You reap what you sow....

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, January 2, 2020.

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  1. Guesty Guest

    I think JM walked away after the game thinking at most of, if not all, the previous clubs he's managed.... he walks away with the 2 goals missed by Lo Celso & Son.
    In this case it might well have meant a 2-1 win.
    No Kane gives us a huge problem.
    I think he'll make a goal scorer a priority.

    And not interested if Pool played in 2nd we've been in 3rd for most of the season.
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  2. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    You can't be. It's Premier League era. Success is now measured in different units. It is not Spurs, it's all clubs. I think Championship is not much different. You want owners to invest, but get what in return? EPL or FA Cup? They will post a loss, like Chelsea have.
  3. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Welcome to Mourinho football. His teams have never dominated, never truly deserved to win, yet did. It is not Spurs football. But I want Spurs to win any possible way, plus, I understand this may be suited for current line of players.

    Buying a striker is not a short term cover for absent Harry. IMO, Kane will be sold in the summer to the club that will hire Pochettino. The proceeds will finance the rebuild for Mourinho.
  4. Jesper Active Member

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    When it comes to reinforcements then my guess is that Mourinho won't be asking for a clone of Kane, he'll probably ask for someone who can do something different than Kane. A big target-man is not to be scoffed at (if that was to come in) even if the big target man does not score many goals then he can change the match and bring others into play.

    Mourinho seems to be a clear communicator so I believe that he'll be able to clearly communicate what kind of player he wants. If Pochettino communicated as some posters here do then I understand better why the signings under his regime were what they were. As one example: If a player like Kante is wanted then it might be clearer to simply write that a player like Kante is wanted otherwise a player with strong physical presence but not very mobile might be bought as a CDM.
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  5. THFC Guest

    As sad as it sounds, it may be the best way forward for the club (to sell Kane)

  6. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    In order to have a success, the entire squad must be fully loyal to the gaffer. Therefore all Poch loving players and ones that are doing Ramsey must leave, ASAP. Kane, Foyth, Winks, Lamela, Eriksen. Sissoco and Dele may join them, but not necessary. Toby already got that.
  7. Tortured Guest

    Not sure why regime got to keep popping up? Which past regime in Spurs history would you go back to? Or which regime in the EPL would satisfy you?
  8. Tortured Guest

    Not sure if the club went out to intentionally sign a player who can only run for 20 mins even though I agree it's a bad decision. Can you put a gun to the players' heads and make them sign new contracts or ship them out to whatever club that wants them? The only way you can have full control is to pay off their contracts like Adebayor. All this is idealistic and unrealistic talk.

    Do I want mediocrity. Nope. I do recognise that even if you are on the right track, you'll stumble at times. I want to support the club and win trophies. I don't even think if I should support or not support the owners because you can't get rid of them. I wouldn't keep flogging a dead horse, if I am so sure it's dead.
  9. THFC Guest

    Sorry if I’ve misunderstood, who has talked about supporting or not supporting?

    With regards to the 20 mins, the scouts should have identified that? You wouldn’t buy a car that looked amazing but had a fuel tank that lasts 20 miles.

    As far as player contracts go, we have know for quite some time that Rose and Eriksen want to leave. What I’m saying is, sell them for the best amount you can get rather than wait until you have no contract term left. I never said pay them off to get rid of them? We could have sold both players for a combined $50 million last year when they said they didn’t want to stay. Problem was we wanted $80 million for them and that was over priced.

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  10. Tortured Guest

    Not sure if you were able to identify the 20 mins though I would think he lasted longer yourself. Was it an issue ever addressed by supporters of his former club? I never had a chance to test drive a car for 20 miles.

    I never once said that you suggested paying them off. I said getting rid of players you don't want is not so simplistic. You need to find a club that wants them and the player needs to agree terms. Do you think you can get Eriksen to join Norwich is they are willing to pay $50m for him?

    I said the only way you can make them leave without as and when you want without the players' agreement is to terminate the contract unilaterally and paying them off.

    We did that with Adebayor whom I remembered was accused of being a bad influence but not with Lennon who was allowed to find a club that he wanted to join because he wasn't causing any problem. Rose and Eriksen, who are definitely not performing at the level we like but I wonder if I could accuse them of poisoning senior and junior players who naive and impressionable. If I remember correctly, Adebayor was asked to go not because the junior players were poisoned but because he was being an ass and gloating about his 100k salary to the junior players.
  11. THFC Guest

    But that is my point?

    We have scouts that watch players week in and week out before we agree to pay $65 million. Surely Ndombele must have spent time panting or walking when the scouts watched him because he can’t have joined Spurs, added 20kg and lost all of his stamina? If you invest your money, usually you wouldn’t invest it in something that is only effective for 20% of the time that you need it (hence my car example).

