Why most fans can't admit they agree with what Danny Rose says

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, August 10, 2017.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Oh Danny Boy- What have you done?

    So Danny Rose has risked the wrath of the Spurs faithful, and more fatally the guillotine from Emperor Ming and his Henchman Poch.

    Danny shockingly has questioned the ambition of the club, a club that has signed no one in the wake of a new season, a club that continues to buy players "you have to google", a club that thinks it can pay it's best players relative peanuts in today's game and keep them all happy without winning things.

    He mentioned that dirty word "Trophies", something that many a fan of our great club are almost at arms when it's mentioned.

    'Improvement', and 'Projects' levelled against the 90s are not what Players are satisfied with believe it or not. As I have mentioned numerous times on here. You couple that from a players point of view that is 26/27 upwards who's looking at the last big contract of his career when he's peaking and you see your own club showing no intention of progressing just whining about inflated prices and trawling the left over bins and it presents a real and genuine problem that because we had a 'good season' many seem to be in total denial of.

    Walker moving to City always had the ability to make other players turn their heads slightly this could've been quashed with some active intent but alas were 'so calm' apparently, Look at Dembele, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Lloris, Rose etc all are approaching the last 5 years at the top level could all play at most of the top clubs at twice the wages they earn but are all heading towards a cross roads stay for a project and end your career with a we punched above our weight signed picture in their personal medal cabinet or go somewhere that will at least go all out/strive for Trophies and pay top dollar?

    And then you have those slightly younger Kane, Alli, Eriksen they will be at this exact cross road in 2 years time.

    As a club if you want to be big you have to buy you have to pay at least better than average wages and most importantly YOU HAVE TO DELIVER.

    Now some may point out the players are the ones that win trophies maybe they should look at themselves and I have been a big advocate of that seasons previous but also as I've said for years the club has to have the burning desire to win trophies to be successful to be Winners.

    How many times have we whimpered about in the EUROPA when we've been more than capable of winning it? How many other cup games have we thrown in order to concentrate on other things only to flunk them as well? I've heard fans literally 'bursting with pride' when we've lost, bottled it, crashed out...... and why?

    Because it's an improvement on the 90s.

    Although it's not great to see a senior 1st team player talk out about the club there has to be a part of any sane fan that agrees with what Danny says. He has spoken the Truth and the Truth hurts to people in denial.

    1 Trophy in 16 years, I ask Spurs fans how many more years of this 'were competitive' BS are you going to excuse/put up with? How many more years are you comfortable with the complete lack of investment in the 1st team?
    How many more fruitless campaigns are you happy to clap along to?
    When are we as a club going to demand more?
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  2. MikeySpurs Guest

    At last! Someone who speaks sense! Thank you! All day I've been commenting along these lines against all the 'get rid of him' brigade. 'He spoke the truth and it hurts' is a great line. I fear so did Conte a while back. We do lack ambition. I still hear Spurs fans who say 'I don't care where we finish as long as beat Arsenal '!!!
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  3. Joel Guest

    im not so convinced that we need to buy but I do think we need to get our wage structure brought up to date for all the players that have proven their worth. If money is tight then that should be the priority or even clubs like Everton are going to look like attractive propositions. It is hard to think of players that would genuinely improve our squad though so I don't care if I have to google a name. Neymar, Hazard, Coutinho all had to be googled at some point and I would grumble if we'd gambled on any of them
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  4. Molespurs Guest

    Truthful and confirms the fact that Daniel needs to take some money out of his mattress before even more damage is done with players leaving he is deluded if he thinks the majority of spurs fans think of saving our money when in fact we are not quite so stupid as to realise his negligence will have a knock on effect at his stab at false economics for someone who is supposed to know the value of a pound.
  5. BrianGX Guest

    Let's spend, spend, spend (borrow, borrow, borrow) and destroy our club. Leeds United were very successful with that approach!
  6. Aaron Harris New Member

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    The article appeared in a so-called 'newspaper' called the Sun. I wouldn't believe a word that 'comic ' prints. In fact I'd go as far as to say that I wouldn't wipe my A##E with the 'rag'
  7. Suffering fan New Member

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    The problem at Spurs is Daniel Levy and The fact that he and Joe Lewis see the club as an investment vehicle.

