Why Spurs fans are in for a summer of pain

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, July 1, 2015.

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  1. thgo Guest

    You root for the sixth biggest club in the PL. Deal with it. If you want titles, root for a bigger club. Don't lambaste your team for only mildly outperforming their wealth. I enjoy Spurs new emphasis on young and homegrown players and the fact no one is likelier to develop big stars.
  2. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    The point is the Lewis could put more money in to make us more competitive but chooses not to do so. Profit for ENIC, zero success on the pitch.
  3. thgo Guest

    Lewis or someone else could treat the club like a toy, not a business, the way Abramovich did. If that's your preferance, you can root for the man who does things that way, or hope someone buys the club from ENIC, because they've made it very clear they won't.
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Just because were the 6th biggest club in the prem why should that be the acceptance its so defeatest. We may not have the money of citeh n chavs but we certainly have the money to be fielding a much higher caliber of players in our first team, which would give us some hope and a chance.
    We limp through most games no real hunger to achieve anything which stems from the board down.
    Liverpool who are 5th biggest almost won the league season b4 last, youl never see our current crop have a season like that because its almost drummed into them and the fans 'we cant compete'
    6th richest in the Richest league in the World means with good recruiment based around building a quality functional side we should be a real threat to top 4 and at least should be right in the mix to win the Europa.
    But we are not and its all down to insufficient investment, poor management and player recruitment all designed to turn profit over prizes!
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  5. big fran Guest

    The frightening thing for me is that I believe for once spurs have in fact done thier business early. Alli Wimmer and Trippier will be pretty much it. Alderweireld looks to have legs in it but its dragging on and lack of further transfer activity may put him off. A cheap back up striker possibly if we can shift Ade or soldado.
    Couple of seasons ago we out muscled Liverpool in signing lloris sygi and Dempsey. It seems the tables have now been turned.
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  6. thgo Guest

    Well, I'm sure if some of you were in charge, that drfeatidt attitude would be a thing of the past in no time, and we'd be winning the league easily. It's not as if a lot of very ambitipus and knowledgeable football people haven't establidhed that, surprisingly enough, you get what you pay for to a very great extent. There are exceptions, but not many and not for long. You're certainly free to look enviously at Liverpool for exceeding their financial expectations one year out of the last six, while Spurs exceeded theirs five of six years. I just don't get the fun of running down my team. I'd rather find reasons to support them.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Exactly 'find reasons' scraping every season for the merest beam of light to cling to and dress up all these remedial positives in an atempt to make this consistent failure seem a success.
    Settling for less is not the trait of winners!
  8. Lee butler New Member

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    We have no chance of wining anything a good cup side yes until we meet a top 4 team a good Europa side until we meet any half decent side . The best we have looked in the last twenty years is under redknap we was 2 players away from a good challenge at the league and before everyone starts I know he took his eye of the ball in his last season but he had earned another run at it . I can't see those nights at the San Siro returning anytime soon and if your honest with yourself neither will you . I will still be supporting spurs but I see a long road ahead .
  9. Mikeyg Guest

    yet another ENIC hater unable to tackle the question of the financial benifits the current top 4 and liverpool hold ovet Spurs. Of course the stadiun will make a difference ad turnover will grow imnensely through ticket sales,advertising and merchandising. Our current turnover is currently half that of out neighbours, our wage bill is between 50 &130m less than the other 5 around us and that is why we can't compete for the best or finished article.
    When you really think about it we have done quite well to finish ahead of all but one of those 5 in recent years.ENIC anf Levy responsible for that, new training facilities,great academy and the commencement of new stadium.
  10. Mikeyg Guest

