Why Spurs shouldn’t sign Harry Kane back-up

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, January 30, 2019.

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  1. Josh Bolton Active Member

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    Four have tried, and four have failed. First came a towering Togolese, followed by a stocky Dutchman sandwiched between two misfiring Spaniards. If supporters are ever required to provide an embodiment of the idiom “poisoned chalice”, they need only namecheck Emmanuel Adebayor, Roberto Soldado, Vincent Janssen and Fernando Llorente in the same sentence — those who have borne the “Harry Kane understudy” placard. The first pair did so unwittingly; the latter well-enlightened to the fact.

    The clock is ticking; transfer deadline day approaches. But in his latest Q&A with the British press, Mauricio Pochettino has extinguished any hope of incomings — nothing new there, eh? — and confirmed outgoings are the only real possibility. Vincent Janssen will surely be one of the expected departures; Fernando Llorente would have been too had Tottenham’s key man not found himself on the treatment table.

    And it’s since 2014, when he first burst onto the scene, that this Boy Wonder has afforded his club one paradoxical problem: how do acquire a worthy replacement for a player who is indisputably irreplaceable?

    That’s not to say Spurs haven’t tried. Their last two attempts have seen them purchase two strikers of contrasting breeds. If the short, scurrying Janssen played the part of stray Jack Russell easily tamed by opposing defenders, Llorente is the frail, retired Greyhound haunted by past defeats on the racetrack. Neither have been convincing when given the lead.

    And as Janssen departs, soon to be followed by Llorente (when the time is right), Tottenham should finally put paid to their pursuit for a Kane back-up. As to obtain a striker who could mimic even the most microscopic effect Kane has on this team is near-on impossible.

    There’s a reason why Chelsea (Hazard), Barcelona (Messi) and Juventus (Ronaldo) are not in the market for back-up for their star player, despite riches available. As well as these players being one-of-a-kind, they, like Kane, are so intrinsic to their side’s attacking identity that to seek a like-for-like would only result in the purchase of a knock-off version doomed not to live up to the real thing.

    Of course, fans are quite right when they declare spending signals ambition, but to spend big bucks on a back-up striker for Kane — such as the £50m mooted for German wunderkind Timo Werner — would see the club reenact the KLF’s actions on Jura in 1994. More than any other position in football, strikers require a consistent run in the starting XI to find form. Even when Kane is only half-fit this is never going to be feasible.

    This is why “super sub” strikers in the Premier League — Solskjær, Hernandez, Giroud, Sturridge, Defoe — are romanticised over so copiously. They’re a rarity. And even if Spurs were to find a forward in this very mould, the player would be expected to be indefatigable as well as having an aptness in making the net bulge. Strikers at Spurs are the first player to action the Pochettino high-press; if the forward is leaden-footed — à la Llorente — the team does battle with its attack blunted.

    Should Spurs fans worry, then? The return of Son Heung-min will provide a stern rebuff to that suggestion. The attacker’s mix of assured finishing and blistering speed makes him the consummate Harry Kane “replacement” — as evidenced away at Chelsea and Bournemouth last season.

    It’s unfortunate then that Son’s nationality sees him miss matches for Spurs even when he’s fit and firing. If this wasn’t the case then perhaps talk of acquiring a Kane back-up would be no more than a whisper, especially when the club are in desperate need of a first-rate central midfielder and fresh full-backs. That, unlike a second striker, should be Spurs’ top priority in the transfer market.
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  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Soldado was such a poor buy for the role he was expected to fill, never in a million years was he gonna be a target/hold up/stretch defence he lacked every fundamental part of being a lone striker (of which I will take credit for saying all that time back when we first signed him) he's a poacher was never gonna work.
    Adebayor both Arry & Dim got a tune out him, he was only a problem for AvB & Poch maybe that's a man management issue and what's expected we don't know, could play on his day and when confident but also had an attitude and work ethic issue.
    Jannssen looked a promising buy in fairness has he been given a fair crack of the whip? I don't think so , you can't knock him for work rate but obviously something is amiss with him and Poch else he'd be given a chance surely in this moment of bare bones.
    Llorente or the Cart Horse as I effectionately named him when he arrived is just that , may have been a thourough bred at 1 time but that was about 5 years ago. (Once again I will take credit for saying it wouldnt work because we don't/won't play to his strengths)

    Of the 4 you mentioned there has been serious issues with which has been imo down to poor man management and lazy purchases.

    I was banging the drum for Hernandez B4 he joined West Ham because I feel he has a different element to offer which would work as a Sub/Play alongside/Fill in when we needed something different , he would've been perfect I thought.

    You're right you can't replace Kane but you can support him, rest him and look for alternative solutions.

    As you mention it-

    Barca had Messi subsequently they bought Suarez & Neymar
    Madrid had Ronaldo they bought Bale etc as well , top sides don't just have 1 player that they completely rely on and this isn't just exclusive to these teams.

