Why Adebayor Could Cost Spurs Dear

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, April 16, 2015.

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  1. Mattj78

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    It is rumoured that since Emmanuel Adebayor last started for Tottenham Hotspur, he has claimed £3.4 million pounds in wages and will only leave this summer for either Chelsea or Real Madrid amid claims that the striker is " happy " at White Hart Lane.

    Whilst this news will be of little surprise to Spurs fans, it certainly fills me with anger at someone who has done little to advance the club this season, but I have a much bigger fear. I fear that if we fail, again, to offload Adebayor this summer, we could be left with a real problem in the transfer market that we so desperately need to do business in if we are to stand any chance of entering the top four next season.

    Adebayor is draining our resources from a financial perspective and selling him could be key to our summer transfer dealings.
    I cannot see Chelsea signing him and am doubtful he is someone that Real Madrid would realistically look to when they can have the choice of the Worlds best strikers and certainly don't need a cash milking cart horse!!

    For any player who is not playing and has had it made clear is not part of the future of a club to come out and say they are happy, just shows how mercenary football has become. Surely playing football comes first, the ridiculous wages second, but it is clearly the other way round in Adebayor's case.

    We won't make any money on him realistically , but getting his wages off the bill is vital in my opinion.
    When you consider the other players that we may be looking to offload, the size of the potential problem becomes clearer and more concerning.

    Let's look at the players that I think Pochettino will look to try and move on this Summer;
    Adebayor, Soldado, Lamela possibly, although I think Poch may be tempted to give him one more attempt at showing if he can make it at this level, Kaboul, Chiriches , Paulinho, Lennon.
    Which of these players could we really make a profit on? Possibly none at all. We all know that Levy will balance the books at all costs and if he can't, then where will the funds come from for new players? You also need to add in to that equation the fact of the new stadium and you again start to see a reduced amount of money becoming available this summer.

    With Paul Mitchell now involved, I expect that both he and Poch will look to younger players and also bring through more from the academy , with Alex Pritchard being one to watch next season.
    I wonder what, if any role Baldini will play in the summer window? I think most of us would agree that we hope it is none at all and Ramos has given hope recently that Baldini may be on his way.

    Young players and youth will be very welcome but Adebayor could cause plenty of problems if Spurs cannot offload him. Levy is known as a tough businessman. Selling Adebayor could be his toughest test yet.
  2. Deggsy56

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    What i hope Levy has learned is NEVER to buy "Loan Rangers" again. Adebayor was arguably the worst business we did. He, like Balotelli (and others ima), play thir best when wanting a move, play their best on loan, get their deals and stop playing - hence Loan Ranger. NEVER do i want to see this happen again at our club !!
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  3. dhc Guest

    Add Townsend and chadli to that list and keep Lennon
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The blokes a Parasite just pay the twerp up n get him out of the club.
  5. I can't see Ade budging (he might start playing well since his contract would be up at the end of the season though) and I'd be surprised if Lamela was sold.
    Of the others, Soldado and Paulinho would be the ones with a huge drop in value. Lennon would be a profit and the others you listed would be close to the purchase value. I hope Lennon is kept. Dembele might want to move on since he's not being utilised to his abilities - I think whoever gets him will get a great player.

    The big questions for me: What will happen to Hugo, Verts and Rose.
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  6. Jonesy Guest

    Interesting views. I understand the Manu bashing after his season and I'm in a minority because I think he can be unplayable on his day, a real handful - admittedly we haven't seen enough of these performances and he will go soon. With all that said, I would rather have him over Crouch all day long - plus, Manu turned his back on the goons and his goal celebration for City against them was top drawer!

    Now being serious, we must sell Chiriches; Stambouli; Kaboul and unfortunately Soldado... Other possible casualties could be Lamela (if Levy can get a reasonable chunk of his inflated fee - he has been a massive disappointment); Paulinho and Lennon. I think it's obvious that we will be selling before we buy, and there are certain players that MUST stay - Lloris, Eriksen and Kane.

    Whatever happens, the club need to learn from recent windows and aim to get the business done early - ideally before pre-season (unlikely though!). IMO we need to look at a mix of targets that are prepared to put a shift in; some with potential and others with proven PL experience. A striker, Central defender, a solid holding midfielder (Mason and Sherwood's husband Nabil still need time to develop) and a winger. Reckon we have missed the boat on Schneiderlin, but Wanyama is certainly worth consideration and hopefully a deal can be struck for Mirallas.

    Oh, and how could I forget, taxi for Baldini!
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  7. dhc Guest

    I also think vertonghan has given away a lot of goals not as good as he is made out to be thankfully dier is here and he is going to be a big star at the lane
  8. dhc Guest

    Please please get rid of that fckin Muppet Townsend awful at least covered walker and together they were good wanker Townsend just puts his hands on his hips and says not my problem wouldn't even get into one of my Irish league teams
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  9. dhc Guest

    Meant Lennon covered back not Townsend for FCK sake lol
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  10. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    We should have gotten Konoplianka this Jan and get Ade on subsidized loan out. That could have changed this entire season outcome. Well, Baldini failed to deliver Evhen, while Levy blocked Ade move to WHU over player salary subsidy to what he considered a rival club at the time. In fact, Adebayor was viewed as a necessary expense, since we had no depth at striker position. Now, in hindsight, it was a waste, but no one knew how Kane would hold up back in Jan when the decisions must have been made. Adebayor benefited from this mess, good for him, bad for Spurs. That is why the policy direction not to purchase any aged star is what Levy has to adhere to. I would not blame Ade for not exiting while leaving money on the table. Footballer professional life is short, get what you can, no one will pay you a penny later when it's over.
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  11. Guest Guest

    Adebayor is cynical and mercenary enough not to move even though his Spurs career is over. His pay is a loss that Spurs have to carry, an expensive lesson learnt. It strikes me as his stupid waste of a career, his behaviour based on not-playing to the logical, not-playing end of his career. What a fool.

    Kaboul's contract runs out in the next few months, so he was always about to be off somewhere. Sadly, Soldado will never 'do it' for Spurs, and will depart at less than he was signed for. He'll play good football and score goals elsewhere. Chiriches has talent but his often poor decision-making makes him a mistake waiting to happen. Paulinho needs a move and to focus his career in a league he will apply himself in. I imagine that Lennon will sign permanently for Everton. I'd like to see players loaned to Hamburg and Brentford, return.

    I am fine with Lamela, Chadli and Dembele, who all have something. Townsend needs to be less predictable, and not keep doing the same pointless things like shoot from distance that by-pass his teammates and also don't bother defences . Youngsters like Dier, Mason and Bentaleb need to learn and should improve.
  12. Dace Member

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    Read somewhere that Kaboul has extended his contract by 12 months, an option taken by him at a lower wage.
  13. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Please no!

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