It's nearly time...What's your starting 11?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, July 29, 2015.

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  1. Fatspurs Guest

    dont know why everyone has bentalab in their team, have I missed something he's never done anything special usually passes sideways and never really plays through balls from deep. Is he better than Henderson,wilshere,scheiderlein,toure,fabregas,McCarthy if not why have him in your team. We have dembele on his day is as good as all these players.
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  2. Fatspurs Guest

    we need a few players with vision like pirlo,fabregas there's that Italian kid who played against England in the u21 championship amazing vision.
  3. Slickahmed Guest

    Seriously think we need to convert to 4-3-3 Eriksen needs to be given more freedom further forward left or right, supporting Kane. Don't underestimated Pritchard, the lad has bags of skill with loads of bottle, and he's got the brains to boot. Lamela I believe is better equipped to be the midfield playmaker, and he's a better tackler than Eriksen. Bentaleb all ready plays defensive midfield with Mason as the attack minded midfielder, just need to drop Lamela or Dembélé to the left of Bentaleb. Sometimes last season we got overrun in midfield. When you've got players like Eriksen & Pritchard there talent is best used in the final third, give them the freedom to support Kane. As regards to Chadli i feel he can be our alternative striker if we don't get another striker. Still think adding McCarthy & Salah would be the ideal signings possible a second striker ie Austin/Berahino as well
  4. Thomas Guest

    I have been a spurs fan for the past 32 years and I have read quite a lot. Since this is my opinion, off course it's personal. Any other irrelevant question? How much do you know about Spurs then?
  5. Gar Guest

    I'm still struggling to see how we can compete for a top 4 finish. We have to be honest, do we have a squad capable of a top 4 finish? Look at Chelsea, Utd, Liverpool, City and the Gooners. I think we compete in the following areas. Keeper: (world class) and Defence: back 4, now we have Trip's and Toby looks good, powerful and experienced. Midfield: for me this area struggling, does any of our midfield, maybe except for Eriksen, get a place in the sides above or even on their bench? Look what our competition has bought... we are kidding ourselves if we can compete, so with a weak midfield, our defence is under pressure! Forwards: Harry, my concern is will he do it again and where is the service coming from? He needs support, Robbie, is not the one, but, you have to feel for him. He's had little service, Townsend is selfish and can't cross for toffee, and the list goes on and on... we have so young prospects coming through, but, they need time, however, this is a league that doesn't give teams time, they need to learn fast and from the senior players, thats another struggle area for me too... look at Utd, Chelsea, they have leaders and their youngsters have role models that deliver week in week out. Tell me where is ours?

    So we have to buy and buy quickly, at least 3 midfielders and 2 forwards, or we can forget the top 4, we may not even get a top 6, looks at Southampton another team buying better than we are!

    so my team for next year: LLoris
    Trips Toby Jan Danny

    Def Mid (new)

    Mid (new) Mid (New) Eriksen

    Kane Fwd (New)

    A harsh post, but true.... anyone agree?
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  6. Mick

    Mick Member

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    I agree with GAR that midfield big area of concern but feel that 2 players Macarthy and one other no idea who plus another forward to help Harry could be enough for 4th just
  7. JonTomZeBomb Guest

  8. Dublin Spur Guest

    You really should not take this comment to heart. Only the other week on another blog, I was told that I had made the most stupid comment in the history of the Internet. I asked the poster if he had read every comment ever written on the Internet, and having already made a fool of himself with the excess, he then compounded it by saying that he had read everything. My point is that the comment you were were complaining about might well have been dumb, but when you added the superlative to it, without adding "IMHO" etc, the comment backfired on you. And no doubt all around the world today, millions of people will be writing about different comments "That is the most stupid comment ever to be seen on the Internet".

    As for my Spurs credentials, not that they are relevant, I have been following them from Autumn of 61. I started supporting them just after the "Double" because they had signed a certain James Greaves Esq. I don't claim to be an expert because of this, and if you will notice, I am just about the only person who has not put forward a starting XI on here. I stopped doing that when I left school and was struck by the dreadful realisation that I was never going to manage Spurs and pick the team. I am hoping that by the time you have read this paragraph, you might understand my point, which is that people here are taking these things far too seriously and with a bit of subtlety, they can make the point just as well without these things developing into a prelude to war.

    No hard feelings I hope?
  9. Dublin Spur Guest

    Couple of points: I too share your concern about our opponents, as with the exception of Arse, they all look capable of "outbuying" the improvement we can expect from our squad this season, assuming that MoPo is really the new Messiah, and not another false prophet (which is my opinion to date).

    With regard to Arse in particular, I actually think they are the team we are most likely to narrow the gap on. Cech may have been a good signing, but how much does he improve the team? If you look at the player he is replacing, you can't exactly say too often "Had Cech been there last season, he would not have made mistakes A,B,C etc and that would have given them an extra X points". Cech will be an improvement, but the points that he will add to the team will only be marginal. Spurs on the other hand, are the team that should improve significantly. Based on the business in this window to date, I can actually see us making up a lot of ground on Arse, but the problem is that I think Liverpool will outperform our improvement.

