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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, July 16, 2018.

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  1. antony Active Member

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    23 days until the window closes. Toby and Danny are the only 2 "first teamers" and perhaps Moussa? that look like they will be involved in last minute deals. This I hope should not cause to much disruption and we will know more when the plain leaves for The U.S. The potential peripheral players who may depart (N'Koudon, Lorente, Jannsen I hear is pushing for a move back to Fenerbache) will have little to no impact on the squad and significance to the majority of the supporters.

    So potentially we will be left to start the 2018/19 season with.....
    Dele/Winks/Eriksen/Sissoko/Lamela/Moura/Son (Korea first 4 games?)

    Plus 1 or 2 of the academy (Griffiths) being blooded and anyone else I have missed out?

    Consistent but obviously thin!
    Grealish looks nailed on to arrive and I will not and cannot believe if Toby go's to Utd, he does so without Martial coming the other way. Toby will need replacing, DeLigt hopefully, along with Rose maybe depending on where Danny boy ends up, another
    part swap deal? But a ready made L/B as competition for Davies obviously needed.

    Should the window conclude with this then I'll be happy and confident enough to become optimistic for 18/19. Martial or Zaha must be our stela signing of this window.

    Potential starting 11 against Newcastle (with resting some WC players)
    Hugo: Foyth/Sanchez/Verts: KWP/Davies: Wanyama: Grealish/Eriksen/Lamelao_O Martial. Bench: Gazza/Harry/Dele/Sissoko/De-ligt/Trips/Dier.
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  2. You do make me laugh Felon, in an "oh Felon's having another bad day' kind of way.

    I think you have gloriously missed the point, I enjoy reading your posts, don't agree with 80% of what you say but that's what is good about these forums. The point being made, and from me it was much more referencing Ramos than you, was that all the emojo's, caps, italics etc have more place on a ten year old girls, facebook page than here, since they just make it hard to digest what is usually well written and eloquent comments and detract from getting into a good debate about something.

    I agree we shouldn't go all "Piers Morgan" and criticize everyone's grammar or spelling though as we are not here to see who passed what English exam. (If we were, I would have pulled you up on the second "o" you omitted in bold!. (smiley face withheld)
  3. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    I remember Ramos' comments and those were a bit hard to read, but to each their own.
    Frustration with the lack of activity this transfer window is certainly more than understandable.

    Our preseason is well underway, our team has not hit the ground running this past couple of seasons and with this transfer period; odds are it will be the same again. I believe we ought to focus on keeping the players we have who are fundamental to our team; maybe add 2 or 3 players of top quality. Either Martial or Zaha would be a great addition, I am not big on Grealish but...he's young enough that Poch can develop him, especailly if he fancies him. Eitherway, let's just get some business done!
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  4. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I've done it AGAIN - I keep pressing the 'add your comment' before I've made my comment! Anyway, I speak for no one but me, and I feel genuinely saddened that a spat over correct use of English should be taking over a Spurs forum, the ONLY one that I've any experience of where you can be critical of the current regime without incurring a firestorm of abuse in response. The fact that I largely agree with Felon perhaps blinds me to whatever it is about him that offends you so much, but I certainly don't feel that opposition to his views is treated with anything worse than (relatively) mild contempt, and we're all old enough to accept a little bit of grit in our Angel Delight, surely? I hope you're not planning to withdraw from the field of combat, because all the signs are that the coming season is going to be interesting in the Chinese proverbial sense, and someone needs to stand up for Pochettino and Levy , to give the rest of us an easy target!
  5. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Sorry, this discussion got a bit off track.

    Generally, blogs with grammatical and spelling mistakes are bad for thread starters reputation and also makes the content difficult to read. Publishing work full of errors may give off the vibe that you are careless or that you don’t take it seriously.

    Kind request to anyone who will write in the future to keep thread starting posts in line with our general guidelines. Please send me a private message if you need to have another look at the guidelines or wish to learn more about how to get your thoughts 'Featured' on this forum.

    Things are more transparent with comments section as we have a publicly available copy of Comments Policy.
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  6. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Interesting article I just read. There are 7 premier league teams that have either not bought anyone or only bought 1 person. Obviously we are one but others include Everton, Man City and Chelsea.

