Will someone please lead this team?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, May 7, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Phew top 4 is a minimum CL is confirmed season hasn't limped to nothing.
    Hopefully keep 3rd now, but the main and most important thing of all is to Be Proactive in the Transfer Market this Summer have a clear out of Duds and get in what we Need to improve!
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  2. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Job done but it was another ugly one .. Arse has fallen out of us lately for some reason ..

    Well the window closes next season before the season starts so that will help to some degree but it's odds on we still do 90% of our business at the last minute .. Time will tell ...

    Enjoy the summer all , we,ll go through it all again next year ... The way this year ended is worrying i.m.o but let the dust settle , see what happens over the next few months before we start having hernia,s again .... C.O.Y.S .....
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  3. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Will someone, please find out when was it last time. We are the #1 club in London!!
  4. Mick

    Mick Member

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    First of all well done to all the players and the manager for achieving champions league 3 years running. A massive achievement given all the financial restrictions we operate under. The question is where do we go now. To achieve the next level we need some high quality fresh blood. Easier said than done i know. IMO we have too many players who never score, Dembele, Lamela, full backs and central defenders. Whilst not saying whosale needed it is time to move some on. I suggest Dembele an underachiever for his talent, Lamela, Sissoko and Danny Rose. What was he thinking of with that stupid foul in the last minute. I want Toby to stay. As much as i love Poch he seems reluctant to trust new signings Lucas a case in point. There is no point in signing player's if you don't play them plus it puts players off joining. The wage structure has to change big time to keep our best players and this needs to happen now. So for me minimum 3 quality signings ready to play in the team. I would say a successful season with some great results and good football. Looking forward to next season and hopefully the team progessing and winning a trophy
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  5. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Well......we are there and 3rd beckons....and R/U still mathematically possible....smiley face.

    Was there last night. Painful for sure. Indeed I just watched the Sky highlights slots for us and Chelski. Bottom line is we were lucky, they were not. How good is that.

    Some more weasily words from Poch in some of the post match media interchanges, using the term Tottenham rather than us or we....."Tottenham have the new stadium to look forward to"...mmmm.

    But enough of looking gloomily at the Cup exits, or Poch's demeanour, or Toby's possible move away, we dun well enough for me.

    Look at it this way - we are not actually serial under achievers, we are in fact over achievers, given all that constrains us. There are NO clubs at the elite level who have done any better than us. After all what club can have zero net spending, waste huge sums of **** players and still get CL for third season on the bounce, with a shiny new stadium to boot. Get In!

    And our PL record attendance won't get beaten for a while either.......lol.

  6. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    You are way too demanding, Felon82. You want Spurs to be a dominant performers. It is not possible, you've got to settle to nervousness with baby steps forward every season. We are not MCFC, never will be. We cannot buy trophies. Would you rather win FA Cup, but be out of top 4, like Chelsea? I would not.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    1 league cup in 18 years?
    Nothing in 10?

    While the Club drip feed bare minimum into the 1st team and act how clever they are about it.
    If we are achieving Top 4 on a shoestring a bit more investment and hunger there's no reason we can't/shouldn't pick up Silverware like all the others do.

    Let's say results hadn't gone in our favour last night we are constantly on the peripheral of it falling to pieces due to the 1st team being micro managed in a bean counting stranglehold.

    In any walk of life/buisness etc unless you demand the best then you will never be the best you'll just tick along with some little victories along the way.
  8. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Not true. Try to demand a crippled man to run, see how will he do.
    We are crippled. We are building the new stadium, spending 1 billion. That is 1000 millions. Or 1 million thousands of pounds. It is the sum I cannot even imagine, but it is only 5 times of what Man City spent to get on top of EPL. I am sure, we can win it all, if we spend half of it, but that will happen later. First, the wage structure has to change. Lads have to see their wages doubled. If that happen sooner rather later, Toby will stay. And Harry and Christian will be retained. Where do you think Levy get money for that? He cannot borrow, no one give him a loan to pay his players. Spend his own? Get from Lewis? For some reason, I noticed, many supporters are fast to spend other people money. I do not know how will he handle the situation. But I will trust him in it. One thing he is good at is getting money for Spurs.
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    All the Club's resources are going on a Stadium that has spiralled out of control with the sole aim of making Enic more money at ours and the Teams expense.
    Every other Club even the minnows put more into their actual clubs and before we start with the how r they doing.... It's different club by club as to your appeal or how well you spend it.
    It can be argued either way with us are we over achieving?
    Answer Yes - because of the relative crumbs we work with.
    Could we do even better?
    Answer Yes - if more impetus was put on the quality of playing staff.

    The Corporate Bowl that is emerging may look and will probably be impressive but unless the increased turnover is pumped back heavily into the Team then we've all been sold a dud.

    Spurporter I'm not interested in projects that move at snail pace, I'm not over the moon at having a good 'run' at something, I'm not happy with a constant struggle to keep players with a very delicate balance keeping it all together, I'm not interested in NFL pitches or the Scared Rugby they play, i find it embarrassing when our fans get up on their high perches about being at Best Nearly Men and the dressing up of failure into some Glorious achievement.

