Why rot at Tottenham, pal? You are better than this

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by George S, December 12, 2014.

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  1. George S

    George S New Member

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    Footballers need various different kinds of motivation in the modern era, but it will come as quite a shock to learn of a method by a former coach at Tottenham Hotspur.

    Spurs legend Les Ferdinand departed the club last season and revealed yesterday how he motivated Mousa Dembele.

    The Belgium midfielder has flattered to deceive since transferring to White Hart Lane for £15 million from Fulham in August 2012.

    Unusual motivation tactic

    And when Ferdinand spoke about the former AZ Alkmaar ace after Tottenham’s 1-0 loss to Turkish club Besiktas, he revealed how they use to try and motivate Dembele.

    Daily Mail quoted the former Spurs coach, he said:
    We used to watch him in training - every time he gets the ball he wants someone to challenge him and he gets past them but just passes it sideways.

    “He's got great ability you just don't see enough of it. He leaves you frustrated because you know he's got more and you want to see it.

    We used to say to him: "You're the next person to go to Real Madrid, you're the next guy to go to Real Madrid from this club".

    “He can get forward. He's got a great shot on him you just never see it.”

    Frustrating player

    It is an absurd claim by Ferdinand and also goes someway to backing up the views from various White Hart Lane supporters that the Belgium has more to give.

    The 27-year-old has been an incredibly frustrating player during his time at north London and he has found the net just four times for the club.

    This season Dembele has made 15 appearances without scoring, and has started just three times in the Premier League.

    January move?

    He doesn’t seem to predominantly figure in Mauricio Pochettino’s plans so you would expect him to eventually depart the club.

    However, Ferdinand’s statement goes some way to explaining why the Belgium hasn’t fulfilled the obvious potential he has.

    It seems the quicker Dembele moves on the better for all parties involved, because neither are benefitting from him rotting on the bench.
  2. Lesbo Guest

    It says a lot about the mentality of the coaches at the club in general when they have to motivate players by saying that 'you're the next guy that Madrid are coming for...'.
    So success for a player at Spurs is measured by leaving for Madrid. Hardly implies that they play 'for the club' then does it!
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  3. Luke New Member

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    I think he offers very little. Hes strong, and can carry the ball, keeps it well under pressure, but cannot release it quick enough. He cant track back, doesnt score enough goals, and although he looks good, theres very little end product. Another stat master in terms of successful passes etc, but thats it. Move him on, we need more dynamism in centre of the park and someone who can shift the ball forwards (but that only works if people are willing to run passed the man with the ball, we get nosebleeds at the moment !!)
    Dunno about Madrid, Hull maybe !!
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  4. Amar Guest

    Mousa play's of position more like defending midfielder,which is more like a forward player.if he plays In his position we will see more of the best of him,I hope he stays and get his chances.good luck mousa
  5. Mattj78

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    The whole ethos and attitude of players has been stinking for the last three seasons and no he has done anything about it.
    I am no fan of Sherwood but he was bang on about the players. They don't care.
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  6. The Cockerel

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    He has to go. As I've asked on this forum before, what is the point of Moussa Dembele? He can't see a pass, he doesn't bomb forward into the opposition's penalty box, he can't hit screamers from 30 yards, he doesn't really track back and he cannot play the role of shielding the back 4. All he does is look good holding on to the ball, shielding the ball from the opposition player, having
    a little trot with it before passing the ball sideways or backwards 97% of the time! What use is this singular skill set to us? Move the man on and do both him and us a favour. We need far more production from our midfield to take us to where we want to go, and he is sadly incapable of providing it.
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  7. mikespurs New Member

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    Bring back Tom Huddlestone. Dembele has everything to be a world class midfielder but he is just lacking the vision to play a killer ball. He is to safe.

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