    What is the use of a new stadium when players and supporters are treated with such disdain?

    Where is the ambition? We do not have a strong enough squad and everyone knows that. Levy has had one decent deadline day signing -VDV which was probably more luck than judgement. The other windows have been mainly very poor.

    Why should a player be happy when he is earning half of what he could at one of our competitors. Non one in any other industry or profession would do so.

    Levy is leading this club back to mid table mediocrity because it won't be long before the manager and other players join this bandwagon.
    Well done Daniel Levy!!
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  8. Hootspur Guest

    A good counter to the prudence argument without going overboard or trashing the player. But I get a bit cynical about player's motives for moving - Silver 1st, 2nd and 3rd - silver ware a distant 4th. As for a short career; two years on Danny Rose's current wages would do most of the fans for the rest of their working lives thank you.

    We have made great strides but somehow we have to avoid wrecking the joint either financially or losing momentum on the pitch. I only hope that we are going to strengthen the squad because it will not make us competitive in 2 competitions let alone 4. We must win something this year and as you put it so well, the players do have a say in that themselves!
  9. spurs lover Guest

    If he's right or wrong is not the point, the point is there are thing's you do & there are things you don't & what he did is in not doing Spurs any favours.

    If he's not happy he should put in a trans-fare request, as doing what he has done is not going to change how Spurs do business, all it done was rub a lot of people up the wrong way.
  10. Ron Guest

    Rose may have spoken the truth, but what were his motivations for doing so?

    If he did it to genuinely help the club, then that is one thing. If he spoke out to get a move to Man United then that is disloyal to the club, manager, players and fans.

    I guess he was motivated to do both - to make a point to the club and to increase his likelihood of Man Utd making an offer for him. Who knows if Mourinho or his advisors gave him the script to say these things?

    Whatever way you look at it, there is an element of disrespect and disloyalty.

    He may not be a mercenary at the same level of Adebayor, Paulinho and Sissoko, because he has given more to the team than any of those players did, but the signs are not looking good.
  11. Abe Guest

    Rose conveniently forgets that the spurs philosophy is why he got a chance in the first place. And many of our big name signings have been flops. So do you another sissoko or give winks a chance. Chelsea and man utd certainly were not after rose when poch arrived.. at his age and current contract spurs should not sell him and he can leave for nothing at the end. I think he will 30 by then
  12. Rob da Snob Guest

    Get real mate. They've only been outspent by Utd, City, L'pool and Chelski over the last 5. No way anyone can keep up with the two Manchesters and we're in the same ballpark as the other 2.

    That's with a ground of 36k capacity.

    So it's not been spent on "names" who demand silly personals. That particular hasn't helped the bigggest spenders improve dramatically, has it. Spurs are now the most consistent Prem team, fact.

    The foundation is there. Add the 60k stadium and this years TV money and (given Levys talent for a deal) were all set to launch into the next phase, and that's the one where the trophies come.

    Be patient. Be glad your not Arsenal.
  13. A truthful and quite straight forward and to the point interview, however, were these concerns such a problem when signing a 5 year contract only a couple of months ago, if so why sign up? And since being side-lined for the last six months with injury, have the club not put in 100% commitment to see you back to full fitness, leaves a little bit of a bad taste for me personally.
  14. Tony Borg Guest

    I completely agree with Danny Rose, it's nice to hear a player saying they want the club to sign some quality instead of someone you have to Google to find out who he is and where he comes from.
  15. Stu Guest

    No every club in the league has outspent ud over 5 years. Look for the 5 year net spend table. -£70 million net spend
  16. peterg 123 Guest

    Really unbelievable how fans are genuinely deluded in thinking our club is run badly, with comments like "Levy get your money out of the mattress!".......how many times, IT`S NOT HIS MONEY. We are not Chelsea or City run by an individual oil oligarch or Arab billionaire, it`s the clubs finances, which are being controlled extremely well.

