Who is DeAndre Yedlin and why he might join Spurs (or not)

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by dnoll5, August 7, 2014.

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    DeAndre Yedlin had a solid World Cup with the US national team (especially against Belgium in the knock out stage) and that performance has garnered him attention across Europe with some top clubs looking to sign the 21 year-old right back from Seattle Sounders FC of MLS.

    AS Roma

    The initial reports were of AS Roma making a bid for the Seattle native but nothing has materialized from that. Many believe that Roma wanted to loan Yedlin out to another club in Italy to develop and that this was the sticking point that caused the deal to fall through. Fan site sounderatheart.com has been all over the Yedlin transfer saga and covered it as well as anyone, but everything remains pure speculation.

    Why He Might Transfer

    The Yedlin to Spurs rumors make sense in some situations but not in others. For one, Tottenham just spent a great deal of time in Seattle and definitely scouted Yedlin from very close.

    Plus, as far as anyone can tell, the relationship with former Spur and current Sounder Clint Dempsey is completely amicable. Perhaps "Deuce" has said glowing things about his time with Spurs and Yedlin is willing to listen.

    Why a Transfer Makes no Sense

    Tottenham have a strong right defender in Kyle Walker. It looks like the MLS All-Star would be a backup at Tottenham as long as Walker stays fit. They play the game in a similar fashion, with both criticized for lacking high quality defending skills.

    Walker is only 24 and has already made 141 appearances in the Premiership and 10 appearances for England so it stands to reason that he’d be the number one choice at right back almost regardless of who comes to Spurs. According to the Metro, former Spurs and Sounders goalkeeper Kasey Keller has warned Yedlin of this possibility. He even hinted at a loan deal, which could look very similar to the one that Roma allegedly offered.

    Why it May Come to Fruition

    US television analyst Taylor Twellman’s “scoops” on potential stories concerning US players has been solid. He was the first to tweet that Landon Donovan was left off the World Cup squad, so he has precedent in breaking big stories in the US. Just today, he was among the first to confirm Donovan’s impending retirement.

    According Twellman, Yedlin would complete the 2014 MLS season with Seattle before joining Spurs. This makes sense from the perspective of both teams. Seattle will look to make a deep run in the MLS playoffs and Yedlin should get more big game experience, something he most likely wouldn’t get at Tottenham immediately. Seattle’s season could end anywhere between early November and mid-December, giving Yedlin a few weeks to a few months to rest before joining Spurs in January. Despite playing a lot of games, he might have some of the freshest legs right when holiday fixture congestion is at its peak.

    What if He Does Transfer?

    If Yedlin completes a transfer to Spurs, surely Kyle Naughton’s days at the club are numbered. I’m pretty sure this would be a welcome departure to almost all Lilywhite fans, but in order to keep cover at the position, it probably wouldn’t happen until January.

    The Stats

    Comparing players on whoscored.com, they match up nicely, but you have to take into consideration the talent level they each face on a weekly basis. Walker’s overall rating in 26 EPL appearances last season was 7.04, but his rating as a right back (he was used sparingly as a midfielder at times last year) is 7.13. Yedlin’s is 7.05.

    Defensively, Yedlin makes 0.5 tackles more per game than Walker (2.5 to 2.0), they intercept passes at about the same rate, and Yedlin fouls more. Are any of these statistics relevant given that they are in different leagues with different talent levels? Who knows, but it looks like Spurs would have a quality player in the vein of Kyle Walker is they do complete the transfer for Seattle’s DeAndre Yedlin.

    What do you think? Should Spurs go in for another exciting and youthful right back?
  2. Homee72 Guest

    Hopefully an unlikely acquisition.
    Firstly, as you suggest, he won't be first choice with Walker around. But, if we end up getting Mateo Musacchio then he can cover right back if needed. Yes, we need full time cover (and not just Musacchio, who would hopefully be first choice CB with Verts) but I really hope it's not Yedlin. Kaboul as cover?
    Also,just as a by-question, when did Walker ever play midfield for Spurs!!? Never in my recollections!
  3. Michael Guest

    Trust me when I say that if we were to go get an American right back and intend to play him as a right back then Fabian Johnson is the one we should sign. Not only is he better at defending but he is also miles ahead in attacking. This is also the reason why he was the starter for America and is nearly just as young but has spent more time playing in a better setup as a youth in Germany.

    In truth Yedlin is a right wing prospect. He has speed for days and has a great cross. That's it. I not down on him and he could become a very effective winger. But he is way behind the likes of Ryan Fredricks even as far as playing the right back position. The kid has tremendous potential and has grown since I first noticed him 2 1/2 years ago. Having the speed to make up for defending skill is great. But I cannot see Spurs taking him on and keeping him at right back.

    Fabian Johnson is the footballer we should sign next season. Because the way that guy has progressed it won't be that much longer until people really take a notice to him. A left footed right back with incredible speed and elite athletic ability with the skill to take on a player and score while having enough to get back and get the ball off wingers? Yeah...if he continues his progression whoever signs him in the future won't need a winger in front because he can do everything by himself. Except cover two players that are more than 10 yards apart. LOL.

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