Why Spurs fans are in for a summer of pain

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, July 1, 2015.

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  1. ashley Guest

    Its not going to be massively smaller than the scum, we aren't exactly going to build an old Trafford are we that's unrealistic. This will certainly bridge majority of the gap as will our continued efforts in the American and Asian markets, not saying the stadium on its own will make us challengers but it is certainly a huge step in the right direction. I imagine there is also space to increase the capacity in the future of necessary
  2. DublinSpur Guest

    To the best of my knowledge, we haven't sold players to balance the books for a long time. Most of the "jewels in the crown" that we have sold have been players who were prepared to throw their toys out of the pram if they didn't get what they wanted.
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I live in a world where the club I support who may be the 6 th richest in the league have no genuine passion for success and a rabble of fellow supporters who lambast anyone that wants better.
    May I add that spurs are 6th richest in THE RICHEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD, which means we are a big player in world football if we actually had people in charge that are hungry for success on the pitch.
    Players like Benteke are well within our range but we're out buying Trippier and Wimmer instead for peanuts. This is not ambition, it's not giving the club the caliber of player it deserves, it's not showing intent, its not giving the paying fans value for their hard earned money, it's surrendering with a whimper before a ball is kicked.
    If we fall short giving it a right old go with the best we've got I doubt you'd here so many fed up fans, but this is not the case bobbing along with this cheap n cheerful out look and going out with a whimper consistently is just soul destroying.
    We buy players to turn profit not to succeed and to me that is the board pimping THFC out!
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  4. DublinSpur Guest

    I absolutely despised Sugar for sacking El Tel, but when the facts came out, he was undoubtedly right to do so.
  5. ashley Guest

    Totally agree but at the same time the likes of bale and modric were under long term contracts, so if we didn't want to sell we didn't have to so the reason to sell was two fold, stop disruption in the team and earn as much money as possible
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  6. DublinSpur Guest

    Originally all clubs were owned by their members, but as the game became more commercial, they became limited companies etc. Don't get me wrong. I'd like to see all the money going back to the clubs, but if someone invests in a business, they run the risk that they could lose their investment, so I see no problem with them making a profit.

    One of the persistently strange comment that I often poke fun at, are those who say that Lewis and Levy are only looking to make a profit when they sell the club. And assume that the club is worth say £200 mill then, don't you think that if L & L gave the club away, it's next owners would not be looking to cash in this windfall. I think they paid Sugar £54 mill for his shares. I don't suppose if they had lost this investment, many of us would have been passing the hat around for them?
  7. DublinSpur Guest

    Regarding being a strong cup team, the problem is that since Redknapp came along, managers have looked at cup games as an annoyance, with the exception of AVB, who made a serious effort in the EL, but like all the other managers, fielded weakened teams in the domestic cups.

    I cannot rationalise Poch's actions in the EL and League Cup. The EL gave us an opportunity to qualify for the CL, yet Poch fielded weakened teams in both games against Fiorentina. He also fielded weakened teams in the League Cup until we got to the semi-final. So on the Thursday we meet Fiorentina with a weakened team, and bang goes our last realistic hope of the CL for another season, but the following Sunday, we field our strongest team, and get beat by Chelsea.

    For the life off me, I cannot figure out why we were trying to win the League Cup at the expense of the possible CL place that winning the EL would have given us. If we beat Chelsea, the prize was the Mickey Mouse Cup, that most teams send their kids out for and another season in the EL. If we lost to Chelsea, then as long as finished in the top six, we were almost certain of an EL spot,

    I am not saying we would have won the EL, but the only team that could have beaten us on form, was Seville, who we would have met in the semis. IMHO, a golden opportunity missed.
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  8. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Absolutely right.
  9. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    Bloody hypocrites! Support the new manager in the transfer window, you all said.

    3 weeks on and you're moaning we haven't made any big name signings.
  10. Blimey I didn't know we are in for such a bad season.....thxs for the knowledgeable heads up....presumbly we are safe from relagation? better update my details on Stubhub immediately as its obviously not worth going to any games this season lol.
  11. DublinSpur Guest

    In the Double Season, our capacity was over 65,000. That season, we played 23 home league and cup games, and had over 50,000 on 16 occasions including about eight full houses.

    I am not quite as pessimistic as you about the need for an oligarch. Both City and Chelsea are vanity projects, and should something happen to either of their owners, they will fall apart like a cheap suit. Both Russia and Arabia are places which could become unstable very quickly.
  12. Paul Donovan Guest

    Can c your point , but any Chelsea or Man City fan would have laughed 12 years ago at thought of winning titles. A club of our tradition, fan base , potential should be winning the title at some stage. We need the right leadership from top to bottom. We spent a lot , but some1 couldnt judge talent. Dont be as defeatist as the board
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  13. DublinSpur Guest

    We will be narrowing the gap.
  14. DublinSpur Guest

    I've already pleaded guilty to that one in my first reply to you.
  15. DublinSpur Guest

    I have made that same point on several blogs, and you are the first person to agree with me on this.

    As they say: Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ!
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  16. DublinSpur Guest

    Personally, when I look at many of the big name signings we have made over the past few years, I dread signing "Big names".
  17. When we were in the 2nd division or championship if you prefer our home gates went from 16k to 50k+ (home to Bolton springs to mind), so we have had very fickle fans even back then so a 56k stadium (presuambly expandable?) is probably about right.
    And you are right sooner or later the sugar daddies will get bored and go into F1 or something, so we need to be as competitive as we can without doing a Leeds/Pompey and take their place.
    In the meantime I am going to make the most of what we are doing at the moment.
  18. DublinSpur Guest

    Your attitude is perfect for the circumstances.

    However, we should never underestimate the "sugar daddy" effect. As an example, in Chelsea's first hundred years, they won eight trophies. In our first hundred, we won 15. Similarly, since the start of the PL, no team has given us more points that Man City. I think it's fair to say that without the sugar daddies, we would probably be a top three team most years.
  19. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    No 'real fan' would buy from Stub hub.
  20. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Financial fair play is cobblers anyway. That's why Man City are still able to offer 71 million for one player and United are buying players whilst the club is run solely on foreign debt!!!!
    The idea of ffb is noble but is it closing the gap. Is it heck.

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