Why fans are right to question the club’s transfer approach

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, July 27, 2018.


Where do you stand on Tottenham’s transfer activity so far?

Poll closed August 9, 2018.
  1. Not good enough, we need new signings

    11 vote(s)
  2. Fine, our current squad is good enough to achieve what we want

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  1. antony Active Member

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    Forgive me Josh (or not!) and this is slightly off topic, a topic where you make some valid points, but as a 58 year old (old fart if you like) I view Twitter, face book, instagram, face-ache,
    look-at-me type of platforms for the masochistic, sadistic and narcissistic! And other than every 4th Thursday in the month (Madam Louisa in Hoxton) I have no such time for this behaviour!
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  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    In relation to the article and the poll/survey I was wondering what those that said No think this current squad are trying to achieve?
    Because at best it's Top 4 as it couldn't win a Title when no 1 turned up and had peaked
  3. antony Active Member

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    I agree, Its a fair question! Our current crop does not have the strength in depth, dare I say quality to become EPL Champions. Our chance (circumstances based) passed in 15/16.

    Would the 3 factions be happy with a Woolwich (2007-2018) type contribution?

    Faction 1: Enic. Answer Yes!
    Faction 2: Poch and staff. Answer. No! Not now we have come this far.
    Faction 3: Us! The fans. Answer. As (2) above!

    You strengthen when at you strongest if you have any ambition to continue to progress/challenge. The very least I personally expect is a stela signing (as I have said about a dozen times previously) the likes of a 60-70mill, Martial, Zaha or Pulsic or someone very, very similar!

    We have 8/9 days to see just how ambitious we are!

    Silly analogy, which you don't have to agree with by the way!! You buy a 1963 Mk 2 Jaguar that needs restoring. A once beautiful motor car back in the day.
    You spend a lot of time and money bringing the (oxblood) leather interior and the gun metal grey exterior paint work back to its former glory/status but you then decide due to budget to... leave off the spoke wheels!!

    Why bother!!
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  4. Big fran Guest

    Watched last night's game and after a poor first half we were very promising 2nd period. Not going to talk much about the so called senior players but llorente was god only awful. Moura was very quiet and GKN shown moments of real promise.
    Of the youngsters KWP has a lot of work to do positionally and reading of the game with his pace often getting him out of trouble and needs a really good season long loan out somewhere to unlock his undoubted potential.
    Enyoma at centre half looked decent and assured but Georgiou at left back looked very good going forward and on defence but this season probably be too soon for them both. Marsh struggled to make his mark on the match.
    Amos again put in another steady display keeping things ticking over nicely but very safe and his range of passing will need to improve for me. Oliver Skipp on the other hand was the pick of the bunch ahead of his years. He reminds me of steffan Freud in the way he hunts the ball down, pinching balls and covers the ground so quickly but he seems to have the range of passing that Amos at the moment lacks and takes the game by the neck more akin to a Gerrard or Keane etc. Hope to see more of this kid and given our injury woes combined with lack of signings I think we will. Levy again rubbing his hands at the small whiff of the scent of money to be saved.
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Pochettino now bemoaning the early close of the window....

    If only someone had let him and Levy know about it maybe they could've I don't know - actually planned something?

    This Victim card that Poch likes to play is pathetic
  6. Big fran Guest

    Do we even need new players given we can afford to give our 8 World Cup players the first game of the season lol
  7. Big fran Guest

    Apparently united have now moved their search for a CBk towards Yerry Mina from barca and Colombia interesting to see what that means for Toby..
  8. antony Active Member

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    Going out on a limb here! Anthony Martial will be wearing the No: 9 shirt for Spurs before the 10th of August 2018!

    100% convinced and this is why we have yet to commit to a major signing. The ego pantomime staring Mourinho and DL as the ugly sisters will end up with Martial and Toby on the ball (see what I did there!!) for their current opposing clubs!
  9. Jim Guest

    Here's the thing, I genuinely think you are wrong.

    I was outraged when Left sacked Jol. Having been through the Sugar years, finally we had a team that had something to it. But levy was right. He's not right about everything, he ****s things up, but in the long run - he's right.

    We are a team with dramatically lower revenue than the other top clubs. We can't afford to make big mistakes, we have to minimise risk and maximise gain. That long term strategy has brought us to where we are. The examples of other clubs who again, aren't revenue giants, who take big risks are rife.

    We have the best chairman in the league, we now have the best manager in the league and we are in the process of trying to convince every young player we are the place to contact to develop into a world class player. We then sell those player after we have had the best of them, when they are at their peak but with few years left, when the market misprices their value.

    That lack of spending on transfers allows us the ability to pay wages to hold onto people like kane.

    Would I like it to be quicker? Yes. Do I want us to turn into Leeds. Most certainly not.
  10. antony Active Member

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    I hear what you are saying Jim, although I think the potential Leeds comparison far removed from this debate.

    Hear is where I am coming from. I agree Levy has done a fantastic job, along with Poch to get us to where we are on, as you say a budget, relatively speaking. An unbelievable achievement!
    An that's my point! Its unbelievable and now we are at where we are at we (Enic) have to realise the large element of good fortune that has contributed to our rise. By that I mean our buys. Toby 12m, Eriksen 11m, Kane Academy, Dele 5m etc plus Enic's reluctance to first attract and to keep these player these past 3-4 seasons.

    What I am saying is, in todays multi-billion£ industry that is football, this "approach" is not sustainable (yes I know Enic has loosened the wage purse strings and credit to them) We are, we was on the cusp (end of 17/18) of progressing, as you say with one of the top managers in the world, towards the glory, Glory days again and in my opinion Enic have bottled it!!

    We were, are? at the stage of "development" that should have seen us move on to the next level (winning trophies and becoming European contenders) to speculate to accumulate.

    By that I mean Levy I am convinced had a "get me and get rid" list from Poch back in Feb/Mar.

    4-5 deadwood out 2, maybe 3 top quality in, who would have immediately challenged the starting 11. YOU ALWAYS STRENGTHEN WHEN YOU ARE AT YOUR STRONGEST!

    We didn't and I want to be so wrong, but I believe we will rue our poor transfer business this summer far longer than just a season. Where was our game changer today against Watford?
    An that's my point, beyond the starting 11 we all know, if 1 or 2/3 are out of sorts then we struggle.

    An a top manager, does not expect and will not accept that imo!

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