testimony came from former team-mate Jimmy Greaves, who stated that MacKay was Tottenham’s greatest-ever player.

    My old Tottenham team-mate Dave Mackay was the most complete professional footballer I've ever known, on and off the pitch.

    Dave could play in any outfield position, was a world-class midfield enforcer and sweeper and even understudied for me up front when I was suspended for a European semi-final.

    He will be remembered as probably Tottenham's greatest-ever player, and the best footballer to pull on a Hearts shirt. They were one and the same, Dave Mackay.

    In an era where modern football has descended into petulance, cheating and playacting, MacKay’s image of a hard-yet-fair player with honour and virtues shines through.

    The current Tottenham side are devoid of a leader with MacKay’s determination, drive and stature and he will truly be remembered as a club great.

    When he was alive George Best described MacKay as "the hardest man I have ever played against –and certainly the bravest”and it is with sadness that Spurs have now lost one of its most distinguished and venerable players.

    RIP Dave MacKay

  2. stevethespur Active Member

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    RIP Dave Mckay, a true legend. One of the great players that made Tottenham Hotspur into a club known all over the world.
  3. Mike Strong Guest

    The greatest ever Spur. As I've said elsewhere, we've missed him ever since he left the club.
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Way before my time but his reputation proceeds him.

    Club Legend, a player who knew what it meant to play for Spurs.

    Pure class and a Winner!
  5. Richie Guest

    A true legend. RIP
  6. stevethespur Active Member

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    When i was a lad walking down Tottenham High Rd towards the ground i remember Spurs fans being in awe of Dave Mackay, he'd survived two broken legs to come back to play, something that was unheard of then. One broken leg usually meant the end of a career. He had guts, spirit, character, and the talent to go with it even on the muddy pitches of the day. The double winning triumph and cup winners Cup win established Tottenham as a great club and we owe an enormous debt to players like Dave Mackay.
  7. Hotspur24 New Member

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    Very sad to hear of the passing of a true Tottenham legend. Was before my time as well, but a true spurs great whose legacy will live forever among spurs supporters. A deadly combination of a feared hardman on the pitch, coupled with adept skill, the likes of which we shall never see again at spurs. His achievements will never be surpassed in my lifetime. R.I.P Dave -Tottenham great.
  8. Burnt Guest

    A Proper Player .. R.I.P ..
  9. hoots Guest

    A solid and popular physical legacy of the great man still exists near the ground. When he retired, Dave Mackay owned The Bill Nicholson pub on Northumberland Park. It was he who re-named it the Bill Nick - although with some trepidation because his old boss had never taken a drink in his life and strongly disapproved of players drinking!

    Could there be a more solidly Spurs pub?
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  10. stevethespur Active Member

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    Great stuff hoots. Stories abound of the old players having a drink in the old 'corner pin' after a game, Greaves would get on the same bus as the fans before a game, with his boots round his neck ! I think jimmy Greaves was on £100 a week then, Mackay as the skipper maybe the same ! Footballers of mediocre talent now have mansions, but remember Dave Mackay opened a Tie Shop in Tott. High Rd when he retired. Used to walk past it on the way to the ground. But Mackay was bigger than that and went on to manage a Derby winning championship side. Dave was also much loved at Swindon Town, whom he also played and managed for. Great football man. Great Scot. Coys.
  11. reg Guest

    Further to that, Jimmy Greaves - at the time the world's most expensive player, I believe - lived in a flat above the Bell and Hare pub next to the ground.

    He and Mackay should both have statues outside the new stadium.
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Watched his interview on sky last night, when asked on what it meant to play for Spurs his answer was his "job was to entertain" and then with a steely look "and Win"!
    Even as an old man that winning mentality was there, none of this 'happy with 6th nonsense, wel try, hopefully be there or there abouts'
    Shame we dont have any characters like that at the club now.

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