Why we are not right to boo Adebayor

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, January 18, 2015.

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  1. Davetheyid New Member

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    Profit is the name of the game in any business. Spurs do make a profit and this isn't ferried away into Levy's pocket or any other shareholders pocket it's reinvested into the club. FACT!
    I would rather spend money I know I can afford to pay back, then run up debts I can't. Leeds, Man city, Chealsea.
    Why would'nt you seek financial backing in building a new stadium? To say this is somehow a negative is ridiculous.
  2. gorgeguy New Member

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    Not an Ade fan, but I totally agree with your sentiments: Booing your own player is the least beneficial thing a "fan" can do for a team. I also appreciate how you bring up the notion that ALL of the Spurs will feel like they may be next.

    What all we Spurs' fans must keep in mind is that it's highly unlikely another team will pick him up this January. His wages are crazy-high and what team will take that on when he's barely done anything this year? In addition, I'd rather have him up front than Soldado. The latter may have a great team attitude, but he does not seem able to escape the awful run that he's suffering.

    In the end, I think we "**** it up" in cheering for Ade. It may make the difference in our Spurs reaching significant achievements this season.
  3. Mike Guest

    Anyone who boo's in my opinion is a wanker and we do not need you at the Lane. Don't give me this "I pay my money and I am entitled to an opinion" bollocks. You come to support your team. Supporting does not involve booing. If you were a player and got boo'd, would that motivate you? It wouldn't me, I would think well **** you! You boo me and I will do ****! I have been going to the Lane for over 45 years and can honestly say I have never boo'd anyone. I have an opinion and I keep that for the pub or forums, not booing players. It does not motivate and does not help the team. Support means getting behind the lads no matter what. Support or **** off is my opinion. We have too many boo boys and that was empahsised by people who walked out after we went 0-2 down against Burnley and a couple of blokes close to me who were on the players backs after the 1st minute in that game. My answer, had you stayed till the end you would have seen a team performance from a group that do care and in the end won comfortably. We don't need you and we don't want you, so stay at home if all you want to do is boo. I know Adebyaor has his issues and can be a ngeative influence, but all the time he has a Spurs shirt on i will never boo him. COYS!
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  4. Stu Guest

    Everything mentioned here is spot on.

    The atmosphere used to be one of the best but now if we aren't ahead by half time the crowd seem edgy! Go behind and out come the whingers! No game is a given these days, teams set up and defend deep and its not easy to score, switch off for a second and your be exposed.

    On the levy matter…... Do you really think any other chairman would of got the fees paid for the likes of modric-bale-berbatov-carrick? And many others?! I think not! An the fact we are on the brink of a elite stadium is a testimony to his shrewd business! Yeah ok he has his flaws but he is human! He always has the clubs future in his mind I'm sure of it.

    Onto soldado bring as bad as Armstrong and Doherty.....yeah ok then! Sure soldado has missed sitters but technically he is class, mentally he is clever he sees runs and pulls defenders side opening space for chadli and eriksen.

    Adebayor whilst I agree isn't god enough he still doesn't warrant being booed for me, he is a spurs player and whilst that remains just back him! He can score goals and he isn't half as bad as people are making out!

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