Who deserves to start in the biggest game of our season

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by josh_b, February 28, 2015.

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  1. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    With our recent exit from the Europa League, fourth place looking unlikely, winning the League Cup for the second time in seven years would make this, in my eyes, a successful season.

    With the development of youngsters like Bentaleb, Kane and Mason, and this season also appearing to be the last straw for players who don't have a future at the club in Kaboul, Adebayor and possibly Lamela, Soldado, Paulinho, Capoue, Stambouli - we can only improve for next year.

    As the saying goes, however, the game is about glory - and this is exactly what we have the chance to achieve tomorrow evening.

    Team news

    Poch, again, has a full team to pick from as the team got through relatively unscathed from Thursday night in Florence.

    Given Townsend's absence from the starting XI on Thursday, I can only assume he will start - hopefully his pace will trouble the slow Ivanovic, and the attacks minded Azpilicueta.

    The only thing hindering Pochettino from picking his strongest XI is possible tiredness from Thursday - Eriksen (90'), Bentaleb(63'), Vertonghen (75').

    Other subs on Thursday will also be extremely likely to start - Kane, and Chadli, and with the reemergence of Eric Dier, I think Pochettino will favour the centre back pairing of Vertonghen and Dier.

    Who deserves to start?

    After recent performances I don't see any of the seven players we brought in from the Bale money apart from Eriksen feature tomorrow.

    Lamela has been a shadow of his Roma form, his lack of physicality has shown through, and the fact he isn't as fast as the likes of Andros Townsend really reveals these weaknesses in the Argentine's game.

    Soldado, after a much better performance in the first leg of the EL tie, was diabolical on Thursday. The attempted pass to Chadli arguably cost us the game.

    The back four on Thursday were clearly a second string defensive line - Davies, Fazio, and Chiriches hopefully won't start.

    The only other question that I think needs asking is the place of Mousa Dembele. For me, he could start in the no10 role. However I would prefer to see Eriksen there as for me, he is technically superior and is more likely to unlock a very sturdy Chelsea defense.

    Play our own game, or play the opposition?

    It will be very interesting to see how Pochettino sets the team up. In some big games, like away to Arsenal, he set us up very sturdily, to counter and hit on the break. It was effective, but Chelsea are a completely different outfit.

    I think we must set up our own way, like we did in the 5-3 performance, where Cahill and Terry were ripped apart by the directness of Kane, and Chadli to some extent, and the attacking mindedness of our fullbacks really paid off, as shown by Rose's goal.

    There is no doubt, however, that this Chelsea team could rip us to shreds. Hazard, Costa, Oscar, and Fabregas could cause us huge problems.

    Matic will be a huge loss for them - but he was given the runaround by our front 3 on New Year's Day, he was constantly being dragged out of position by Townsend and Chadli, which allowed Kane so much space, which he duly punished them for.

    I would expect, if Mourinho sets up in the same formation, that John Obi Mikel will fill this space. He is the biggest weakness in the Chelsea team, if he starts, and is somebody we must exploit.

    Finally, the high press is vital if we are to prevent Fabregas, Hazard and Costa from doing us damage.

    Expected starting XI

    Lloris, Rose, Dier, Vertonghen, Walker, Mason, Bentaleb, Chadli, Eriksen, Townsend, Kane.
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  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Thats def our best line up, starting to get the Nerves.
    If we turn up and get at em weve got a good chance, if we turn up in bottler snooze mode were in for a hammering. Considering weve snoozed the last 3 games its about time we put in a performance.

  3. Andy has Guest

    Agree that this our best line-up. Ericksen is far more effective in the No 10 role than out on the wing. I like Chadli and I'd have Townsend over Lamela any day. Bentaleb and Mason are first choice in the central midfield positions. Davies will be better than Rose in time, Walker is RB no contest. Vertonghen every time, but Fazio and him were starting to look like a good pairing. Dier is fine, and will only get better. And Lloris... Let's enjoy him being around before he gets tired of not playing in the Champions League.
  4. Ali Guest

    I'd be happy with that team though I'm not sure we shouldn't have Fazio in because of his experience. He did captain the Europa winning team afterall although Dier is the better defender overall.
  5. Jonesy Guest

    Think that is as good as it can get; possibly Dembele, but who do u lose? Bentaleb to the bench. First and foremost, the midfield need to improve their retention of the ball, far too sloppy with the passing in the middle of the park against the spammers last week.

