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    With the undying passion that we all individually hold for our beloved Tottenham Hotspur, it’s not unusual for us fans to get flustered by an opinion that doesn’t match our own.

    Comments 101

    We hold hope that this site is a place for Spurs fans to have mature and civilised discussions. It is due to this fundamental aspect, that direct personal insults are strictly forbidden. We urge you to engage with what the person commenting has said, rather than who they are/or what they might have said in the past.

    In relation to the past and time, we hope that all comments relate to the topic in question – whether that be the article, or the comments below that relate to and have analysed the piece. Comments should also complement the original thread, to enhance what is being discussed.

    Comments that simply say ‘well said’ or ‘spot on’ are usually deleted, as we’d rather you use the ‘like’ button instead, as this is enough to signify your agreement with what has been stated.

    Use us in the best way possible

    We hope to unite Spurs fans with differing opinion, debate is always welcome! However, as there will be differences in opinion – we hope that you can present your opinion, against someone else’s, in a dignified way.

    We want you to do things freely, such as; criticising/ arguing for/ arguing against and even praising, but please – always try and do this in a manner that adds value to the discussion.

    With the internet being able to give you a voice – care about what you write! Also, we kindly ask that you don’t turn a discussion into a chat or instant messenger-like conversation.

    Help make Tottenham LIVE a better fansite

    As we are unable to moderate the site 24-hours-a-day, we ask that if you do come across something offensive or rude – that you report it, to notify our moderators.

    For cleaner discussions - 'quote like a pro'

    On any device with mouse, you can use this trick to quote relevant phrases only. See the video.

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