Why Spurs shouldn’t sign Harry Kane back-up

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, January 30, 2019.

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  1. palmover Active Member

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    I also find MP to be hit and miss with his use of players. Verts played well at Lwb, however, any spurs fan who is worth his salt knows verts can do a good job there, however, MP used son there in an FA cup semi.
    Llorente is a great option, he has been with the club for over a year, however, wasn't used until spurs had no other choice, why?
    The spurs midfield is currently more mobile and not a MP type midfield, was that by design or default?

    Fair dues to MP he did get spurs to play a very good 2nd half against BD. Coys.
  2. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I am surprised at how little interaction there is on this site after we get great results compared to when there is a set back or other such reason to complain

    Anyway- what a brilliant result, I think it’s safe to say I am more of a half glads full person that a lot of others on here. However even I was worried about yesterday - I would have been happy making sure there was no away goal or maybe sneaking a 1-0 and theme going for it with a full strength team at their place !

    Kudos to verts- let’s keep him in that position(Davies plays better at cb anyway)
    Sissy- is becoming a monster
    Winks is maturing into a serious player
    Son- nothing needs to be said!!

    And a shout out to flappy Hugo- I may have jumped the gun suggesting Gazzaniga is ready to replace him. He has really stepped up in the last few games - without that Banksesque save before half time we would have lost

    Onwards and upwards COYS
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  3. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Half glad full = half glass full
    Sorry - fat fingers !
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  4. Big fran Guest

    Missed the game unfortunately lady night due to work. Caught the opening half hour and we looked shaky in particular Foyth. However second half heard we were fantastic and believe foyth was very impressive. Hopefully a good bit of scouting at last and Tobys replacement in waiting. Still not sure Toby leaves tbh think he maybe running his contract down for an ajax return likewise Jan.
    Do agree one or two do go hiding on this site but I also suspect one or two are indeed administrators in pen stirring the pot to keep the site going so fair play on that because some otter shite is regularly spouted. Negative comments will always bring about more responses and opinions than praising a great performance and result like last night. Coys.
  5. "Lady night" due to work? I wish I had your job!
  6. Big fran Guest

    I dress mannequins lol
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    As I say all the time all those that love a pop at me they never write a piece to crow about when we win , for the record sons goal was the first goal we've scored this season that had me actually jumping about , 2 great goals from Son & Jan top class and good on Llotente as well.
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  8. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    UCL is the only trophy Spurs can win this season. It is only 6 games left there to win.
    If we go past BD, the only scare left would be two English clubs.
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  9. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Actually we only need to win one but then again we don't do draws anymore .....

    Yea , I mentioned this after we scraped through the group . It is deff there for one of the unusual suspects to go a long way but I felt we'd have to pick our form up if it was going to be us which looked like it might happen through the Christmas period but the feckin injuries put a bit of a halt to that gallop . Then low and behold after one of our worst performances at the weekend and a poor first half we come up with that performance and result .. Unreal , unexpected but fantastic ....

    The big guns don't seem to be anywhere near their old selves but still have enough quality to put manners on anyone on a given day . You certainly wouldn't be fearing them like you would in the past tho . Taught P.S.G were impressive against UTD , they actually looked like a proper balanced team for once .
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  10. Sorry , my mistake, I thought I was on tottenhamlive, I didn't realize it was "Felon'sForum"...

    Get over yourself, I made a comment saying that generally there was not much reaction on the site from people saying we did well, so if anything I was having a pop at people that don't pipe up and say well done, my point being that it would be nice to then have a back and forth with people about the positives of the game etc-hence my comments re hugo, verts and sissy.

    I thought maybe people may have then followed up on thoughts of verts as full time wingback, davies as CB etc

    Oh well, I tried.
  11. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Fantastic result , we weren't good again in the first half . Groundhog day there for whatever reason , there were a few this time tho with all the changes to the backline . Dortmund were decent first half , neat and tidy in possession and defended well as a unit , not that they were really tested but they left the impression they had a plan and knew what they were doing . Second half was complete opposite . Of course goals change everything and scoring so early was just the tonic . They were rattled and never recovered which didn't paint a pretty picture of them overall . Heard it described as ' Spursy ' somewhere once or twice . We on the other hand had the momentum and were really starting to motor . It was shaping up as a huge opportunity to put these lads to the sword and put this tie to bed more or less so it was really pleasing to see the lads take the opportunity and do just that , really pleasing . Overall a great European night for all involved , richly deserved for all their efforts . I've been around too long to take anything for granted but we've more then one foot in the next round now so onwards and upwards hopefully ..