    As far as Harry Kane is concerned, I have been saying to everyone that questions his ability, "This is no one season wonder". If you look at the players who fall into that band, they tend to be very one dimensional, as is the case with Andy Carroll. When you see Kane play, you see a kid with plenty of tricks, who is practising to add to his toolbox as well as a good footballing brain. Add to that, that I watched him play in the MLS game last night, and he was razor sharp, and would have had a hat-trick were it not for two great saves by their GK. Take my word for it: we don't need to worry about his talent, we have to worry that he doesn't get injured.
  10. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Dier Toby Jan Betaleb
    Eriksen Dembele Rose
    Chadli Kane

  11. Thomas Guest

    No hard feelings. But take note that I did not make the statement that this is the most idiotic article "on the internet" but the most idiotic article "I have ever read" and as such I don't see how it can backfire on me and make me look dumb. Hope you can are discerning enough to differentiate that. Your question of how much I have read is totally irrelevant. Just like if your 6 year-old grandchild tells her mother that she cooked him the best meal he has ever had, will you ask him how many meals has he had to justify that opinion? No hard feelings too.
  12. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Of course money is a factor. Chelsea, Man City and even Blackburn have all bought success.
    What I am wondering though is how the new stadium will allow us to compete with them? If we are still going to finish fifth every year and lose out on the best players, what is the point? If we want success the reality is, and it saddens me to say it, we must compete financially and a new stadium isn't going to make that much difference. Or is it?
  13. Thomas Guest

    The new stadium will bring in additional revenue which will enable us to offer higher wages and attract better players which will in turn propel us into the Top 4 given the additional financial cloud. It's a money game and I think the money has to be there first before we can get into the Top 4 on a consistent basis.
  14. big fran Guest

    The new stadium undoubtedly will be a massive game changer with an extra 25,000 seats on offer not to mention what they spend whilst at the match. Throw in naming rights etc. You only have to look at arsenal too see the class of player they can afford since moving into thier new ground rather than losing star players each year such as before and like ourselves.
    Its important now to keep our big players to lead us into the new stadium especially Kane!
  15. Dublin Spur Guest

    Therein lies the misunderstanding. I did not say that this is what you said. I said that this was what someone else said, but in both cases, it was the use of a superlative that undermined the post. My comment wasn't about you in general, but the way that the use of words can undermine the post. Therefore, I hope you will understand that my question about how much you have read (of the entire content of the internet was the context) was not directed at you but the person who had commented on a post I had made elsewhere. I realise that this seems a bit convoluted, so perhaps it is simpler to say, that the content of my original post was reporting a convo between myself and someone else, and you came under the impression that I had directed the question at you.

    Good luck and best wishes.
  16. Dublin Spur Guest

    That saved me having to reply to Matt. Just one thing I will add though:

    Matt points out that Arse had to wait a long time before they actually won anything in their new home. I don't wish to sound without ambition, but I think the game has moved on and success today is CL participation. I recall the season Pool won four cups, but they only just scraped 4th place in the PL. I recall plenty of their fans saying that they would have gladly swapped the four trophies for 4th place.

    Assuming we have the new stadium, and finish fourth. then make the last 16 of the CL. Those extra 5 games plus the UEFA money, will add something like £40 million and up to maybe £40 mill more in gate receipts through the usual channels. Against that is the nett rebuilding costs which spread over say 25 years, is not really going to be a lot. Basically, we should be able to match Arsenal in a wages war. Now bear in mind that in recent years, Arsenal have marginally finished ahead of us on about four occasions, and that margin costs them £50 mill a year....
  17. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

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  18. Thomas Guest

    There is no misunderstanding at all about your personal experience which you narrated and I am not trying to put words into your mouth. I am well aware of what you were trying to impress on me which I don't agree. The use of the superlative is a personal opinion based on personal experience that has no bearing on how much one have read of the "entire content of the internet". I do not have any intention of reading the "entire content of the internet" or even a tenth of it. I hope my analogy brings in the previous post brings that across to you.

    I am sorry that I am not convinced of your viewpoint with regards to the use of the superlative. What amuses me is that you are trying to impose your own rules on another person's thought processes.

    All the best for your future posts.
  19. Dublin Spur Guest

    I am not trying to impose anything on you at all. It is quite clear that when I made my post on this subject, I was reporting my experience elsewhere, albeit through the medium of your post. It is also quite clear from your responses, that you assumed that I was asking you how much you have read. Can you show me any question in that post that was directed at anyone other than my previous detractor? What is not in the least bit amusing is that you have superimposed yourself on my original post, and rather than accept that you might possibly have misunderstood things and possibly lose "cred" in the virtual world, you choose to say that you don't believe me. Well that I cannot help. But what I can tell you is that "cred" in the virtual world is not all it's cracked up to be. That's why so many people post under assumed names.

    Finally, I am not trying to impose any rules. You are free to write whatever you want, but trying to portray me as some sort of "Grammar Nazi" because you feel the need to defend yourself from some non-existent attack and then need an alibi to explain your unnecessary defensiveness wastes both our times.
  20. Dublin Spur Guest

    Thanks for that, but I don't post to get interest or feedback. I just post because I have a view on the subject. I don't ask that people agree with me, but I am always prepared to explain myself if they disagree.

    Anyway, I will give it some thought. Thanks again.
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