You reap what you sow....

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, January 2, 2020.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    What's up sheets not dried yet?

    We lost to a pool side who again didn't have to get out of second gear to beat us.
    You can celebrate that as a 'fight' I call it pathetic.

    Each to their own
  2. Tortured Guest

    I wet my sheets every night but I dry them in the morning. Check your diapers Felon! They might be leaking without you knowing it.

    Not being tonked is a positive, so why losing by a single goal is pathetic? Check your logic.
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I'm glad not getting tonked to an underpar Liverpool was a great result for you.

    Must be like Christmas everyday at yours.
  4. Tortured Guest

    You know what? I think some of the posters when they watch Spurs play would wish that Spurs lose so that they can be justified in the negative opinions they have. See we were right. The team is pathetic and has been pathetic for the last five decades. What is there to be positive about?
  5. Tortured Guest

    An underpar Spurs not getting tonked by an underpar Liverpool was a positive for you as much as for me. I will not be happy unless Spurs wins every game in the EPL for the next 5 years running. That's how high my standards are. Don't put words into my mouth if you don't have a counter--argument. Let me have the pleasure of putting them in my own mouth.

    Well, if it's the only alternative to being cynical, I'll gladly choose it. Come to think of it, might be a good idea to start rearing reindeers.
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We're 18 points worse off at this stage than last season.
    This is further backwards on the downward trajectory since we peaked in 16/17 when all us negative people were lambasted for not just believing we'd improve , while watching the club board/management ignore the deficiencies of the squad.
  7. Tortured Guest

    We've been on the downward trajectory for the last five decaides. What's new? We peaked in 16/17? Are you serious. We peaked in 1961 and after that it was downhill. I have not been happy with all the owners, managers, players for the past five decades. Not only ENIC and Levy are to be blamed! That's why a cynical me would view it just to be aligned with you.
  8. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    I see in the Sunday express that they suggest we are looking at Benteke surely this is just a page filler .Any one with sense would not consider this although we have a history of signing dud strikers due to poor judgement by Pochetino and the tightness of Levy.I wonder Tortured if you will still see through the old Rose coloured specs if that happens.Maybe we will get Fellani as well
  9. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Yet again you've overdoing the sarcasm, 'Flawless'. On the reasonable assumption that your real feelings are the opposite of what you post, you're presumably happy with everything at Tottenham, and think that sacrificing the team so that the NFL would have a shiny venue for their London games was good business on Joe Lewis's part. I'd recommend taking the tablets, but I doubt they're strong enough.
  10. Tortured Guest

    Not sure why think I am "Flawless", another identity now posing as "Tortured" when both of us are anonymous. Not sure why "Flawless", an anonymous identity has to assume "Tortured", another anonymous identity.

    Am I happy with everything at Tottenham? Nope. I wish they could wish some trophies. However, I do not demand that the club have to be run the way I have to be happy with them. The only way I can run Tottenham the way I want is in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    Is success that easily to achieve? Poo have not won the league title for 3 decades and ManU have not won it since Fergu left. They lack ambition as well? Some have splashed big and not gotten what they wanted.

    Do you think that if ENIC and Levy get the manager and players you want, you'll achieve the success you want? How often have we thought that Levy has finally taken out his check book and re buying decent players only for them to fail miserably i.e. Paulinho, Soldado, Lamela and now Ndombele looks a bad buy. When things don't turn out well, we criticise their scouting, lack of spending, etc. Hindsight is always perfect and we never look at our opinions that have gone wrong.

    Overdoing the sarcasm? Not sure why you have no objection to Felon dividing supporters between "sane" and "bed wetters"? Felon and some of you folks did them over many posts, I just prefer doing it in one go.

    A bad businessman will not run a business well which is what football is? Where do you think you get the funds to buy players? From the business. Or you prefer doing a "Leeds"?
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  11. Tortured Guest

    I forgot to add that if I "support" the team in the way some of you have supported, I would have been taking pills for the last five decades and I agree that none of them would be strong enough to numb my senses and would be glad to be part of a clinical trial for a new drug for the sake of fellow sufferers.

    Hope this is not too sarcastic for your liking. It's just a response to your remark.
  12. Tortured Guest

    I don't wear glasses to start with. I won't be too impressed even if I put on a pair of rose-coloured specs. I assure you of that. But I won't start a campaign of getting rid of ENIC and Levy or die over it. Would you prefer Sugar daddy to return? Is he a better alternative to ENIC and Levy?
  13. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Can we talk football here, please? Anyone knows that Felon82 is broken beyond repair, but twice a day that clock shows a correct time. For those two times we love him. Those times are good indication that Spurs won, no need to check the scoreboard. All other times he is wrong, have to wait, not argue.

