Will Daniel Levy fail Pochettino?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, December 29, 2015.

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  1. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    In seasons past, a 2-1 win away at Watford would hardly set a fan's world alight, but with all things considered - this was a fantastic result, maybe even a season-defining result.

    Pochettino's Spurs showed backbone, fight, spirit and a desire to come away from a tough ground with maximum points - how many times have we been able to say that about our side in recent years gone by?

    One fan on BBC Sport made the clever point in saying that pundits and fans had been so caught up in the furore of Leicester's remarkable rise to the top, that Spurs had slipped under the radar - and that they are genuinely title contenders! So should we believe all the hype?

    Learning a lesson

    The current position Spurs find themselves in, combined with the admiration and acclaim they are receiving, reminds me of a familiar scenario we occupied only four years ago. In the 2011/12 season, after drawing 1-1 away at newly promoted Swansea City on December 31st 2011, Harry Redknapp's Spurs were in 3rd position heading into the January transfer window of 2012.

    Although back then, pundits and fans were skeptical about labeling Spurs as 'title-contenders', the unanimous feeling was that with one or two quality additions in January, Spurs would be nailed on for a top four finish at the very least. As you're probably well aware, Spurs brought in Louis Saha and Ryan Nelsen in January (both on a free) before a poor run of form come March meant that a Didier Drogba penalty at the Allianz Arena, on May 19, consigned us to another season in the Europa League.

    Spurs fans, including myself, still look back at that transfer window to this day with rue and regret. But back to the present day, and Spurs sit third once more (unless City topple Leicester later) heading into January. If we are to learn from past mistakes, an investment in January would seem all but crucial to our progress under Pochettino.

    Two key players then, two key players now

    Comparing the two sides (Redknapp's 2011-12 and Pochettino's 2015/16) it's fair to say the former played greater free-flowing football, while the latter has swapped softness for steel. Despite the numerous differences between the two, there is an obvious similarity in both side's reliance on two key players.

    While Redknapp's 'triffic two consisted of Gareth Bale and Luka Modric, Pochettino's side is a very different outfit without Harry Kane or Mousa Dembele. If you take any one of the two out of the manager's starting XI, they are considerably weaker - and with the news that Dembele could be out for two weeks with an ankle injury, Spurs fans are right to have worry.

    Buying a player nearing the quality of any one of those players is near enough impossible in January, but just as we discovered Bale and Modric alone could not fire us into the Champions League back in 2011/12, it would be a mistake to test this out again this time with Kane and Dembele.

    Act now, the chance may not come again!

    Whether Spurs have gotten stronger and smarter or the league has gotten considerably weaker is up for debate, but the concrete fact is that an opportunity like this (the dismantling of a big four) may not come about again anytime soon.

    Regardless of what happens between now and May 2016, the likes of Manchester United, City, Chelsea and Liverpool will inevitably come back even stronger next year - spending millions of pounds on players and managers at a rate that we simply cannot compete with. That is why it is important for us to take the initiative in January, so that we are not left licking our wounds come May.

    The fans, the players, the staff, Pochettino and even Levy himself deserves the reward of a top four spot at the end of the season. The right signing in January, whoever that may be, will hopefully give us the best possible chance of righting our past wrongs. But whether that happens, remains to be seen.

    At Spurs, we are constantly reminded that To Dare is to Do, so isn't it about time we dared to do something different, and who knows - by daring, something brilliant may finally be 'done'.
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  2. Harry Guest

    This is a nice piece. We have been served with another opportunity to play in the Champions League and possibly claim the EPL. Let's not let this chance pass.
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  3. Cavornia Guest

    Definitely need to bolster the squad up front, but I'm honestly not sure about Berahino. Poch has already stated that if he buys it will be someone from these shores, who knows English football well, possibly ruling out one of these youngsters he's been scouting in France/Belgium. It would seem Townsend & Fazio are on the way out so cash should not be an issue in getting someone in who will cost north of 15m, but never a better time to strike and take advantage of how poor United, Chelsea are, and ho indifferent City, Liverpool are. COYS
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  4. Mike Rowe Guest

    We have to be very careful who we bring in as the squad has a nice feel about it. We certainly could do with a striker to take the pressure off HK but we need to make sure it is the right one rather than spending for the sake of it.
    As we all know from the last few years bringing in the wrong personality could upset the balance and have a bad effect not a good one. If the right player becomes available I am sure the money will be there but if that is not the case we should have patience and continue to build under Levy/Poch as they seem to be getting it right at the moment IMHO.
    We are in the strongest position going forward that we have been in years but lets be realistic and pragmatic not gun ho in the transfer windows to protect what is being built at the club. COYS
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  5. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    Spurs fan's,Levy,and Poch are very aware of what we need in the team and who we should go for,the problem this time is not Levy but the club's we have to buy from,why would they sell there best player's at a time when they need them to stay,and if it's possible then the price will be over the top,so do we pay a crazy fee and hope the player works out,I just hope Poch and Mitchel have done there home work.....
  6. Siggy22 Guest

    It's always hard to tell if Levy has turned a corner or not.

    I trust Poch and Mitchell to pick the right player, I hope Levy trusts them even more!

    I think we will enter the market, I sincerely hope we don't waste weeks negotiating a fee with other clubs over something as little as a £5m difference between them and us.

    It's easier said than done, but the sooner we buy in Jan, the sooner the player can make an impact. I doubt Poch will chuck a new signing straight into the side - will probably look to ease them in.

