Why it's time for Spurs fans to admit that Harry Kane IS the answer

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, October 3, 2014.

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  1. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    In a game of stutter and sigh against Besiktas, there were undoubtedly, only two shining stars from a Spurs perspective.

    The first star was undisputedly Hugo Lloris, more of an ever-lasting supernova than a star, again outshining many of his teammates just as he does week in, week out. The second star, one that many Spurs fans choose to ignore, was that man everybody loves to doubt – Harry Kane.

    Just like a jar of Marmite, Kane is an opinion splitter – you’re either convinced with his ability, or inclined to feel that the kid’s “not quite ready” to lead our frontline.

    However, game after game, Kane is proving his worth in a Spurs shirt and it won’t be long before the 21 year-old has a firm grasp on that starting spot as Pochettino’s main frontman.

    Why persevere with Ade, when Kane is able

    In my previous article, I argued as to why I thought Adebayor should be relegated to the bench in favour of either Kane or Soldado.

    Yet, despite Manu’s poor form, Pochettino’s message was defiant, telling the British press: “I believe in Emmanuel Adebayor.

    I was not surprised by our manager backing his out-of-form player, more pleased if anything, but it was what followed, that drew more importance for this argument. Pochettino added: “Roberto Soldado and Harry Kane play in the same place and have a future in Tottenham. I need to pick some players in different games but we believe in all the players we have.

    Our manager’s “belief” hasn’t often been rewarded by many of his players in terms of good individual performances in recent games, but in Kane’s case, his manager’s belief has been rewarded.

    In a game dominated by the Istanbul-outfit last night, Kane was WhoScored.com’s man of the match. The youngster had 51 touches (nearly twice as many as Soldado), two successful dribbles, four shots and a sublime goal – an all-round performance.

    In my prior piece, I suggested picking Kane instead of Adebayor
    due to the latter’s poor form. Now, I suggest Pochettino picks the Englishman not because of his misfiring teammate, but because he himself is the in-form striker at Spurs.

    One for the future? Why not make the future now!

    The age-old argument with Harry Kane is that “he isn’t the level we need to be at right now”, or that “he’s not the level of a top four striker.”

    But it seems after last night’s dismal showing, coupled with uninspired performances in recent weeks, this very argument can be applied to much of the Spurs squad. And the funny thing is – fans who criticise Kane know this!

    How many current Spurs players are playing at their top level, or would get into and improve a top four team? Apart from Lloris, that is a very difficult question to answer.

    It’s important to stress that Kane is only 21 years of age, attempting to apply his trade in one of, if not the most challenging league in world football.

    It is very rare that strikers are prolific from a young age in senior football, with many often taking years to evolve their game so it hits its highest peak.

    At 21, Roberto Soldado joined Osasuna from Real Madrid on a season-long loan, stating: "The idea is to leave and have a good season with a first division team scoring goals, and to develop as a footballer." That season, Soldado scored 15 goals in 30 appearances for the club.

    At the same age, Emmanuel Adebayor played 13 times for AS Monaco, scoring one goal. In January of that season the striker joined Arsenal, after the player had fallen out of favour due to skipping training sessions – Ade was told he’d never play for the French club again.

    So here we have Kane. A lad with a fantastic attitude and work ethic, and a player that is well on his way to 15 goals this season, having scored four already by the beginning of October.

    If Kane is to surpass the achievements achieved by Soldado and Adebayor at 21, albeit in the English PL, surely questions regarding his ability can be rightfully quashed.

    Kane being unfairly cained

    Last night, Tottenham-focused journalist Ben Pearce tweeted: “Get bored of hearing Soldado isn't getting service. Maybe true but sometimes strikers need to MAKE things happen. Eg Kane goal.

    Although a dagger to the heart of Soldado fans, myself included, Pearce’s tweet perfectly encapsulated how our blind faith for Roberto is, at times, causing us to neglect the current, in-form striker within our ranks.

    As much as you and I would love to see Roberto “given” a goal by his teammates, Harry Kane has proven that he can get a goal.

    Despite many highlighting the poor service that has starved Adebayor and Soldado of their confidence-boosting goals, Kane (a youngster applying his trade) has grabbed four goals already this season. These goals have come with the same service provided to our other two senior strikers.

    At first, Tottenham fans kindly mocked Harry Kane with the name of “HurriKane”, but after a few months, much of this sarcasm transformed into seriousness.

    And with the remaining fans still needing convincing, the more Harry plays and scores, and I’m sure he will, the boy who was once the expense of a light-hearted giggle will make sure that he has the last laugh.
  2. Steve New Member

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    I must say I'm one of the doubters Josh, as you suggest Soldado would appear a better bet, however on last nights showing Kane is perhaps deserving of a run in the team. My concern is the two easier chances he missed, but as you say he's young and maybe will improve.
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  3. Kane adds movement and work rate which could lead to team mates scoring...Manu just looks disinterested at the mo and as much as I want Bobby soldier to succeed he doesnt seem to offer enough
  4. ultrapunch Guest

    And how many easy chances has Soldado missed since he joined Spurs? Lots! All strikers miss easy chances. Kane should be picked for Sunday.
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  5. kev Guest