    I think Mourinho played his best game of the season against Pool. His team selection and tactical set up has demonstrated Poch what should he has done in July. Moura should have started in that final, but as a striker? Very impressive. The Brazilian is inconsistent and not at all Harry with his sub-par target kicking, but he imitated Kane successfully never the less and similarly was fouled against, forcing Klopp to withdraw Chamberlain, as second yellow was coming. Both flanks for Klopp were not effective. The bus parked worked and prevented the possible beating properly. Last 20 minutes, as planned, the bus went away and Klopp's MF couldn't trip Spurs anymore. From Klopp perspective LoCelso miss was a goal. It should nave been in. It is impossible to send it wide, yet somehow it went. That is why Mou was smiling when Jourgen was cursing after. Anyway, we deserved, a draw, Pool was lucky. Let's see what will happen Tuesday. I think we had a team Saturday, something Spurs weren't for a long while. Let's hope JM will retain it.
    Last edited: January 12, 2020
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  14. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Some of us haven't needed hindsight to see that Spurs were being run badly, certainly in football terms, if not necessarily in business ones (and I'm old-fashioned enough to support a football team, not a business). I remember posting back in 2012 that selling Bale would not be a disaster, so long as the proceeds were spent on two or three really good players who'd improve the team, instead of the rag-bag acquired by AVB (or was it Levy? Who knows?). Several on here were critical of Pochettino when his team fell apart in the notorious 'two-horse' race with Leicester, and I've very often stated that Kane's goals were the basis of whatever 'success' we had under Pochettino, Kane's injuries and patchy form over the past two years coinciding very clearly with our decline as a top four side, and the consequences of our failure to strengthen the team over the past two or more years being obvious to all but the most obtuse. Why the overseas supporters are so blindly loyal to the current regime, while at least some of the UK brigade can see the reality is something only they can explain - it certainly beats me.
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  15. Jesper Active Member

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    I agree, Mourinho got the tactics and selection right. Seeing Eriksen on the team-sheet means that there will be no battle over the midfield - either it is easily won or already lost - so the defending is expected to be deep and/or with fast defenders.
    Small margins decided the match. The throw-in, the non sending off of Robertson. Robertson appeared to fake an injury to trick VAR referee that it was a 50-50, it seemed to have worked. Lo Celso could have scored, Son might have done better on some of his half-chances. And the so called weakest link, Aurier, seems to be doing better than before. His crossing is a bit hit and miss. The difference between him and Walker is that Walker can't cross at all and Aurier has before Mourinho appeared to make more errors than the RB who was also error prone - Walker.
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Looks like a few have escaped from the stadium tour again ........
  17. THFC Guest

    Isn’t the point of this site to express an opinion? Negative or positive....if it’s an opinion it’s always right for the person that is expressing it then it’s up for discussion as to the logic and accuracy?

    I for one agree with lots of things said on here in one way or another but not everything. That doesn’t mean I’m right just means sometimes we need to agree to disagree.

    In my opinion, at this moment in time, JM is doing the best job he can with what’s available. Our full backs need replacing. We need a new DM. We rely on Kane far too much “all your eggs in one basket” style. We have unearthed a gem in Tangagnga so he now needs to play more. We defo need a better GK and Eriksen should sling his hook.

    Yes, in my opinion a lot of change is needed but you have to keep moving/evolving or you become stagnant and go backwards. We have without doubt gone backwards and it’s not the fault of MP or JM. It’s not the fault of players who are getting older and struggling with the sheer volume of games they need to play in.

    it’s the fault of the club for signing a record signing who can only run for 20 mins and allowing players to run their contracts down. It’s the fault of the club for not signing adequate replacements and having a squad with enough cover and quality to help with injuries and tiredness. It’s the clubs fault for allowing the spirit to be poisoned by players like Rose/Eriksen, as soon as they made it clear they want out we should have punted them to the first buyer. Their attitude, without doubt will have an impact on other players. We can’t risk our young players like Tanganga leaving because of the attitude they have seen from supposed first team players.

    We shouldn’t get too negative because we have been punching above our weight for a while but at the same time we should not accept mediocrity because based on the last few seasons, we really are capable of better than that.

    The facts don’t lie...we haven’t won anything in ages and don’t look likely to again this year. Getting to 4th and entering the champions league is like winning something for all clubs these days so we need to get back to that. I just hope the clubs around us in the league continue to be inconsistent and we sneak it this season but that is unlikely.

    I honestly have one goal for this season as based on current performance think it’s a little unrealistic to expect top 4.....Finish above Arsenal....if we achieve that with what we have currently then I’ll take that then onward and upward for next season.
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  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    That's what we've been reduced to and looking at the league realistically it's the best we can hope for.
    We're equally away from top 4 as we are relegation places basically smack bang mediocrity.

    Big well done to ENIC the playing field has been levelled game changer in full effect.
  19. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Like many I can see we need half a team of new blood - no chance, and also can’t see top 4 - not good enough.

    Like some here I thought we did okay, up against the number 1 team in the world. Were they is 2nd gear, not sure, based on how the second half went. They might be good but they didn’t merely let us have the chances they did and they only scored once.

    We played most of the game with Eriksen and Rose - you’d struggle at the highest level given that amount of baggage. Play Sess ffs, he’s got to learn sometime. And Lo Celso. Get Winks to look at his roles first half versus second and decide what is really needed from him.

    Dele - how do we get the footballer inside him to come out to play more often. Please.....

    I’ve given up on this transfer window, perhaps apart from a HK reserve.....let’s say 50:50 on that. Sad to say, but a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots....

    Let’s see if Jose has any influence over DL.......I’m going to pretend to be optimistic.......smiley face!!
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  20. THFC Guest

    Allegedly Spurs are working on 2 deals this week:
    1) Gedson Fernandes (loan to buy) - never seen him play and no idea if he is any good but had a $102 million fee associated so fingers crossed
    2) Bruno Fernandes (swap with Juan Foyth + cash) - this seems to have some legs given that Foyth has publicly stated he wants to go go in Jan, Sporting are actively looking for a CB and we have been in talks for some time with them about a deal so cross everything

    I also read that Jermaine Defoe may come in on loan for 6 months - given some of the other names being touted up front I would take that in a heartbeat no matter how old he is.

    I’m not sure if you have all seen it but will share just in case - this site is great for aggregating all transfer rumours/stories about Spurs and more often than not is reasonably accurate:

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