    In the close season we have managed to hold on to players like Ali and Kane, both worth over 150 mil in today`s market....and yes, that shows great ambition for a club our size.

    There seems to be outcry every time any average old player, who wouldn`t get anywhere near our 1st team is sold at an over inflated price. Get real people, we have a great squad, and while we could add 1 or 2, we are certainly not desperate to buy.

    So called fans are really taken in by the media creating trouble and stirring up unrest, and it`s an unfortunate thing that happens to all top clubs in the modern game (Coutinho at Liverpool & Shanchez at Arsenal)......why don`t the haters just accept some players will come and go, some may be unhappy and want to move on and STOP BLOODY MOANING!!
  17. james Guest

    Investment in new stadium great ....investment in training facilities great... investment in manager great...investment in team ...unacceptable...until this is put right we will never win any trophies.

    Our bench is very poor by any standards.. ask Manchester City who completely dominated us recently in the USA or Chelsea last season at wembley with Son at full back or the other big teams who ,must be delighted that we have not made any signings.

    Levy would be well satisfied if pochettino keeps playing academy players hoping one or two eventually are good enough for the first team...but the reality is none of our academy players are good enough as we speak ..backed up by our manager's comments about Kyle Walker Peters not being ready who is probably the most promising.

    Our squad is SIMPLY NOT STRONG ENOUGH for 4 competitions - everyone knows..ask Glen Hoddle etc .. we do need at least 4 players minimum and here Rose is spot on - QUALITY PLAYERS...not last minute panic buys like Sissoko etc.

    A levy signing for sure to appease the fans .

    Levy has taken in considerable net spend profits from transfers over the last few years.. and if he truly wants to keep the manager and top players he needs to improve the wage structure and invest in the team NOW ....

    Walker is the first now Rose is unhappy ... by next summer the discontent will increase if we fall short .. which is guaranteed if we do not invest now!

    Don't blame the players we have now being asked to play nearly 60 games if they fall short through injury or tiredness, or the manager who is relying of the Chairmans support . BLAME LEVY...if we fall back to mediocrity this season.
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  18. Sorry for the cynicism, Danny, but this is all about the money, not your Mum. And that's fine-- if I were in a profession where I had 10-12 years to make all the money I could, I would be impatient to.

    But the fundamental argument borders on ridiculous. Spurs have outperformed their opposition-- all of whom spend more, and a few much more-- over the last two years. But for a once in a lifetime Leicester season and a brilliant and totally healthy season, we might have won the league twice in a row. The team is young and a new stadium with substantially more revenue capability looms. So we bombed out in Europa and we've gotten close but no cigar in a couple of cups. Would you rather this team have finished 5th and 6th the past two seasons, but somehow won the League Cup? Is that "trophy" more important than the team's overall improvement?

    In two seasons, if the cupboard is still bare, I'll join the doubters' club. But only then. For now I expect another title challenge, advancement to the knockout stage of the UCL-- hopefully the final 8 but the draw will dictate-- and perhaps a cup final this season. And that's fine.
  19. barney Guest

    he wants more money so do i you cant always get what you want let him run out the contract he just signed see who wants him when he is 33 up north maybe Blackpool or Bradford :p
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Just out of interest - do you think 1 league cup in 16 years is a good return for a club of our history and size considering how exceptionally we are run in your eyes?
    How many more years are you happy to take part but not win anything?
    Are you excited to carry on the way we are once the Stadium is open?
    Or will you expect a return on all this Austerity?
    Just interested to know?

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