Why Spurs' £16m bid for striker doesn't make sense; Lloris is 'average'

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by GarethMcKnight, February 17, 2015.

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    Despite the transfer window firmly slamming shut recently, Tottenham and rumblings of new players continue to trundle along.

    The latest report comes from Italy, with a former target being resuscitated from the past in the form of Fernando Llorente.


    The Spain international was said to be a target for Spurs back in his Athletic Bilbao days but instead opted to move to Serie A powerhouses Juventus.

    The 29-year-old has scored some important goals for the Bianconeri over his 18-odd months in Turin, but this season has found first-team opportunities more difficult to come by, with Alvaro Morata in competition for a starting XI place.

    RAI Sport have stated that Llorente has a number of options available to him, including Spurs, while the British media are suggesting a £16 million bid is forthcoming.

    Just how true this is remains to be seen, but even if there is genuine interest from Spurs, Llorente is not someone who should fit into our plans.

    The fact that the Spaniard would be 30 before he could move to White Hart Lane in the summer suggests short-term thinking, while offering no sell-on value - something critical to Daniel Levy.

    Although Llorente could have been a good signing a couple of years ago, he has not shown the same form in Italy as he displayed in his homeland.

    With Mauricio Pochettino looking us to play a high-tempo, intricate and possession-based style of football, Llorente’s power and physique are not really what we need - he is essentially a targetman.

    Harry Kane would surely thrive better alongside a striker with more mobility and better technique on the deck, while in a long-term project under Poch, where Llorente fits in over time is not clear.

    Finally, with the Roberto Soldado experiment an undisputed failure, do we really want to spend £16 million on another Spanish striker??


    Meanwhile, Chelsea goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon has put the boot in with claims that Hugo Lloris is ‘average in the air’.

    The Frenchman admitted that the Tottenham custodian was a good shot-stopper but feels Lloris does not have the presence to excel in England.

    “There is now a campaign in the country to say he is very good,”Lollichon told the French press.

    “He is good on the line, but he is too average in the air.

    “To play in France or the Champions League, he is great. But for England, he is lacking in coming for high balls.

    “A goalkeeper that is good in England will be good everywhere but the opposite is not true. There aren’t many of them. [Manuel] Neuer, [Thibaut] Courtois, [David] De Gea, [Petr] Cech… Sirigu, I don’t see it.”

    Frankly, Lollichon’s criticism is unwarranted, unfounded and incorrect.

    Lloris’s shot-stopping abilities may well be the finest facet in his game but despite not having the stature of other goalkeepers in the Premier League, the France international commands his area well.

    In Hugo we trust; he has proved himself over time as one of the best, if not the best, goalkeeper in English football.
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    Looks like 'LOL'lichon is trying to disrupt the enemy camp before the big showdown in under two weeks.

    Funny how he criticises Hugo's aerial ability, when their own number one, Courtois, is under pressure for his place, after he flapped at a cross against Man City that allowed Silva to equalise.

    Better still, to include Cech in the list after making a point of Hugo's so-called 'weakness' is laughable.

    The last time Spurs played Chelsea in a League Cup final at Wembley, I remember Petr Cech's 'BRILLIANT AND COMPREHENSIVE ;-)' punch against Jenas' free-kick, that somehow hit Woodgate and went in.

    Kettle black Mr. Lollichon, kettle black...
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  3. Sagar roy 93 Guest

    Yeah and that's why he is on top of opta list.
  4. Chelsea s goal keeping options are so good they have swimming cap head back in goal.....watch out woody woodgate is lurcking.....lloris in Wembley...whip in high balls at him so...see how you get on.
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    Typical Chelsea mind games starting early. The best mind game to play with Chelsea and moanerinho (like that!!) is to say nothing. We can do our talking on the pitch.
    As for signing a 29 year old striker, that doesn't fit our coaches profile, so I see it as a no go.

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