    2 great results after our first week off in ages after a mental schedule , now another 10 day break to refresh the squad and get the walking wounded back then it really is crunch time . 3 games in a week before the return leg at Dortmund . That result last night really eases the pressure going into that game a wee bit . So away to Burnley , away to Chavski , home to Arses , a tough tough week lies ahead . Performance wise I hope we start a bit better after this little break then we did last Sunday . What timing it would be to really pick up the bit and fire on all cylinders for the next couple of months ... C.O.Y.S ....
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  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Get over myself ?
    Felons forum ?

    Suggest u take a lay down VoR the excitement has obviously gotten to you.
  13. Iamsocool Guest

    My God Felon, you are one miserable bastard. See you have brought some of your friends with you. You are trying to be the next Harry Hotspur who is the biggest **** of all. Try enjoying your football instead of being miserable. So many Spurs supporters seem to be enjoying themselves and can actually be angry and happy in equal measures. You just want to be a miserable **** constantantly, look at me I am so cool because I hate. Thank God The Oyston family do not run this club, you would be hanging from the rafters. ********, cheer the **** up.
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  14. guesty Guest

    I'm pretty sure some time ago....I read that Verts moans about playing LB....and wants to play CB with Toby.
    Regardless of the fact they (played at the time) LB and RB for Belgium.
    Perhaps LWB is something he might actually like! ....with a back 3 left to right of Davies, Toby & Sanchez
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  15. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Yes I think verts will like it now that he has got in amongst the goals. I can’t remember any of aurier rose trips or Davies ever getting in a position like verts did for his goal. Having said that if deli was playing he would have been in that position

    Not sure how it works with that back 3 and verts - once you pick Kane son deli and CE, there are only two positions left- maybe winks and then Sissoko on the right?
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Another screamer , Iamsocool says alot really.
    The crux of mine and VoRs conversation was VoR came on here crying it's so negative , as on many occasions I've said those who wanna have a pop at me about being negative it's a free forum to write your own stuff but as usual these hyper positive types just wanna dig at others for not worshipping, VoRs had a hissy fit about it and you've jumped in.

    Seriously odd the pair of you.
  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Football happy to talk about -

    Verts at LB has really just demonstrated how poor Davies Aurier and Trippier are in these positions, it's working currently so why not stick with it. But long term he should be lcb and we should buy some proper wbs to do the job properly.
    Sissoko has been a breath of fresh air his improvement has shocked everyone id say , but it also for me does reinforce just how useless all of Dembeles silky skills in safe areas were because now Sissoko is box to box and actually influencing games is a great improvement besides being technically inferior to Dembele.
    Lloris as I've always said is a great reaction shot stopper but for me makes too many mistakes/rash decisions and his distribution and commanding presence leave a lot to be desired.
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  18. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Think it was during the A.V.B era .. He got the hump alright and more or less downed tools if I remember correctly .. It was very frustrating for the fans because he seemed to have no problem playing left side for Belgium at the time . He actually didn't look good enough to play in the centre at the time if I remember correctly . Got caught out of position too often and just didn't look a very good defender at all . Didn't look great either at the start of Pochs reign untill his international team mate turned up . Then it really changed but again most put it down to Toby being the stabilizing influence . He put that to bed over the last few seasons in fairness to him even tho it did probably help to some degree . The confidence grew for one thing , he was a big part of the best defence in the prem for a few seasons and I think maturity can be a big plus in that position . Whatever the reason , he grew into his role and has been outstanding over the last few seasons . Unfortunately with maturity comes old father time and he's 32 this April . There's definitely a few more years in him but the clock is ticking . He,ll take some replacing now so he will ...

    Even going off his comments during the week , I don't think he'd be too happy if asked to play left side on a full time basis but that's just my opinion reading between the lines ..

    He was outstanding second half the last day but he wasn't going to well in the first . Dortmund were fairly atrocious after we scored though so it might be foolhardy to go overboard on that 45 , you'd definitely want a fair bit more evidence he'd be a major success in that position before moving him out of the centre . Personally I wouldn't think he'd have the pace to play that position on a full time basis , but as he,s shown he can do a job if needs must ..
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  19. Big fran Guest

    Playing left bk and left wing bk are two completely different things tbf. Marcos alonso a point in case. Full bk average if not poor whilst at wing bk with zero pace a Premier league winner. However like you say at 32 I'd doubt this would be a permanent move but defo a plan b type option.
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  20. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Toby and Jan have been colossal for us as center backs over last few years . It hasn't been as good this year in fairness probably due to injuries and also the change in midfield in front of them . They're not getting the same protection they got from Dier , Wanyama and Dembele and the obvious deficiencies in full back or wing backs this year has definitely not helped either . All in all tho Id take some convincing to move either on a full time basis ..
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