Younes Kaboul - Full of Soul or Another Sol?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by COYSnoise, April 21, 2014.

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  1. COYSnoise

    COYSnoise New Member

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    It's been a difficult season for Younes Kaboul. Suffering a setback in rehabilitation following his knee surgery last August, the 26 year old has had little opportunity to get a consistent spell in a Tottenham side desperately in need of defensive stability.

    The once calm, reliable French starlet has been just as culpable as any other in Spurs' defensive line this season. Whether this is down to a lack of organisation at managerial level or an issue of squad confidence is unimportant. Spurs need a leader. They haven't found it in Andre Villas Boas or Tim Sherwood. A lack of personality on the pitch and guile in the technical area has directly contributed to the slow starts and lack of resolve that has seen Spurs yet again fall short of the footballing standards that the fans expect.

    Talking to Spurs TV last week, Younes expressed his anguish at being sidelined for such a sizeable part of the season as well as his desire to get back in to the team. Although pressed to acknowledge the importance and honour associated with captaining the team by a Spurs reporter, Kaboul seems relatively uninterested with the stature of the role, symptomatic of the well-publicised identity crisis that has plagued this new group of players throughout this season.

    Michael Dawson embodies the character that Tottenham need as a captain, but lacks the technical ability to lead by example. Jan Vertonghen's recently bemoaned slump in both form and attitude has highlighted not only his petulance as a professional, but understandable frustration at the style in which big decisions at the club are being made.

    Whether rumours linking Kaboul with a move to Arsenal have any basis in truth or not, the fact that their existence has not been met with widespread dismissal speaks volumes. Not even 'Transfer Gossip First Daily ITK Expert' would bother dreaming up reports of Vincent Kompany relocating to Manchester United.

    The progression of the club both in the sense of the need to attract talent, as well as keeping the fans satisfied, is entirely dependant on the identity of the squad. Whether or not Tim Sherwood is the man to commandeer this task is a question open to debate. What Tottenham do need, however, is a captain who understands the importance of representing the club. A captain that can lead by example, rouse the dressing room and speak for the team.

    Aaron Lennon is not the man for the job. Nor is Michael Dawson. Younes Kaboul, the towering French international may well be this man. He must however conduct himself in such a way to ensure rumours of his departure, especially to Tottenham's bitter rivals, could never materialise without ridicule.
  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    How long are we gona be limping kaboul about for? Sorry but why do we seem to be the only club in the premier league that can never get a stable consistant cb pairing? Our fbs are shocking aswell, we need an entirely new defence that actually understand the art of defending.
  3. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Spurs need leadership on and off the pitch. There has been none from the very top sine 2001. We need a manager who tells the chairman to but out. We need a captain like Mabbutt who leads by example at every turn. I don't think Kaboul leads by example which he showed against Liverpool and am not sure anyone in the current crop is fit for the job either.
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  4. Big Dick Guest

    Totally agree that not one of the current crop deserve the captain status.
    No one is actually guaranteed a first team slot, which says it all.
    We need a Steve Gerrard to come from somewhere and I don't see anyone who comes close.
    Sad, but unfortunately, true
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  5. gary fox Guest

    Kaboul has said he is not going to Woolwich Wanderers. He could be the defensive leader we need but has to stay injury-free and be part of a stable centre back pairing to be effective. Look at the top 5 theteams......all have got a fairly consistent defence. Then look at ourselves and Man Utd. We have had every permutation of kaboul dawson vertonghen and chiriches plus capoue sandro and fryers too. A shambles in other words.
  6. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I looked up the word 'shambles' in the dictionary today and it said: 'THFC after 2001'
  7. josh Guest

    I believe Lloris is the man for the job, he's France captain, I'd love to see him lead the boys out.
  8. Deggsy56

    Deggsy56 Active Member

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    Personally, I'd give armband to Eriksen ! The only one who's played to win and given 100pc and who wants to be there. Keep him and Kane maybe Pauli (depending on WC perf), **** the rest off build round them.
  9. stevethespur Active Member

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    Good article. Our defence has been shambolic this season and hopefully a new manager and some new defenders can sort it out. We have never been known as a great side defensively, usually being able to score more than our opponents with skill and flair. But our recent defence just hasnt given us a chance. My favourite pairing of old was miller and roberts, tough guy, but the game has moved on and a player like naybet is a better template. When we played porto their centre backs impressed so there are tough modern skillful defenders out there.
  10. bananaman Guest

    Kaboul is NOT the answer.
    He will not go to the dark side or anywhere else. He is only average at best.
    He was rubbish first time around, then we bought him again on the back of half a dozen decent games for Pompey.
    Been injured and **** ever since.
  11. johnnyhrvat Guest

    If our defence had had just a tiny bit of protection from the midfield this season they might have been able to gain some confidence together. Defending is not a four-man responsibility, to make a great team all eleven players need to take part. Changing all of our defenders would not improve matters whilst the rest of the team shirk their responsibility.

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