Why Spurs shouldn’t sign Harry Kane back-up

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, January 30, 2019.

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  1. palmover Active Member

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    Munich have two solid full backs who dealt with the pacey pool attack. Spurs have a problem in this area players like davies, trippier and serge are all liabilities against top opposition. Davies injury like Dier's has actual made the team better as the players replacing them are better. If Rose or Verts play LB spurs may get away with Trippier/serge on the other side.
    Spurs have always had a punchers chance and i see it no different now, will it lead to glory the odds are against, however, Lester did win the prem, so who knows?
  2. Big fran Guest

    Agree with this 100 per cent. Against Liverpool at Wembley our full bks were far to gung ho and we got beaten comfortably. Liverpool are unigue in that they actually do play with a genuine front 3 and they play so so narrow. Our full bks got far too high up the pitch leaving 2 vs 3.
    The two teams in this league you don't play basketball is pool n City. Even united surprisingly went with 3 up top against us recently in rashford martial and lingard which exposes big gaps in the corridors between the full bk and centre half. As good as Toby and Jan are it's far too much space too cover for any man.
    Like you say a more pragmatic approach could yield dividends with an orthodox flat bk four with the full bks staying at home throughout the game with two holding players in front to give eriksen alli son kane a platform to attack upon. Liverpools front 3 as good as they are without the space to run in behind will struggle given they have little creation in behind them who can unlock doors such as a coutinho etc. They can't really play long much either as mane and salah are vertically challenged. A tight game will mean they have to take risks with advancing their full bks leaving them 2 vs 3 in our favour and we do have players that can pick locks ie alli eriksen and son from distance. City however a much tougher nut to crack but again a similar approach necessary..
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    On Burnt/Big Frans points

    This is where Pochettino needs to improve drastically + we need 1 or 2 leaders on the pitch to Marshall for these type of games.
    Pochettinos plan A has had the odd success against big teams but it has also I believe given him a stubbornness to proceed with it regardless of when/whether it's working.
    If we are to overcome these big game hurdles then we can't just naively keep trying something that doesn't/isn't working or leaves us exposed like the Juve/Utd performances or Chelsea previous etc
    Sometimes you have to alter your game plan for the type of team/threat you are up against as all the Top coaches do.
  4. Big fran Guest

    Personally I'd keep Davies and one of either aurier/trippier as decent back ups to the rejuvenated Danny Rose and a new signing at right bk. I like Thomas meunier of psg, djibril sidibe of Monaco who plays right bk, left bk, def mid and right mid. Also like wan Bissaka. Kwp needs a season loan out somewhere physically not strong enough yet.
    On another note and going bk to picking up targets early I really hope the club are looking at Pepe of Lille. Posting outrageous numbers this season of around 16 goals and 10 assists from the right wing in 28 games or so. His performances have driven his team to 2nd in the ligue 1. Can also play CF but also like to think we are keeping an eye on the mauro Icardi situation at inter Milan.
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  5. Peter reed Guest

    Once again we can't produce when needed .Beaten by an average Burnley who are just hard working and nothing else.I f we perform like this next week against Chelsea and the goners we will struggle to finish in top four.Oonce again you have to question poch selection I'm afraid forte and aurier are accidents waiting to happen and why llorente for Winks when we needed to speed play up and moura gets 4 mins.Why does Son disappear when Kane returns.why can't we play at a high tempo instead of waiting to go behind before we do.All the poch fans will find an excuse and the rest of the league will fill their boots with their spurs you comments again
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  6. Cheshuntboy Guest

    For all the Pochettino hype, we STILL don't have the winning mentality essential for real success, and no amount of 'over-achieving, punching above our weight' excuses can disguise that fact. Apart from Dortmund (who are in a similar trough to the one occupied by Real Madrid when we famously beat them last season), we've not played well or convincingly yet this calendar year, and we'll need 2012 Chelsea-style luck to trouble the CL big boys - assuming we don't blow it in Germany, of course. Endless frustration, the eternal fate of the Spurs fan since time immemorial (or the late 1960s in my case).
  7. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Well that was a kick in the stones but not an altogether unpredictable one . We just couldn't get it going . Taught we might pull it out of the fire one more time after the equaliser but not his time . The performance lacked quality everywhere today , not up to it defensively or offensively . The most disappointing thing for me on a day of disappointment was probably our reaction after we scored . Hoped that might be the catalyst for a strong finish but really there was nothing bar huff & puff . The last two Lg performances have been downright rancid in all fairness and the first half in European game wasn't good either . One good half out of six . The struggle continues , no fancy scoreline to mask it this time though .
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  8. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    And Foyth for Lamela… Poch gambled and lost. As simple as that. Late winning goal didn't come and we lost instead of settling for a draw. I would not blame him for taking the risk. Value of 1 point is not obvious, other than we wouldn't be called what they are calling us now.
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  9. Genevaspurs Guest

    It's always easy to accused Poch after a defeat. He wasn't on the pitch yesterday and the quality was there... But why changing your first eleven after a nice serie of wins since Harry's injury ? Why changing a winning team? Harry is our best player but when you come back from an injury like he had you have to stay on the bench on for the first match and you can have a test of 20 or 30 minutes to help your team (or yourself) if needed. The team played like a team with more collective movments instead of individuality. Even if Harry scored yesterday we have all see that the test of the team play for him too much.... and when you see after the 1st half that your both wingers are not effective (rose and Aurier were very bad) you change something before it's too late !
  10. Big fran Guest

    As always the knives will be out for Poch after a defeat. I personally wouldnt have played Foyth but the stating 11 was strong enough. We ended up with 3 strikers on the pitch changed system three times. The players were just so so poor on the day. End of story.
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  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I'm just waiting for 'The Undrawables' to be the marker of progress for this season now.

    Just knew we'd bottle this one , everytime anything is in touching distance you can guarantee wel turn up for a saunter.
    Fair play to Burnley who hussled and harried us from the off.
    Some piss poor performances from many of our players, none of which have the metal to be winners.
    If Foyth is the long term Toby/Jan replacement then the future looks concerning.
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  12. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I think starting Kane was a mistake - I didn’t see the game but I getvthe feeling it made the others complacent
    Even worse now that Liverpool have dropped a couple of points
    Oh well cl winners it is then!
  13. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    As in the recent Burnley game!
  14. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    It's not the first time the players have been given a 'well earned break' and come back soft.
  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Yes it's a strange 1 that , it's almost like they come back with the attitude of turning up will be enough.
    The dangerous thing now is that we still have 4 of the big 6 still to play and 3 of those are away from home.
    We could be looking over our shoulders anxiously come end of season.
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