    I am interested in Winning and I want my Club to have the same burning desire, all I see is just enough will do they'll clap and wet themselves about anything so let's hoik the prices up and put less in again next year.
  10. Big fran Guest

    Sooner or later the wage cap and transfer budget is going to Have to go out the window and revised. Could there be a more perfect time. CL three years on spin and players and management being tapped up left right n centre. It's a perfect base to build upon..
    Plenty of fodder to sell lamela sissy llorente jansen and even rose if we get anywhere near the 60m quoted. If we could bring in two left sided players such as Sessagnon and tierney/Shaw retain all the others including Toby and sign a proper second CF and a Cm I'd be ectastic and positive going into next year.
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  11. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Football is business. Spurs will win trophies as they always have had for that very business success. No one at THFC is to please crowd known as supporters other than making them buying tickets and TV subscriptions in order to further increase the revenues , which is the major indicator of business performance. Stadium is an investment in infrastructure that serves same purpose and therefore more important for business than that anything the players collects in form of medals. Therefore stadium and CL revenues rightfully go in front, while the trophy winning is naturally second. Poch tried to explain that by failed and so probably I will as well.
    That is because supporters are wired differently than owners, coaches and players. Fans have emotionally invest themselves with the club. Coaches and players cannot be emotionally attached, they will lose if they do that. Therefore, they lie in their interviews that they emotional about their game, while they not, nor they should be. They must forget about loss and poor play as soon as they can and focus on the next game. Obviously to win and even to paly one must have emotions, but it is secondary to skills and form/training level.
    So, again, football is business. Great game performances are the side effects of those business goals and objectives. We, the supporters, live for those side effects..
    Therefore, it makes no sense to criticize the club for not focusing on those secondary things for business (winning) that happen to be primary for supporters.
    I know. I am the same. I am sorry for you and for myself. As I explained, yours and my interests, although important, are not primary to Spurs business
    . THEIR OBJECTIVE IS GROWTH. However, the growth should produce future quality performances. Only big clubs can consistently be successful.
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  12. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    That is a good plan, I like it.
  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The Thing is Spurporter I Support Spurs for the Sport not for their Buisness Acumen.
    If fans want to pay more to see as little team investment as can be got away with and think that's totally acceptable to them because a spreadsheet looks healthy is quite frankly as dull and ridiculous as it sounds.
  14. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    No, no, no. Youre mistaken, my friend. You can call yourself a supporter, but you are a consumer. You are the one who buys the product. Owner owns training grounds, stadium and other facilities, or Means of Production. His workers or all who work for ENIC creating THFC product: football game performances. You may buy or not to buy their production. But you do not support Spurs business directly. Similarly, you do not support shoe factory when you buy yourself a pair of shoes or two.
    Of course, as a consumer, you are very important. They would listen to what product you like better: FA Cup win or CL right. But it is up to them to do their business plan and other long and short term actions that you have no business to participate in. At best they can listen to organized supporter groups, which they do.
    Ideally, you would go and support other club, if you do not like that club product on the pitch... But that is where Adam Smith's economics ends. You have no freedom of choice. You are, as well as myself, doomed to be Spur's supporter. They use it to their advantage. But you are theirs voluntarily, so no way ENIC can be blamed for exploiting your affection. Same for all other football clubs, big or small. Well, football business has many cons, but the monopoly over consumers is a definite pro. The existence of such a boon for ENIC, obviously, never fails to piss you off, but it is not their fault, as I said.
    What you are up to is you blame the owner for investment in Means of Production rather than hiring more and better workers. It is a valid point. I am sorry, but get ready for that point to be ignored. This is not a sport suggestion, but the business one, clearly.
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  15. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    I agree. Dier looks like he could be an enforcer. But Poch's 'philosophy ' is not about empowering an individual, rather the team. Not my cup of tea but that's Poch.
  16. burnt Well-Known Member

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    I would like to see Poch grab Dier by the so called metaphorical balls and f**k him off to one of the club's willing to pay a reported 40 - 50 mill and get a proper midfielder ... Our central midfield is atrocious and one of our biggest problems i.m.o and Mr Dier is not the answer ......
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  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Although you make some good points Spurporter , I have to disagree with this.
    I am a football supporter not a consumer to mix up a Tribal life choice type support with a product is just a sad result of what Enic have turned a lot of Our club into.
  18. guesty Guest

    I'd go for Dier, Wanyama & Dembele across midfield.....with Kane, Alli & Eriksen as the front 3.
    Don't give the front 3 any defensive responsibility. Just let them play as a threesome up top.
    ....seems to be today's football! :rolleyes:
  19. Big fran Guest

    I don't know why these 3 haven't been deployed as a trio in the big games. Keep it tight and open up later on if necessary . However we do need a new centre mid but there ain't many quality ones about or available. None in the Premier league stand out do they. Lewis Cook at Bournemouth looks a prospect but we need someone for the now not the project. Jorginho and Savic-milenkovic of lazio been mooted but I've not seen much of them. Gomes of Barcelona certainly not upto it. I do like kovacic of real Madrid anf think he could be in our price range and maybe nainogalon of roma or strootman.
    We need 3 maybe 4 players of 50m plus.
  20. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Yes, this whole 'sixth highest turnover/wage bill so anything higher is over-achievement' business really infuriates me; surely sport in general and football in particular is about skill, effort, luck, all sorts of unquantifiables that can end in Leicester PL titles and Wigan FA Cups - if it was as inevitable as the financial analysts claim, why do we bother with actual football matches at all? Why not save everyone a lot of expense and heartache by awarding the title to City at the start of the season rather than the end? Actually, forget that last bit - it's too close to reality!
    On the subject of City, I vividly remember how fantastic it felt back in 2010 to pip them to the last CL spot, and thinking that, if losing the FA Cup semi against Portsmouth had led to CL qualification, it was a fair exchange. Times (or my feelings) have certainly changed, because this season is ending on a very deflated note; we haven't got an FA Cup final, let alone the CL to look forward to, and this endless trophy drought is incredible for a club with Tottenham's history, support and pretensions - I posted at the start of the season that we absolutely HAD to win something this time, but yet again we've failed. I used to fantasise about winning the PL at least once before I kick the bucket, but I've lowered my hopes to any trophy at all - does the Sherpa Van Trophy still exist, and can we enter it next year?

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