  7. guesty Guest

    bang on here.....we simply will not waste money. like him or hate him....Levy will always do what is right of the club moneywise. Pochy equally has built a great young squad and by the look sof it...a great team spirit.
    ......so betwen them and Mitchell they won't be bringing in anyone who will upset the squad. Or anyone who is at a crazy price.
    Kane is our striker....but Son can playe there as well. NJie (when fit!)...so I don't see any panic buying happening in Jan
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  8. joseph mifsud New Member

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    With the likes of Man U and City who have money to spare and even Chelsea the likes of Spurs and Arsenal are the only two teams that fair well and do not spend blindly. it was a great disgrace when we had all that money from the sale from Bale, and we ended up with a load of donkeys. this was a chance to get some real good material and our (friends) Arsenal ended up with Ozil. Real Madrid I thought we had a good relation with them.
    Saying that, we had the chance to land Ozil and De Maria with the sale from bale and we snuffed it. well now we have a chance to get into the Champions league and I do not even think that we will end up selling our good players to the likes of United. Us fans do not deserve this. We always want to see Spurs end up with silverware and play in the elite league. Why do we allow Arsenal give us some stick when we always see them in the Champions league. the only time we took part we ended up doing better them and if it was not for Real our supposed friends that we gave them two of their best players we could have gone better. dear Mr Levy do NOT sell any players and try to land a good forward because harry on his own is getting tired and if he gets injured we will be at crossroads. I wish all the players, staff and fans all the best for the new year. Joe from Malta.
  9. LDH087 Guest

    I think we should go for Embolo or Berardi...

    Absolutely quality players who shouldn't cost the earth...

    I think berahino has the wrong mindset and temperament and is another ade in the making... A great talent but can blow hot and cold with his mood.

    I think Vardy and Mahrez only work best in their current set up... We won't replicate it, so don't go for them.

    Ighalo has actually inpressed me though. Could be a one season wonder but people said that of Kane. Power, precision and knows how to find the net in the premier league.

    Even with an inflated price tag, should still be affordable.

    So for me;
    1. Breel Embolo,
    2. Odion Ighalo,
    3. Dominico Berardi,

    But just my feelings for top signing targets.
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  10. Deggsy56

    Deggsy56 Active Member

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    Berardi 2 goals in 11 matches from 27 shots. Embolo 5 in 13. Not good enough even for us or PL.
    Nor is that A Mad flop Martinez 29 (linked with him).
    Forget them.
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  11. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    If none of the above are good enough then who do you think is?????
  12. guesty Guest

    I'd test Vardy's asking price. It will be huge.......but he would fit our lone striker system. and he has that direct mentality with pace and a finish. ...plus I doubt Leicester will finish top4
    Dembele at Fulham looks decent as well...albeit could us fans cope with 2 players with the same first name and surname!
    Austin at QPR might be an option....given QPR's position....as he's probably more 'Kane' thanik anyone so the system wouldn't change
  13. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    Many are speaking of a bad attitude with Berahino,think about it he has NO wish to play for WBA they treated him badly so he gives it back,If he comes I am sure he will settle and get back into the goal's every player has to feel wanted and loved and he want's to get into the England team Spurs can give him that,his price should have dropped to around 10-15 maybe with Townsend going the other way,so it is better than a punt on a player at 25-30....
  14. dnoll5

    dnoll5 Member

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    Spurs will not just buy for the sake of getting a body. There is no point in that. The player that comes in must be able to fit inside of Poch's philosophy- he must be young, he must be a hard worker, he must be willing to sit on the bench and play when the time arrives, he must be fit and willing to run and tackle.

    If you can't get a striker that fits that bill, then a midfield option could happen while moving Son or Lamela up top to pair with Kane. Ever Banega is out of contract at Sevilla and might be a good "foreign league option" if a current EPL player is unattainable because he plays a similar style under Unai Emery at Sevilla. I doubt they sell him because he absolutely makes that team's engine run, but it might be worth a shot in some sort of Fazio swap deal. But at 27, he might be a little old for a Levy/Pochettino January signing.

    Just a thought.
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  15. Big fran Guest

    Berahino is a done deal believe me. He is clearly not in Pullis thoughts he barely plays and openly talks about selling him. The only stumbling block is the fee and how it is to be paid.
    Dembele of Fulham would be a great signing of potential and in regards to cover in centre mid with premier league experience and knowledge of game management Carrick would be ideal.
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  16. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    Are Fulham not under a transfer embargo??..I hope your right about Berahino...
  17. Siggy22 Guest

    They can sell, but can't buy
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  18. Got to be Charlie Austin.
    Good attitude, the team wouldn't need to change its style to accommodate him as he has many of the characteristics that Kane has.
    Wouldn't cost a fortune, proven at this level and you'd feel he would be happy to take his share on the bench.
    Get him in and you could strongly attack the Europa as well as push for the League.
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  19. Josh k Guest

    Couldn't agree more about Austin, Tom. Unfortunately, it appears Levy offered him to Poch last deadline day and Poch said he didn't want him. I sincerely hope he's had a rethink because goals win games, and whenever Charlie Austin gets a half-chance he invariably takes it. Also great at holding the ball up. We need him and one more to be serious contenders.
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  20. Jonesy

    Jonesy Well-Known Member

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    Good piece Josh. And yes, I'm still smarting from that Jan window. Nelson and Saha - FFS!

    We are certainly at similar crossroads and need to take this opportunity to kick on. Levy won't risk the funds for the sake of bringing in players anymore; however if we fail to invest in Jan, we do risk finishing outside the top 4.

    For me, in the striking department there are numerous options to consider. Clearly Berahino is a target and fits Poch's press and has pace. Or, Austin; good attitude and offers something different - physicality and an aerial threat too, whilst offering a bit more value in monetary terms.

    1. Berahino
    2. Austin
    3. Remy
    4. Perez
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