Why Tim deserves a warm reception

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, April 11, 2015.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    During his short tenure as Spurs manager, Tim Sherwood was a bit like marmite. Fans either loved him or loathed him, but whatever your thoughts, Tim should get a warm welcome back to the Lane today, something that our new manager has also requested from the fans.

    Tim is a very passionate guy and sometimes his sideline antics were met with derision. Seeing him run down the touch line or throwing his gilet away in disgust were just some of the things that divided opinion.

    One thing is certain though and that is that he gave nothing less than 110% for the club. Yes, he made some obvious mistakes and his public chiding of players was at best ill advised, but let's not forget that this was his first management job and in reality, he didn't do the worst job.

    He brought in Bentaleb who is now a mainstay of the current team and it was he who developed the likes of Mason and Kane in the youth development role he held.

    There will doubtless be some idiots this afternoon who will boo Tim, but I hope they are few and far between. He wasn't the world beating manager he sometimes said he was, but he did a better job than AVB and in general got us scoring goals again and we were at least entertained.

    So please, give Tim a warm reception today and then get behind the team so that as ever, we can all sing in unison, COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!
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  2. victor New Member

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    Totally aggree, Sherewood did a passionate job with Spurs. Sorry d club didn.t keep him, with other duties.
    He was n hs been loyal for Spurs.
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  3. notnats

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    Tim did for Tottenham Hotspur what Jack the ripper did for late night shopping, keeping him would have been a disaster. However there's no doubting his passion, im just glad he's showing it somewhere else.
    I would still like to see him get a warm reception.
  4. johnnyhrvat Guest

    The public chiding of some players was wrong - he should have driven those players to Stansted and given them one-way tickets.
    Didn't agree with some of his decisions but he certainly had the passion which the players lacked.
    He will probably leave with all three points and make us all resentful but good luck to the guy. He did a good job under very difficult circumstances and it is a pity that he is not still our development coach.
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Glad you wrote this as i was gonna put something similar.
    For all of Tims faults his heart was in the right place imo and he also said alot of things that needed to be said to some players and indeed the powers that be.
    Hes a motor mouth yes but he stepped up at a difficult time got pelters for doing what Poch is getting plaudits for now so id hate to see him get a very classless bad reception.
    Former captain and manager who didnt do badly all things considered.
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  6. Deggsy56

    Deggsy56 Active Member

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    HE ALSO KNOWS how Spurs play and will field a formation to counteract that ! Dont expect a win at home today !! Season over long ago !!!!
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