Where's the Logic???

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, December 8, 2016.

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  1. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Here's where you don't get it, brother Felon82. You have different concept about Spurs purpose compared to club management and that is the reason for your never-ending grievances. For you the football is about Destination. You, therefore, want silverware, period. For club management football is a Journey. They have a long term aspirations that may not include any trophy any time soon. But they are aware that most supporters are exact your type, so they still try to please them. That is why they decided to get out of CL having no chance to deliver there, but ensuring maximum revenue from participation, and then turn to a "low hanging fruit" in Europa that is unusually weak this season with respect to clubs remaining in the run. Spurs can win EL. Will they? I doubt it, but they certainly can, if stars would align right for them. Should Spurs advance into knock out of CL and lose in first round the pass to EL would be closed and potential revenues from Wembley would be lost. That was the logic you are looking for. I hope it helps.

    PS: If Spurs lose in 1st knockout in EL, you will be proven right and I will eat all crows in sight.
  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Must've been murder all those miscalculated Trophies
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    As i said in an earlier post we shouldve fielded the strongest possible 11 for both and then rested players for Swansea.
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Come on Spurporter every journey needs a destination, surely the whole point of being a Proffessional Football Club is to win Trophies?
    We're not minnows dreaming here we are Tottenham Hotspur we Should be aiming for Silverware properly every year.
    How many fans have been brainwashed into this 'journey/transition/patience' mantra?
    Spurs 'supporters' actively encourage failure by forever making excuses for it and see participation for revenue as a success.
    Thats how Starved and warped our fan base has become.
    The fact i regularly end up having discussions like this is Because I want to see us win things and believe that the Club ownership is happy lining its pockets at the fans expense and delivering the bare minimum back.
    This 'journey' might be what a lot of fans like to make out is great but its just a dead end year after year.
  5. S-P Guest

    Well, we, yeah... that's kinda the purpose of the anecdote. They spent the best part of thirty years micro-whinging every miniscule Ferguson made that they disagreed with so that, if you listened to them you would never have realised he took them from complete and utter mediocrity and turned them into the dominant force in English football for two and a half decades.

    The implication is that...
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Please dont tell me Poch is on the verge of the same?
  7. S-P Guest

    That is still not answering it! The Swansea match is irrelevant - there was a week (give or take) between the Chelsea game and the Swansea game. No-one realistically talks about games that far apart as being a situation where players need to be rested and squad rotated. I suspect you know that and are pursuing it as a means to avoid answering a question you don't want to answer. Usually with a gap of this length it is seen as a boon, an opportunity for a tired squad, playing a couple of games per week, to get a bit of recuperation. We only talk of resting players and squad rotation when a team has to play games in close proximity - like Monaco followed by Chelsea.

    It is simple, really. Having had something of an injury/suspension crisis the manager didn't feel like he could play his best available 11 for both games. Coming at the end of a busy schedule, and being aware of such things as peak recovery time (if you don't know look it up) the manager looked to mix and match first choice and squad players. By doing so he hoped to keep players fit and healthy whine endeavouring to get results. It was a tough call, even with all of our players fit and a preferred 11 playing in each game with a big break in between each one (a luxury we didn't have) we wouldn't have been favourites for either game. The margins were small, especially against Chelsea. It was disappointing, /of!

    You need to move on, because I have supported this club for a long time and I tell you now we are in a better situation than we have been in for decades. And you are in danger of missing it all with your micro-whinging and inept second guessing. Even believing for one moment that your tactical and in game decision making skills dwarf those Pochettino doesn't have apparently (so you tell us), if you were managing that squad and played best available eleven for such high pressure games, in close proximity, the physical and psychological fitness of the squad would be a shambles in no time!

    So no more coping out: especially given the injury issues, the accepted wisdom is that we couldn't play our first choice available eleven for both the Monaco and the Chelsea games. You are complaining about the 'weak' team played against Monaco. So do you think it would have been a better option to play a weaker team against Chelsea? Because that is the implication of your gripe and argument.
  8. S-P Guest

    I didn't.
    You don't know.
    For the sake of the argument it is a matter of scale - both managers have seriously improved the club they inherited (Poch has actually improved us faster than Fergie did at United - which you would know if you had been about at the time). Both the United fans in the anecdote and yourself miss this in your desperate need to micro-whinge and second guess every decision. I was going to explain this but didn't imagine for one moment that anyone would fail to see that this was implied in the post.

    Well done, you spectacularly missed the point :)
  9. S-P Guest

    You say pot-at-to and I say pot-at-to...

    Individual brilliance or slack defending, the fact remains that we completely outplayed them in the first half, only for morale and momentum to flip in their favour due to one moment just before half time :)
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Jesus im not doing this again with you S-P where you ask questions they get answered and then you harp on about a load of nonsense n then ask the same question again because the clear answer didnt satisfy your new way of going round the houses with it.

    At the end of the Day the Decisions you so want to defend didnt pay off either way did they?

    Poch chose not to give us the best chance possible to beat Monaco, he did this in favour of saving our best available side for Chelsea n lost both, if you gamble then at least make it pay off but it didnt.
    If the league was deemed more important than CL participation then why battle to obtain EL ? As this surely cant be more important than the League and will hinder it?

    I would like us to have a real go at the EL but we wont we'l be fielding second rate teams in it and bemoaning the effect it has on our league form on return, its a played out routine. That has no logic to it other than to maybe make a few more quid with zero end product regarding success.

    Go on S-P ask your question again......
    Last edited: December 9, 2016
  11. S-P Guest

    Only that is not what happened!
    You had the choice of two answers that made sense within the context discussed. You just gave an answer that is totally meaningless within that context. I explained that above. You clearly just wanted to whine without actually considering any of the replies - so should have disabled answers.

    Frankly, you come across as ill-considered and entitled.

    You are speaking to yourself from now on as I won't be attempting (forlornly) to debate anything with you nor reading Your replies. And if I recognise anything as being by you before I start reading - I won't be reading.

    Boo-hoo, I didn't get the result I wanted once, probably because my expectations are off the stratosphere. I know, I'll take to the Internet and whine about how incompetent professionals who are about forty levels above me are and evade any attempt at meaningful debate. Thanks for wasting my time!
  12. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    He absolutely is, while "on the verge" is an excellent way to reflect the caveat. I think Levy was looking for Wenger (in Tim first and later in Poch), but I do not exclude the Ferguson analogy, as MP may have that potential. There was a reason why Sir Alex met with Pochettino and his crew. That is why I am rooting for Mourinho , sort of. Because when Mou is canned the Poche is next to take over Old Trafford. I also hope Levy wouldn't allow that, but I was wrong before with Levy.
  13. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    He-he, you just proved mine point... Never mind, I like your work here anyway. BTW, what's your life destination? Mine is death as far as I know.
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  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Im hoping to live happily ever after with S-P
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