    Eriksen announced he wanted to leave some time ago and at that time there were several teams interested in him but we wanted $80 million. All they have done is sit it out and wait for him to run his contract down and now we are struggling for $20 million. His attitude is not necessarily about what he earns, it’s the effort he has shown all season to the teams cause which is pretty much zero. That must have an effect on players around him, both young and old. There were lots of teams at the start of the season (not Norwich) who would have signed him for $30/$40 million but because we held out we lost out in the long run.

    Rose is exactly the same, he has been touted around a lot for some time now but with a $20 million price tag. Given his insistence that he wanted to leave, we should have punted him for $10 million to anyone that would take him but again held out for more and will end up with nothing.

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  12. Cheshuntboy Guest

    'Regime' in this case means Levy/Lewis/ENIC, who seem to be above criticism for you and your chums. I've already given you a potted history of the failings of ENIC's predecessors since Spurs' absolute zenith in 1961 (and I fully agree with your previous comment that the club has been in decline for the subsequent 59 years, even though you were being characteristically sarcastic), and I could take you right back to the 1890s if you really wanted, when Spurs reluctantly turned professional only because they were accused of illegally providing boots to a player (thereby breaching the strict amateur code of their junior league), and didn't join the Football League until 1908, 16 years after Arsenal. We've always been unprofessional, win some, lose some, whatever - it's in the club's DNA, and there's never been a period when the running of Spurs has matched its potential, certainly not today under the property company which used to be a football club.
    I used to look enviously at Arsenal under Dein, certainly in Wenger's early years, when they pushed-on to twenty years of North London supremacy while we appointed a succession of dud managers, and seemed rudderless. Now their rudder seems to have dropped-off, along with ours, and I'm sorry to say that money talks so loud today that a REAL sugar-daddy (by whiuch I mean a super-rich individual or consortium, not a jumped-up barrow boy like Sir Alan) is probably the only way we'll ever compete at the top again. Failing that, try to recruit Klopp!
  13. Tortured Guest

    Like want I said, not supporter or non supporter of ENIC/Levy. Which regime hasn't failed. If they are failure, look around. They aren't many to envy. So the solution is to rid the owner and get a super rich sheikh to solve our problems. I posed the question previously. How do you get rid of owners that supporters don't want. Better chance to recruit Klopp although I would say we have to wait for him to tumble and fall. Long wait but plausible solution, I guess?
  14. Tortured Guest

    Again all arguments based on speculation on what might have happened. Our scouts watched him huff and puff and know he can't last 20 mins in EPL and we bought him. Guess they must be really dumb or we are really smart.

    If Eriksen has such a negative effect on anyone and everyone alive, so stupid of MP, JM, Levy to keep him. Yet JM plays him ahead of Lo Celso. I don't like that but I trust they are not that stupid to get rid of someone toxic.

    Rose I think wants to run down his contract. He wanted out when he was injured. No important though. We should have been able to find a club to offload him to.
  15. Tortured Guest

    Holidays over and I will sign off from here.

    However, fun to counter all the simplistic arguments and watch how negativity and cynicism breads the same. So difficult for some posters to see anything positive. More like critical TV pundits than loyal supporters.

    Enough of this blog.
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well that's us all told , thanks Tortured for your valued contribution.
  17. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I've no doubt that 'Tortured' and 'Flawless' are one and the same, and would love to know why he and his fellow pragmatists chose to follow Spurs, when they had the world to pick from, and why they're so relentlessly blinkered where Levy is concerned. My name tells anyone remotely interested that I come from a place historically very closely associated with Spurs, and I've said before that I didn't choose Spurs, there was no choice involved in that place at that time, and the numerous moments of misery have made the few moments of pleasure that much sweeter. But if following Barcelona or Bayern Munich could involve no more pain than perhaps buying a shirt and turning on the telly for the odd game, why pick on poor old Spurs, and then harangue people who've suffered for their beliefs at Upton Park or Highbury in a way that no overseas armchair fan could possibly grasp? By the way, I do know that West Ham and Arsenal have moved, but I'm remembering my own suffering in the increasingly distant past!
  18. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    I see Bruno Fernandes wants to go Man united .This is the same Fernandes who begged Tottenham to sign him last year but Levy as usual refused to spend the money.It appears that we have made some sort of offer including Foyth but as per usual this is a Levy smokescreen.From all reports I have read this is a real player and would have been a great replacement for Ericson.He could welll be the difference to getting united in top four.when if ever will Tottenham take a chance and sign a player wanted by other clubs apart from West ham
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  19. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Have you ever had a groin injury? I had the abductor muscle strain a few times. You never know when you through it. You can run in training and doing all moves alright, then during the game, when youre careful, nothing bothers you, until you stop being careful and start to play 100%. However, when youre careful, you perform like Eriksen and Rose, the players who are afraid to get injured.
    Ndobele has to heal. It is not easy. He is not a damaged good, but could become one. Hopefully, the physios will recognize his needs correctly.
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  20. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    And we know who's fault that is......

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