    Hopefully it’s all going to go nuts over the next few weeks. Definitely think the World Cup is a huge reason why there is slow movement.
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  7. Big fran Guest

    Think we need to prepare ourselves for a season of austerity.... The stadium cost around 800m with 400m owing on finance which whilst sounding a lot it isnt years of uncontrolled debt that some clubs have racked up and faced difficult. However you can imagine the amount of interest on that spread over say a reported 20 years.
    I've read the plan is to attack that debt aggressively in the first few years. We could look to bring in around 100m in player sales(more if you factor in saved wages of the departees). Then last year's profit of around 35m added to throwing in our annual expected transfer budget of around 30m with extra season ticket sales you could be looking at paying off anywhere from 100 to 200m.
    Think it's fair to assume Toby janssen Dembele will all go and offers will be listened for llorente nkoudou sissoko onomah. Pochetino will look to use KWP more Foyth and CCV as back ups to our centre halves. Winks will replace Dembele with Grealish to come in also. Could see us possibly signing a CF who is versatile to play off the front but also sterling and Griffiths to be promoted. For me that's my interpretation of being brave as Poch says. If we can do all that and still get top 4 then the future maybe bright if not... We may find ourselves many years behind the chasing pack of Liverpool and United with disgruntled senior players to boot.
    One thing for sure there will be no marquee signings
  8. Glint New Member

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    I've had a gooey feeling over the past week or so (since I got back from Moscow in fact, must have been something in the air?) that Toby is going to end up staying. Whether or not that is with a shiny new top-of-the-range contract or not only time will tell. I don't really see the financial logic in trying to replace a world-class defender (and lets face it defenders can defend at the top level well into their 30's) with a huge transfer fee rather than allowing him to join the big-money contract club....maybe I'm just naïve, or plainly STILL don't understand Levy's transfer-market game-playing skills.

    Rose I'm sure will go. The rumblings around PSG being interested in him sounds like the perfect match for everyone. He gets top CL football, guaranteed domestic trophies, huge wage rise, and we get a tasty fee. Lets hope it works out for him there. I like Danny Rose.

    Dembele to move on. Love it when he's on top form and shrugging off so-called world-class players like they're annoying little midges, but those occasions are far too intermittent and besides - passing sideways was so 2017-18. But who to replace him?
    One thing England's lacklustre attack (during open play) has shown is that Saint Harry can't operate without the magic of Eriksson, a fully-fit Alli or a marauding Son. I'm sure we're all hoping that a marquee midfield signing will appear, but I reckon Winks might get the job, with Grealish being the <cough> marquee.
    Moura must surely get more starts. I believe he's been kept back as Poch isn't keen on January signings elbowing their way into a settled first team. Now he'll have had a full pre-season and with Son likely to go walkabout with his younger S.Korean buddies then that speedy-dribbly-merchant position is up for grabs.

    TRIPPS! If I hear one more commentator state that Eriksson is our set-piece specialist I'm going to stop eating bacon. Sure, share around the free-kicks but Trippier must surely be on corners! Don't think I've ever seen Eriksson beat the first man. The guy had a great WC.

    Up front...who could come in? You either pay £20m+ for a mediocre striker to be happy on the bench playing second-fiddle to HK, change the formation and pay >£60m for a good proven striker who maybe gets a bit more game-time but still if it doesn't work out with 2 strikers then that's an expensive dud, or bring out a lad from the Yoof. The latter option didn't do Harry any harm, but at least he had plenty of first-team loan games under his belt. Can't think of another youngster with that experience who can come in yet. Its a puzzler. Llorente? :(

    Janssen will surely go. Having said that I thought to look on the Spurs first-team page and he's not there...:

    I don't see many surprises except Lamela will score the goal that wins the PL, pipping the Scousers by a point, get a hat-trick in the CL final win the Ballon D'Or. And Felon will claim that we only won because the other teams were having an 'off' season, so it doesn't count ;)
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  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    That ship has sailed unfortunately Glint, we flunked that.
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  10. antony Active Member

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    Plus stadium naming rights. 100mill?
  11. antony Active Member

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    We need a marquee signing, not only to push players for a starting place but for the whole phycological boost it brings to a club and the terraces! My first choice would be 65mill Martial or if Toby wants away to Utd then a deal involving Martial.
    If not I could live with 55-60mill Zaha. Maybe with N'Koudon going the other way!
  12. antony Active Member

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    Highly unlikely but would anyone be unhappy if we swapped Jannsen, Sissoko and N'Koudon + 10mill for Zaha? 130-140mill off the wage bill. Give 120 to Zaha. Happy days!
  13. Big fran Guest

    From depending on the source I believe Levy wants north of 200m. The closer the first game looms I think more likely he will achieve it.
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  14. antony Active Member

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    Martial. 22-23. Prem experience. 65m!
    Zaha. 25-26. Prem experience. 65m!
    Pulisic 19-20. No prem experience 55m!

    Who for you and who for Daniel?

    Me! Martial. Daniel = Pulisic. Younger/Cheaper.

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