    Yes we need CM , and new FBs but we also need an alternative Striker (if Poch can actually be flexible) are all equally as important if we wish to improve.
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  3. Big fran. Guest

    I'll say it AGAIN. . we've played two up front most of the season. Moura and Kane run riot early on. We destroyed Everton and Bournemouth only a few weeks ago. United the same but missed chance after chance and brought llorente on. More than one way to skin a cat. Then u factor in injuries, rotation and second string teams in cups there is plenty of room for another. Liverpool have a front 3, city too. United are moving more towards this kind of front line and have climbed the league. Arsenal have a two prong attack and score for fun. How many games could Harry have been hauled off at two three and four nil... Its nonsense lads...
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  4. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I like the team for the Watford game. Lucas and Lamela options to come on to change it up Hopefully we will get back to winning ways
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    0-1 HT

    It's ok I saw Poch using his other tactic early.... Looking glum
  6. P reed Guest

    one shot on target first half not one cross for llorente why play him. Lloris once again shows his class and helps us go one down could not make it up .hope all the poch fans know what tactics he is going to come up with in second half .
  7. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Time for Gazza to be our No 1 between the sticks
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I knew you'd see the light eventually VoR haha
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  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Snuck it in the end a trait that pretty much sums up the majority of our games this season , Turgid but got the win.
    Gotta say great header from the Cart Horse thats the service he needs
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  10. P Reed. Guest

    Not often I agree with pochetinos subs and today was no different as llorente was awful and missed two absolute sitters and I would have taken him off but poch kept him on and he scored the winner.Thank god for Son though and why does pochetino get the system in the first halves consistently wrong Thank you Bournemouth for showing us how easy it is to beat Chelsea if you have your tactics right
  11. voiceofreason Active Member

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    ’ve actually been pro gazzza for a while but that’s maybe just because I do t like the French much

    By the way we won’ and Chelsea and City lost whilst Man U and Liverpool drew- looks like the crisis is over and it must be Sarri,Pep,Solskjær and Klopp out!
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  12. Glint New Member

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    I think they all knew hahaha ;)

    I mean really why do people bother to comment at half-time? It's a funny old game it really is.

    Ridiculous margins involved at this level. The same team (if not weaker) that crumbled to Wolves in the second half a few weeks ago, does the opposite to Watford.
    Where there were cries of us not having the bottle, the manager not having a clue, they only go and fight to the bitter end and win a game. Extending the best start to a season after 24 games for the club. Two points off second place. Doing that with a manager who is (apparently) tactically inept!

    Fine margins indeed. You gotta laugh. Results like this drive you crazy.
    Look where we are Levy. If you had the gonads to invest in the team the margins get even smaller. After years of acceptance that we're sh1t, the last 8 or so have given hope, only to be dashed again and again. So Spursy. Even tonight was Spursy. 2 points away from City and you start to think "..what if.." and make all sorts of permutations in your head. So defeat to Newcastle on Saturday is pretty much nailed on hahaha!

    F*** this stupid game :p:p:p
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  13. palmover Active Member

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    A win is always good, however, beating watford at home is to be expected.
    Watched the chavs lose 4-0 to Bournmouth with a chavs supporter, told him Sari will be sacked in the morning, at least Mp doesn't get beat like that. Coys
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  14. burnt Well-Known Member

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    We are where we are , we all know the reasons why , whether we agree with them or not is another story . I can see it from both sides myself and can swing from one side to the other on any given day , the schizo that I am ..

    I.m.o tho , the one thing the lads do 99 times out of 100 is keep going . They've been brilliant in fairness all things considered . It's anything but a black and white picture this season , there probably isn't much else that could have went against them , world cup hangover , no signings to boost the squad , no home , catastrophic injury list , lots of them in poor form by their own standards , something had to give .. Every team no matter what their circumstances would have to suffer given our difficulties . Maybe it cost us the 2 domestic cup runs so far , who knows maybe we'd have gone out anyway . Chelsea were better then us over the two legs , they deserved to go through , simple as that . Like a lot of our games lately we were poor against Palace first half , but we did enough overall not to loose i.m.o , same against U.t.d , poor first half , couldn't have did much more 2nd half tho , on another day we score 4 or 5 , frustrating as f**k but it happens . The shoes been on the other foot plenty of times this year especially earlier on , of course that doesn't make it any easier when it goes against you but that's how it goes . I understand the frustration , **** I feel it as much as anyone but I've been around long enough now to have a little bit of empathy for the situation we are in . Of course it doesn't always come across in my posts , sometimes the frustration takes over and i let fly on the keyboard but we all have our faults . Given all that , it's a fair achievement to be where we are , it really could have been a lot lot worse in fairness . I haven't a clue how it's going to finish , I'm giving up the prediction for the time been . It doesn't have the look of getting any easier for us at the moment but there's one thing you can count on is , they'll keep trying . The struggle goes on . We're struggling but we're fighting , some aren't playing well but they're fighting , some just aren't good enough but they're fighting . Can't ask for anymore .... C.O.Y.S ......
  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    30 odd years of Being a Spurs fan summed up right there......
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    January window , nothing to see here move on.
    Can't wait to see what incompetence is done this summer.
  17. Big fran Guest

    Janssen be like a new signing that's for sure.
  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Back off the naughty step , let's hope he can have an impact.
    Seems a very childish tiff imo.
  19. Big fran Guest

    I found the whole situation bizarre to be honest. Have an asset there you paid 18m for and value at 15m. Meanwhile you have no striker go out of two cups in the process missing penaltys and this lad ain't missed a spot kick for the club.
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So we play the game 1st half to suit Llorente while we rest .......


    Couldn't make it up.

    Plus Jans put more quality crosses in 1 half than Davies has in his entire career
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