    the transfer window officially opened yesterday so a bit less panic please.
    Our defence was our weakness last season and has already been addressed though Toby might also be added. As for midfield we are hardly short of good options and have added Alli, Pritchard and perhaps Yedlin and a couple of quality youngsters to call on.
    Upfront we are not going to get a big name to understudy Kane are we!
    A little time and common sense called for now.
  11. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I see the Levy Lovers are out in force, dealing with any dissent from the party line with the usual 'look how bad in was before ENIC arrived' - yeah, only one FA Cup and one League Cup in those dreadful 1990s, and rubbish players like Lineker, Gascoigne, Ginola and Sheringham stinking out the team - it's so much better now, and the future is so bright it's almost painful. With Wimmer and Trippier terrorising the PL, and the Milton Keynes Ultras cheering us on, there'll be no holding us over the next five years while the new stadium is being thought about - I can't wait! ILWT!
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  12. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    It is no wonder the atmosphere is so bad at the lane with all the happy clappers out in force!!
  13. thgo Guest

    I'm curious as to what people think the recipe for success is. I've heard it suggested we nerd a sugar daddy owner. That's probably the likeliest method. It worked for Chelsea and Man City. But I'd lose interest if Spurs bought trophies the way they do. The other possibility is to get a superior manager, which worked for Atletico Madrid and Dortmund. But it's easier said than done. Finally, there's the ENIC plan. No doubt it probably won't work, but it is at least a reasonably intelligent plan, should finance a badly needed new stadium, has made the club bigger, and gotten Spurs players to win three of the last four FA young player of the year awards. So, not great, but better than most. I guess most of you are hoping we become the next Chelsea. I don't.
  14. Dublin Spur Guest

    You mention Atletico and Dortmund, but in addition to the "superior manager", they also had relatively huge grounds for cash flow purposes. I have to say that after over fifty years of watching the game, I really am not sure about the "superior manager" factor. How many managers can you name that were a success at more than one club, and did not have a big chequebook to hand. Most managers are one-club wonders. I can only think of Clough, though I am sure there will be others, but they are few and far between

    As for the current manager, if you look at most of our previous managers this century with the exception of Redknapp and Jol, they all came in on the basis of previous success. Only Ramos was able to win a trophy. Poch has never won anything, and inherited some wonderful young players at Soton. I note that in spite of losing many of their rising stars last year, Soton did better without Poch than they did with him. I've seen nothing so far to make me think he will be successful, but being a Spurs fan, my DNA is absolutely overloaded with optimist genes. I do note that we are suddenly becoming a conveyor belt for young talent, and maybe that will make a difference.

    Regarding having a sugar daddy, I cannot disagree with you. Sugar daddies always end up looking for a fresher model, and the beneficiary of all those sweets has major problems adjusting to life in the real world. Spurs have been around for over 130 years, but a sugar daddy is really a deal with the devil. It's only a matter of time before the debts will be called.
  15. thgo Guest

    Very well said. I don't mean to attack some of the other posters. It just seems to me they have a cat they wish was a dog. Why not either buy a dog, or enjoy having a cat? All of us can wish for Spurs to win the league till we're blue in the face. It won't happen in the forseeable future. So a rational choice would ne to love Spurs as they are, or love a team like Chelsea, that will win things.
  16. Dublin Spur Guest

    As far as attacks go, I think the posters on here are generally quite civilised. It's actually nice to see a forum, where people are not threatening pistols at dawn. I was a bit critical of the article, but I received a polite and very worthy post from the author in response to my criticisms which we both know are only opinions. A bit of humility on all sides makes for pleasant forum.
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  17. big fran Guest

    Sure we all want our club to achieve bigger n better things. Although we don't have the funds to sign the big names we would like thus have to be smarter quicker and more decisive in the market. We have made three really good potential signings and hopefully we can claim the signature of Alderweireld which
    Would be a massive coup. Hopefully the back line is a stronger for the forthcoming and we can add one or two attackers and finish in the top five again.
  18. thgo Guest

    People are very civilized here. They don't seem to get personal even when provoked. It's nice.
  19. thgo Guest

    I'm hoping we get a top RM. It's the one thing we absolutely don't have and could most use. All our mids look better on the left or in the middle.
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We need an upgrade in quality and consistency, a top CB, 2 quality mids and forward!
    No more children/hopeful/prospects.
    Its not an academy its the 1st team playing mens football!
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