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    Let’s face it – we all do it! Whether our beloved Tottenham Hotspur win, lose or draw, we take to Facebook, Twitter, forums or even our friends and family to rant, rave or rejoice about all matters THFC.

    If you get the feeling that your view is worth hearing, why not act by taking pride in your insight and give it a purpose, by revealing it to a wider audience through the medium of our website: Tottenham LIVE!

    Arising opportunities

    Here, at Tottenham LIVE, we are looking for intelligent, passionate Spurs-fans to combine their love for the club with a skill in constructing meaningful, thought-provoking blogs. If you’ve ever had the feeling that your analysis of all-things Spurs was original, engaging and worthy of being given a greater voice – then look no further!

    With over 42 thousand followers on our Twitter account, just fewer than eight thousand likes on our Facebook page and over 4,700 fan responses in the last 10 months alone – our website is the perfect way to engage debate and discussion with Spurs fans across the globe, which could all stem from a piece written by you!

    Creative freedom with little limitation

    Speaking from personal experience, writing about Spurs is the perfect way to develop and increase your love for the club. From blogging, you will be able to see how other fans react to your views and opinion, while you play an integral role in bringing together people from all walks of live, all of whom have one thing that unites them – Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

    There is also a lot of room for creative freedom in your writing. You will be able to display; strong opinion and original research, as well as offering unique insight, insight that might have not been brought to attention amongst Spurs fans ever before.

    Whether you have aspirations to progress in football journalism or simply want your opinion on Spurs to do more and go further, writing for us will give you the perfect chance to see how your skill for writing on Spurs will fare.

    Where do you sign-up?

    If you find yourself interested in this opportunity, or find yourself wanting to know more about what we can offer – follow the steps listed below.

    First, sign-up to Tottenham LIVE by creating a username and password, as well as providing your email address. [Direct link]

    From this, send a private message to the site’s administrator (username: Admin). [Direct link]. In this message, please include a few, short sentences explaining a brief background of yourself and your availability to write for us.

    Alternatively, you can reply to this thread.

    So why not join our team at Tottenham LIVE and blog on all-things Spurs? After all, To Dare Is To Do.
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