    The bench will be important too; MoPo should have Lamela and Ade... Controversial maybe, but both are capable of doing a job against Chelski and want to prove a point. #COYS
  6. burnt Guest

    Will prob have to score at least 3 goals to get a result i.m.o .. Also Fazio is a better more experienced def than Dier , just he's slow as a turtle .. Unfortunately they both have mistakes in them , as has the not so super Jan .. Big ask really .. Very unusual for lightening to strike twice , but not unheard of .. We live in hope , as they say ...
  7. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Chelsea will be a different beast to New Year's Day and we will need to be better than we were that day to win the cup. Pace, high intensity and work rate are the key.
    The sight of Costa fills me with fear.
  8. stevethespur Active Member

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    Hoping Chelski will miss Matic alot, mikel to replace him, maybe, but they may play Ramirez and Fabregas as the Dfm's which surely means we got to go for it ! Will they play Cahill after his awful game against Kane ? We have alot of young legs in our side so lets go for it and really get stuck in ! Like the eleven picked in the article ,Dier solid, and Townsend plays well at wembley, the rest pick themselves. Lets hope lady luck shines on us too. Coys
  9. Hotspur24 New Member

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    Like the team selection. The lads need to get started fast, with high tempo sharp passing football from minute one to ninety. Im sure Fazio would love to renew his acquaintance with Costa, but his pace worries me if we play a high line. With a little guile could we get Costa sent off??? Hope the lads were lulling chelski into a false sense of security after thursdays debacle. As long as they come off having sweated blood with no quarter given, we cant ask for anymore. Bring the cup home where it belongs!!
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  10. Saracco New Member

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    I agree with the selection except for Dier. I think he has been caught out once or twice on crosses this season where Fazio has been solid in that aspect. I know Dier has pace on Fazio but in a physcial battle with Costa and the crossing threat of Chelasea I would prefer Fazio.
  11. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Agree with the expected line-up, I think Fazio is way too slow and has been making too many mistakes when not under pressure something we cant afford in this one as Maureen will be playing it tight and waiting for us to make mistakes and fall apart. Rose will definitely get the nod over Davies and will need to be at his absolute best and hopefully gets some support from Chadli.
    Mason and Bentaleb don't personally fill me with as much confidence as others but they will be the centre pairing. I also think Townsend over Lamela because as much as he likes to come inside and have a crack, Andros actually keeps his position out wide and can stretch the defence where no matter where you play Lamela he will always just come inside and play this pointless game of tiki - taka which will not work against a well drilled and disciplined Chelsea.
    Im hoping that Dembeles last showing at no 10 will convince the manager to play Eriksen in his best position and put Chadli out wide. Chadli and Kane were sensational together the last time we played Chelsea and we need goals and real goal threats and options to have any real chance here as they will easily hold and isolate Kane if he has no support. Dembele off the bench if we are getting bossed in the middle. We can win this one just spread the ball around and control the tempo and none of this sideways - backwards tika-taka nonsense get the ball up to Kane FFS and we can do this lot. COYMFS....
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Any1 else have a bad nights kip ???

    Haha havent felt this nervous in ages!

    Please dear God let it be our Day!

    COYS !!!!!
  13. big fran Guest

    I'd go lloris walker dier Jan rose. Pretty much picks its self that after fazio midweek horror show! Ahead of that is interesting. Bentaleb starts is given I would say as is probably Townsend on the right. Dembele is the quandry really because of how influential he was when we beat Chelsea last after replacing mason injured early in the game. That will mean if mason plays also eriksen will have to play wide left which is a problem with the marauding ivanovic and cuadardo which is a key area for me as is the opposite flank. So chadli could be a better option there from the left after he also destroyed these boys on news year added to the extra defensive work he adds plus physical presence at set pieces both ends of the pitch. This would obviously mean dembele plays deeper with eriksen in the no 10. In essence its one from dembele/mason/chadli to start really. Id personally go with dembele alongside bentaleb with eriksen in front. Andros and chadli wide with of course our Arry to do the business on his own up front. I'd plump also for Ade on the bench following soldado not having the confidence to walk the ball in the net midweek and Ade a point to prove. Mason off the bench giving added energy off the bench late on or in extra time to maintain the high tempo I expect us and need to set. Lamela likewise...
  14. Burnt Guest

    “ Regardless of the result today i can honestly say that i have NEVER been so excited or proud to be a Spurs supporter.

    The future is bright !!! ”

    Take note , the voice has spoken ........

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