Why fans are right to question the club’s transfer approach

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, July 27, 2018.


Where do you stand on Tottenham’s transfer activity so far?

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  1. Not good enough, we need new signings

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  2. Fine, our current squad is good enough to achieve what we want

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Is it any suprise this vanity project of Daniels may be a complete flop?
    Whenever Levy spends big he gets it wrong and £1 billion is a lot of money.
    I've never been a fan of having our Stadium designed around and more attention paid to a sport that will visit twice a year while there's a deal, the extra cost for minimal return to our 1st team is of zero interest to me.
    The years of planning , leaking , posturing , austerity for this giant metal toilet shaped monstrosity has quite frankly passed its sell by date before it's even been completed in my eyes and if significant funds aren't aggressively pumped back into the 1st team to acquire better players and a more all round quality squad (which I have my reservations it won't be) then we have all been sold a dud.
  2. Jam Guest

    The interesting thing about Kane is that there's probably not one facet of his game that you would consider truly sublime (penalties aside)

    What makes him special however is that he's clearly very good in just about every aspect of forward play.. finishing.. shooting.. heading.. movement.. etc. Physically you wish that he had an extra yard of pace.. but he does have pretty decent mobility to go with his good size

    Subjectivity aside you cannot argue with his numbers.. and forwards are one of the few who can be reasonably judged on the most basic statistics of goals and assists. Team honours are a consideration.. but they'll always be secondary in the ultimate evaluation of any individual

    So yes I don't think there should be any doubt.. the golden boy is clearly world class
  3. Mick

    Mick Member

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    The problem with transfers is there are very few players you could almost guarantee being a success. I would not put Zaha in that category, I am not sure he makes our 1st eleven so 60 million plus massive gamble. Slightly more confident of Martial but not sure who he replaces, Sonny,Delli? Also Moura and Lamela already there as back up for forward position. Martial makes sense to me only if Toby goes to Utd and we get him in return. The one position imo needs strengthening is a creative CM player who can get 10 goals a season (any ideas) Happy with Grealish at right price English and may develop into top player but certainly not good enough yet. Apart from Sanchez last year our success rate with big money buys is average (REBROV SOLDADO BENTLEY SISSOKO to name a few. Our most successful buys have generally been cheaper ( ROSE TRIPPIER DIER ALLI WANYAMA DAVIES ETC ) the point being Stellar buys do not guarantee success. Unless Poch absolutely sold on a player i would stay with what we have and save money for future SESSEGNON next year perhaps? No more Sissokos please
  4. Big fran Guest

    Just reading that Reo Griffiths looks to be on his way out of spurs .. How is this happening that our best young talents are leaving to go and play in other European top leagues. A club with a prestigious academy and manager allegedly notorious for bringing thru these kids.
    The kid scored a ridiculous amount of games and after similar campaigns we've seen Liverpool bring through Owen fowler sterling at similar ages and Everton also blooded Rooney at younger age. Now I'm not saying he's going to reach that level or any level at all but where is the boys chance? Last season or even this pre season no wonder the kid wants out. We are evidently very threadbare up top with Kane on holidays janssen on his way out and the cart horse up top. Notable that against Roma sterling didn't make the bench either yet the bench was flooded with young kids who were all safe midfield options. So far he's brought through winks (jury still out) KWP came in due to injury crisis with only 2 EPL games Ryan Mason sold.
    We could have a gem of a forward on our hands on Griffiths or sterling yet we will probably never know will we.. Unless it bites us on the ass.
    Remember the article the other week were Kane all proved us wrong with a decent youth record but a string of awful loan spells and a poor debut v hearts. But one man in sherwood had faith when the club were willing to sell and have him his chance and the rest is well there for all to see a 200m world class forward on our books.
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Pochettino and his famed work with the Academy.........

    Its non existent, think Winks is the only 1 he's brought through in 4 years who's a bit part at best.

    What's next Pochettino turned water into wine?
    Parted the River Thames?
    Walked on water?

    Won something? - ( gone too far there )
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  6. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Tell me there was lots of good service to him Andy, that he missed loads of chances created for him. England just do not have the quality in midfield that the likes of Eriksen and Son delivers to H. Dele, who provides service for H with us, just wasn't at races.
  7. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Transfer Window, you'd be forgiven in thinking it was Groundhog Day.
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  8. DangerHereDuce

    DangerHereDuce Member

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    Normally during the transfer window and the ridiculous hype-fest that is Sky Sports Transfer Deadline Day, I can remain pretty aloof, scoffing at the BS rumour mill frantically churning away on social media. But at this stage, I'm starting to become a bit alarmed. I thought after Poch's "need to brave" statement and then his agreeing to extend his contract, that this signalled the club were going to belt out into the transfer market early, getting their business done snappily.