    Kane's ok-ish but he does fall over a lot and passing's not great. Can see him being a bigger fish in a smaller pond like Sunderland perhaps. We need a prolific, ruthless striker with guile ideally.
    Also, a good point was made elsewhere as to whether Poch is turning us into Southampton - well, it's not as if they're struggling after losing him and a whole heap of important players.
    Jury's out on him and he's had more time all round than Koeman.
  6. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Kane has worked hard and deserves a run in the team. We need to start attacking rather than defending.
  7. Derek B Guest

    Kane is a worthwhile asset for spurs AT PRESENT ( the best of a bad/poor bunch) but as Top Four forward I don't rate him.
  8. WHL-steve Guest

    I really hope Harry Kane steps up and becomes a powerful natural goal scorer for Spurs. Sadly I don't think he will. It's remarkable how many chances he's getting compared to Soldado, which can only mean his positioning and off-the-ball movement must be pretty good. My concern is his decision making when he gets the ball. Yes his goal was superbly taken but on so many other occasions he simply ran down a blind alley, missed a pass or turned around and passed it backwards when in 15 yards of space. It strikes me he's the kind of player who would leave the field happy if he managed to hit the woodwork, instead of angry if he scuffed a glorious chance to seal a hat-trick. I just don't see the hunger of the likes of Costa, Suarez, or even Defoe for that matter. When the team walked in last night I bet he thought he'd done ever so well despite the result. Which he did, he scored, but we need a 25 goal haul from a striker this season to get anywhere near the top 4. I think he'll be happy with double figures. I hope I'm wrong.
  9. ant New Member

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    Come on guys, call yourselves Spurs fans? So quick to criticise, give the kid a chance for Christ sake he's 21 yrs old, and apart from Loris he's been our best player this season. Remember the boy has worked his way up through the Academy, done his loan spells and put in plenty of hard graft, just because he doesn't run around sinking his teeth into the nearest defender don't think the boy doesn't have the hunger, intact he has the perfect temperament to be a success, anyone who can't see the boy has star quality knows nothing about football. Ask yourself are we so desperate for success we would sell our soul and our kids who we have spent so much time and effort developing? Would you really want to go down the Man U route and bankrupt the club for some foreign mercenaries who care nothing for the badge
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  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Kane is by far our in form striker he may not be the best but hes not a complete frustration like Ade or a total dissapointment like Soldado, who of which both should be sold at the first opportunity.
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  11. No no no no!!! Kane is ****!!!!!

    We are getting really desperate now.. For ****s sake spurs fans wake up and realise that Levy is mugging us all off!!!
  12. Wiseone Guest

    Kane if well managed will be the best striker England has ever had, if his confidence is boosted by the coach and team , he can manage 2 -3 goals per match
  13. dan ppink Guest

    I can except mistakes from Kane and I enjoy watching him grow as a player . I can't except Ade's performances of late..
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  14. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Also getting bored with the Soldado excuses, why did we buy him if he needs the ball on a plate in the box every time for him to score a goal? The truth is he's a completely wrong fit for this club and we all know it. He's a clever player as fox in the box types should be but for me he lacks a bit of muscle and determination when on goal. Does anyone seriously think we are going to build a team around this guy as a loan striker ? Roberto is a professional and needs to adapt his style to the English game or reinvent himself. I don't mind him working with another striker but not on his own, he's never going to be the prolific striker we want him to be.
    Harry is the only striker showing some form at the club right now, he can take the ball himself and score, he can get on the end of a pass, and he's shown that he can put in a clever thru ball himself. He deserves a chance even as a no 10 with Eriksen dropping back to CMF. Really don't understand the doubters saying he's not top four quality ? ok lets drop everyone who's not top four from the team. At 21 the guy is doing everything right, fantastic attitude and maturity, why is he not top four potential ? We should have bought a striker but we didn't so now we have Ade, Roberto and Kane. At this moment Harry is scoring goals, good clean goals and is our best performing striker.
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  15. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Maybe Levy is mugging us all off if that's the way you want to look at it but why are you calling Kane ****!!!!! ? what has he done wrong ? at 21 he has a fantastic attitude, works his socks off for the team, he wants to be a Spurs player and makes a significant contribution and scores goals almost every time he plays. What more do you want from a 21 year old academy product? he makes a more significant contribution than people like you.
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  16. Surrey yid New Member

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    Ade's time has past, if he can't score the ball goes back to the half way line, rarely will he hive an assist.in preseason roberto & Kane were played together, & when they have played together in all comps the attack looks good, they have an understanding, and the beginning of a partnership. Who can forget the pairing of crooks & Archibald , or the great greaves & gilzean.
    Yes we were poor on Thursday, but never felt we would concede a goal, and looked dangerous on the counter attack. As soon as roberto went off you knew they would score, and the counter attack never looked like it would produce a goal.
    Play Harry & roberto, give them a run of games, don't sub them for ade, let them get that understanding from the full 90 mins, then the goals will come. We have the chance of a great partnership forming, if left to blossom one that will be feared by every team in the premiership. Something we've been lacking since crooks & Archibald, the ability is there lets not waste it, and later regret it when they form partnerships elsewhere and become feared.

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