Why this £8M World Cup star would be great defensive addition for Spurs

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Spurspanyol, June 25, 2014.

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  1. big fran Guest

    The reason u go over it is more than likely as you have far too much and few friends due to your arrogance aloofness distinct lack of football knowledge due to never kicking a ball,coaching or managing at any sort of reasonable level. Added to that your obviously an idiot to put yourself (the great ram) and mourinho in the same school of thought regarding football manager and hint your capable of managing spurs. You have just reiterated what
    I have said regarding the above mentioned poor players and even done me more justice by pasting your actual comments. Again highlighting what a fool you are. Now what did I actually say at the start... I said I don't believe spurs will sign moreno as a strongly left sided player to play alongside Jan and would more than likely be a replacement if signed. Do you agree.? I said lovren would be a better signing. Prem proven and can play right hand side. Go check footage out on you tube that your so
    fond of called 3 mins of Lovren where it clearly shows him playing right hand side prior to soton. I did say some can play both. Do you agree?? Post the footage on here please-you have more time than me! I said at top level football is all about fine tuning atattention to detail playing square pegs in square holes. Do you agree? I said anyone who signs a player and plays him out of position week in and out is a *****. Do you agree this is all what I said and the author of the article was hinting/aiming at regarding signing and partnering to players of the same exact position. Do you agree? Which out of Jan and moreno would the great Ram/mourinho play on the right?
  2. big fran Guest

    Just incase anybody cannot find time to look at my very first post on the subject!!
  3. big fran Guest

  4. big fran Guest

    Looks well on that right hand side cb berth does dejan!! Even if I do say so myself..
  5. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Ah, 'The Great Ram'...I quite like the sound of that, actually! :D

    Now, now, Francis...How about you be the nice young man we all know you to be deep down, huh?

    All this hate/bitterness/sour grapes is doing you no justice whatsoever (regardless of how amusing it may be).

    The funniest part about it all is that you STILL wish to seek my counsel regarding football matters/topics/issues despite referring to me as a 'fool', 'idiot', '*****','arrogant', 'aloof' etc, which is quite the compliment when you think about it, really.

    Don't worry, I know you don't REALLY mean all the name-calling you have been directing my way. You are simply just hurt, with pride damaged and being fuelled by the part of the ego that seeks to lash out when it perceives itself to be under attack.

    Rest easy though, my friend, as I mean you no harm.

    How about we just put this whole debate down to experience, move on and focus on a subject we are both, no doubt, passionate about, eh?

    I'm not such a bad guy. I am simply confident in my knowledge about all things relating to the beautiful game. And why shouldn't I be?

    Now let's see if we can answer a few of those questions then, eh.:)

    Talk of Moreno signing is EXTREMELY premature, and given the fact I haven't watched him play, I'm not sure I would be the best person to consult when seeking an opinion on the guy.

    However, if he did sign, I would assume it would be because Dawson is leaving and Pochettino is on the look out for a LOW-PROFILE replacement to make up the desired numbers. Personally, I don't buy into all of this left/right-sided CB stuff, too much, and therefore believe if someone isn't good enough to play BOTH, he certainly isn't someone that I would consider signing for Spurs.

    Obviously, like I have stated before, players are allowed to have FAVOURED/PREFERRED sides in that particular position. But for them to be INCAPABLE, in your opinion, of playing on the other side is SCANDALOUS at ANY level, let alone in the EPL.

    So in short, No I don't agree that Spurs are buying Moreno to replace Jan Vertonghen.

    I DO agree that you changed your tune, or perhaps clarified your thinking, once I showed your INITIAL claims to absurd.

    In the TWO comments you left prior to my showing you that our very own CB Vlad Chiriches was capable of not only playing, but excelling, either side of the CB position you made ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCE to CB's being capable of playing either side. Which is what I find slightly strange!

    Of course ANYONE can change their tune once their logic has been found to flawed, but with you being 'a manager and coach of a very successful amateur side', I would of thought that you would of shared your knowledge with us BEFORE allowing yourself to be in a position where you have to adjust your claims.

    But, hey, perhaps it just didn't occur to you to mention this, or you simply forgot! No biggie.

    So, yes, you did EVENTUALLY state that some CB's can play either side.

    As for the rest of the questions you have asked, lets both just agree that ALL of your comments are in black and white.

    This is getting a bit silly now, me sitting here trying to help you validate your comments. You have NOTHING to prove to me or anyone else on here, so write/believe what you want!

    It's as simple as that, really.

    Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I DO believe you have a good understanding of the game. And if you wish to interact with me in the future, about anything football related (preferably without all the name-calling) I would be more than happy to do so.

    Like I said, I DON'T hold grudges, and I am NOT easily offended. So perhaps we should just let bygones be bygones and look forward to what promises to be and exciting and eventful new season...I, for one, can't wait! ;)
  6. big fran Guest

    Like I say I rest my case....my comments are there for all to see and people will ultimately make up there own minds on who is right and who is wrong and whether or not to pair two centre half's of the same favoured side be it left or right together. In my opinion and from what I have seen and talked to players or not I would chose not to. Also whether a cb SHOULD be able to play BOTH sides is irrelevant if he cannot and there are any world class ones that without question can't.. The proof will be in the pudding as they say. So keep your chin up you can't win them all. So long my friend...
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  7. Ramos43

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  8. Michael Guest

    I believe that a CB playing the opposite side than they are accustomed to, would in fact hinder their performance. You answered yourself in an earlier reply actually. It affects their awareness and that is a big problem for a person who relies more heavily on their skill at reading the game than most other positions on the pitch. While I know there are players who can train and educate themselves on the nuances of the new position. It must be recognized that it is a difficult task to do especially in the case Jagielka when the player spends most of his game time at his original position and is then asked to do the same job but backwards.
    Sometimes this game is won or lost by a few centimeters (or inches) and reacting in a split second counts. For a player to train to block a shot from a winger driving across the 18 yard box with either foot may seem like it would be rudimentary. And they do. Some are not very adept instinctively turning the right direction even with weeks of training.
    And while there are many duos presently and throughout history that have had superb successes after one player has switched. Those players that are so gifted in spatial awareness and instinctual ambidexterity are not very common in my estimation. Although switching at the club level should not be as hard as at an international level because of the amount of training. It may be possible that player who once played their entire career on the left may never be as successful on the right side because they never quite feel comfortable. And we all know how important confidence can be to young and even veteran footballers.

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