    With less then two weeks to go, however - nothing, zip, zilch. Probably what concerns me most is there are not even tangible RUMOURS of some decent new arrivals.

    There's been plenty of debate on this forum about whether our recent signings are of the level we would need to improve. But at least with the signings of an N'Koudou, an N'Jie, a Son or a Moura, there was clear effort to try and improve the team - some worked out, some didn't.

    I don't think it's since we landed Van der Vaart out of nowhere (the summer of the Magnificent Seven signings a disorientated exception) that we have gotten a signing that materially impacted on the side while simultaneously getting the pulse racing.

    With regard to the debate about whether we actually need to sign players - for me, it's a yes we do,
    I'd have to say. Thinking it over, trying to decide where I come down on the matter, the thing that came to mind was watching the 1-3 defeat to Man City at Wembley. We were never in that game and I would present it as Exhibit A in the new signings debate. Despite how dislikable/risky/expensive/foolhardy it may be, this team needs more to get to that level. Man City are clearly strongest, Liverpool will improve with signing a decent defender and goalkeeper in the last 6 months, while Man U and Chelsea will surely keep spending ' till they get it right.
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  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It beggars belief that we have fans and the club itself who niether think we need more depth/quality to the squad or choose to blissfully ignore it.
    The ethos that we can't sign anyone to dare challenge the 1st team players is as bizzarre as it is defeatest.

    It seems at times no one is interested in Winning at the club.
    A manager who doesn't think Trophies improve us and treats them with contempt.
    Players that amble about in them that 'learn from the latest capitulation' and then go on to perform the exact same capitulations the next time.
    A fan base that backs this and comes up with alternative success that no one else would make a noise about (other than Scum when they celebrated their top 4 trophy).

    The club as a whole needs a massive reality check and needs to get a grip you don't get to the top of any sport being over the moon with nearly nice try.
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  10. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    So the much-mooted snatch of young Grealish looks to have foundered on the rocks of the new Villa owners not being keen to let their "star" move for anything less than £40m / Levy waiting 'til he can get him for £3.50 (OK - an exaggeration, but you get the drift) depending on which paper you read. Levy ballsing around again when he should swoop is the point: I'm not a huge fan of Grealish, so I have no urge to see him move to us, my point being - the player's perceived quality is irrelevant in this case - it's Levy's trademarked "hardball" approach again. He expects to get top dollar when selling but wants to buy at bargain-basket levels.
    Every seller looks for what he/she can make on a deal whilst not being fleeced on a purchase but Levy is extreme and not blinking, even at 11.59pm, seems to be his raison d'etre. Hold that bargain-basket bit Gords - for starters, what about Soldado, Llorente, Sissoko and the much-discussed Lamela ? quite a bit spent on those four gems for very little return wasn't there ? Well - OK - apart from them, then.
    This window is either gonna be a non-event or it's all happening behind scenes and we're in for some surprises. I know which side I'm looking at.
    Last edited: July 29, 2018
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  11. Big fran Guest

    Transfer latest. Following on from last week's comments that he's not concerned by our lack of signings thus far and assuring fans that players will be added now we hear him change his tune that there is a possibility that no signings will be made. Joke.
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  12. Enicdontcare Guest

    SPURS will never go to the next level under Enic and Levy. I can't wait to they sell up. Levy is clueless he will buy players most will be below par then he gets lucky and one will come good. WITHOUT getting very very lucky with Kane they wouldn't be in the top 4. ENIC invest in the infrastructure as they want to sell in the future that is why all players have to be sold before there 30 so they get a return on their purchase. I have watched nearly every spurs game for many years and many players are over hyped or just go missing in games for too long. I want Spurs to be the best in the world but it won't happen under these lot they are just put to fleece the fans and build up the brand to sell.COYS
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The whole problem here is that without player sales again there is no money being put into the team.
    And the problem with the player sales is that Levy wants the big bucks for our cast offs which he's obviously asking too much for or there's literally no interest in them.
    He also baulks at market value for players that would improve the side.

    In short he wants his cake and to eat it too.

    Meanwhile weve got Poch the Puppet armed with his PR smoke and mirrors routine -

    "Wor hard"
    "Try to improve"
    "Want to arrive"
    "So happy wit sqa"
    "So calm"

    Pochettino has started to p;ss me off recently, for a man of 'Principles' he says 1 thing and does the complete opposite.
    His little end of season sulk and blurb was only angled to get a payrise as far as can be seen because not 1 bit of it has been backed up, just like his promise on arrival of big trophies within 2 years which then turned to they're not important.
    Now 1 project has finished this was supposed to be the new project where Bravery and Risk was needed to win big Trophies.

