Why Spurs need to prioritise a win tonight over Sunday's final

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, February 26, 2015.

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  1. Josh Bolton

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    There is no recognised term for the ‘Poch-dilemma’, but if it were enter the Oxford English dictionary tomorrow it would be easily recognised. The definition would be something along the lines of: “a problem whereby Pochettino may either play his best side twice in quick succession and risk losing the second fixture due to fatigue, or to play a weakened/rotated side in the first fixture and risk losing that very game.”

    As we approach the Fiorentina tie tonight, we come across the Poch-dilemma yet again. As throughout most of the season, our Head Coach’s pick is being predicted in advance and will no doubt go under the microscope come five o’clock this evening.

    There have been calls to rest the likes of; Harry Kane, Hugo Lloris and Christian Eriksen this evening – with one eye on Sunday’s Capital One Cup Final. And although there is sense in these suggestions, I am of the view that Europa League progression and even glory, this season, should be put before anything else.

    Without Europe we are nothing

    When a situation plays out that defies ‘the Tottenham way’ – such as not taking Europe seriously, fans have recently resorted to the comment that: “Bill Nich would be turning in his grave.” This comment may be somewhat distasteful, but it is one that gives a certain level of insight into the opinion held by our former legendary manager – a manager that has been credited for making this club what it is today.

    To quote Bill Nich, he once said: "It's magnificent to be in Europe, and this club - a club like Tottenham Hotspur - if we're not in Europe - we're nothing. We're nothing." Along with this quote, Europe will always hold a certain resonance for this club – as in 1963, we became the first British club to win a UEFA club competition.

    To move away from this history lesson and the Bill Nich quotes, isn’t it about time we took the Europa League seriously because of what is happening right here, right now? In recent years, we have qualified for the Europa League (previously the Uefa Cup) for seven out of the last nine seasons – and the furthest we have gone in the competition, has been the quarter final (on two occasions).

    Despite chasing other glories during these seven European campaigns, coupled with the Thursday/Sunday issue, it’s still disappointing that for a club, such as ourselves, that we have not developed in this competition; evolving into a force to be reckoned with, rather than being a team that merely makes up the numbers come the knock-out stage.

    False dawns and bucking the trend

    There has been the discussion that a League Cup final victory on Sunday could really kick-start Poch’s reign at the club, whilst giving the players that winning feeling – a feeling that would hopefully breed a culture of further winning and glory at the club.

    In retrospect, this was the exact view we held after a Spurs side, led by Juande Ramos, tasted League Cup success over Chelsea at Wembley seven years ago. Although I feel that there is a different vibe around the club now under Pochettino, there is still no evidence to suggest that winning a trophy propels you into further success in the future. You only have to look at Arsenal in relation to this – do they, this season, look like a side with a new winning-mentality after their FA Cup triumph last season? After their loss to AS Monaco last night, they still look the same to me!

    Unlike the League Cup, the Europa League does in fact guarantee reward in the future – coming in the form of a place in the 2015-16 Uefa Champion’s League. A big ‘if’, but if we did go all the way in Europe, we’d have ticked two boxes this season: both a trophy and something equivalent to a top four finish.

    Despite the fact that it is not ‘Champions League or bust’ for Pochettino’s Spurs side this season, qualification for this competition will be needed at some point in the near future to further our progression under the Argentine. A Europa League win (and ultimately Champions League qualification) this season, will both buck the trend of a Sunday/Thursday fixture list next season, whilst allowing us to attract further quality come the summer window.

    Let the Chelsea game take care of itself

    Pochettino himself has spoken of the relation that our next two games have on our season and his ability as a manager. Our Head Coach said: “If against Fiorentina we rotate and on Sunday we win, you are a genius. But if we lose tomorrow and the final, you are a bad manager and coach. It’s unfair, but this is football.”

    As a result, I hope that Poch picks his side tonight on the basis that it is a starting XI that is most likely to give us the victory, and not a team that is selected solely because of Sunday’s final in mind. If Pochettino is confident that the likes of Lloris, Kane and Eriksen are able to play both in Florence, then at Wembley, then he has to pick them – as the Chelsea game will take care of itself.

    If these players do in fact play both games, tiredness may be an issue – but not a deciding factor! As a professional footballer - cup finals against a London rival are why you play the game – this factor alone will make Sunday’s game easier to approach, in a sense, than that of the one in Italy this evening.

    As history has already shown, Spurs are a club that has to have the aim of succeeding in Europe – and this dream needs to be kept alive by beating the Viola’s tonight. But what history has also shown this season, is that Spurs, CAN beat Chelsea during the midst of a packed fixture schedule – and I, for one, back them to do it again.
  2. Anonamous Guest

    I know this has nothing to do with the article but why in heavens name aint we looking at yannick baloisse at little little crystal palace, i mean he single handedly ripped half of the premier league appart, his plenty flair and would offer more than lamela and townsend can. Him and konoplonka lol for the one flank chadli and maybe lamela for other flank, though i aint convinced at all with lamela. Would much prefer depay there yay! Even pritchard, he is lighting up griffin park atm. One Good CB and two strikers, and deli ali for midfield, kaboul, chiriches, adebyebye, and soldado, capoue and stambouli/pauliniho (either doesnt matter as nabil, ryan and deli, have youth on their side so hmmm... ) im sorry but i have read your rating through various sources week in week out and you could further your chances and career else where, thank you for your time and services, but when they perform and h.k and christen play alongside them, you can clearly see when a player is 100 percent focused. Hkane is young he WILL chase loose balls and lost causes and make sumat out of nothing sorry byt ade only does that when HE feels like or loved. Not good enough, or proffesional enough for the mighty spurs any more, our game has been raised by our new manager, new BELIEF in the youth ( what Tim was trying to say all along ), new stadium to come and our new never say die mentality. Its bloomin awesome all the late goals almost every week meaning there is either a new: belief, mentality, fitness levels, confidence, desire, tenacity, or diet maybe no dodgy lassangne lol, maybe all, but these are the words i have longed to attach to my beloved THFC. I rem mitchel thomas and bobby mimms, gazza, lineker and thorsvedlt, pstewart and pwalsh, samways, clasen them lot so its been a while yaaaay, we looking forward to every game now we know we heading in the right direction at last. Thanks daniel levy for admitting you went wrong giving the bale money to voltures who hadnt a clue COYS
  3. josh_b

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    Cannot disagree more. This is a cup final and as Bill Nich said, the game is about glory. And this is a chance to establish glory, glory Tottenham Hotspur. By having our name engraved in that trophy and a decent finish to the league this season is without doubt a huge success! New manager, new look side, youth coming through - if we get knocked out tonight, but win the final, who will care?
    Having said that, if we weren't in the Final on Sunday, I'd be backing us to set up very strongly. The team's just come up and it's half and half in terms of Sunday's starters - probably wise. COYS
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  4. ted Guest

    Cos we will lose to Chelsea and finish 6th.
  5. burnt Guest

    Doesn't matter what you try and prioritise if you cant defend .. Its embarrassing at this stage .. The results in Europe over the last few weeks have showed us how great the prem league is ...
  6. gregspurs Guest

    **** game awful display utterly shameful performance, soldado is the worst player i have ever seen.
  7. Jonesy Guest

    Great shout re. Bolasie - has tricks, pace and power; bit like Dawson! Extremely disappointing tonight. You can have all of the possession you want, but we need to be ruthless as it will keep costing us. The starting 11 will be interesting Sunday... Let's just hope Chiriches and Stambouli miss the cut. COYS!

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