    It's all bs and spin with no substance.

    It's a disgrace from the club
  14. Cheshuntboy Guest

    One of Pochettino's main preoccupations seems to be to dampen the fans' expectations - everything takes time, new players need a whole season to bed-in (even if their obscene wages kick-in from day one!), domestic trophies aren't worth winning - the list goes on, and adds up to 'Jam Tomorrow', which has certainly replaced 'Audere Est Facere' as the club's motto under ENIC.
    Other clubs sign players who hit the ground running, other clubs appoint managers who get instant results, but not Spurs, and many of our fans are so brain-washed that they're not merely happy not to win things; they regard it as something to be proud of, something that puts them on a higher moral plane than Chelsea or City fans.
    At the moment, this is shaping-up to be a seriously disappointing season, with Pochettino's habitual slow start compounded by the World Cup absentees, and it's going to take all Kane's goal-scoring prowess to keep us within sniffing distance of a trophy, the probable superiority of City and Liverpool in the PL meaning that competition for remaining CL places and the domestic cups between United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs will be fiercer than ever, and we're not very good under pressure, as some of us have noticed.
    Perhaps a 60% payrise will galvanise Pochettino into actually being the manager his fans believe him to be; 60% better use of subs, 60% more tactical nous, 60% less use of Sissoko and Lamela and perhaps this season won't be so bad - let's see.
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  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well Pochettino slithered and slipped his way through his latest press conference like an eel through an oil spill.
    When asked about his Bravery and Risk comments this was his gem of a reply -

    "I don’t know, it’s difficult to explain after a few months what I told you. The perception is the perception, what the people got from my message. I think they’re free to get what they want."

    Has the club done what you wanted?

    "I think I am working and focused on trying to deliver my job, our job. I try to prepare the team. That’s the focus and we’re concentrating on that."

    How many signings do you expect to make ?

    "Last season I told you some numbers, but this season we don’t know. I don’t know if we are going to sign or not. We’re working on that. I cannot tell you if we’re going to sign one, zero or two or three or four."

    It's this sort of concise organisation, ambition and enthusiasm that really makes me confident that the club has prepared as best they can to kick on this season.

    I mean seriously this type of talk wouldn't look out of place in the house of commons from an MP trying to distance themselves from the latest shambles.

    With Pochettino playing politician and Cullen having been wormed out from the Shadows acting like a heavy being sent round for debt collection, what sort of inept racket is being portrayed here?

    We've got 1 on deflection and another on protection while the silent dictator again hides in the background bullet proof doing nothing.
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  16. Glint New Member

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    What about the cheese room? He didn't mention the cheese room! FFS talk about leaving us on tenterhooks.
  17. bigfran

    bigfran Member

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    Let's be honest the transfer window as far as spurs are concerned has been a joke and we're close to being a laughing stock. Pochetino needs to show some bollocks now for me because he's becoming tiresome.. If I were him I'd be keeping the entire squad together now as its unlikely any replacement players can be signed in time let alone integrated into the squad. If Toby leaves which he will the money is going straight back into the clubs deep pockets isn't it. Time to give Janssen another crack likewise GKN and llorente.
  18. antony Active Member

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    We all are entitled to have an opinion whether its agreed with or not is part of the attraction of being a football fan but the one thing in common any opinion has is it comes from the passion/love and frustration we all have towards THFC.

    Not only have the past 3+ years of progression on and off the pitch been nothing short of amazing they way DL/Poch and the players have gone about it have made me so proud to be a supporter of The Lilywhites!

    If we keep Toby/Rose and maybe lose a couple of the deadwood and only add (a must) a Martial, Zaha or Pulisic (an I think we will see a stela 60-70 mill signing of this ilk) along with Grealish (I'm softening), the performances we have seen from young Amos, Skipp and I'm loving Lucas, then I believe we will have enough about us to challenge on all 4 fronts in 18/19.

  19. Big fran Guest

    Toby has gone Anthony it's just a matter of how much now with a battle of wits between levy and uniteds Woodward. There simply isn't enough time to do a deal the size of pulisic Zaha or indeed martial. We've had our pants pulled down again m8
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  20. antony Active Member

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    I am a fan of the way DL has operated and stewarded our club over the years Fran, but if Toby ends up leaving (and you are probably right) and goes to Utd without Martial coming the other way, all my admiration for DL will evaporate over night, to the point where I'd want to see him strung-up as a feature of the new stadium!
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