Where the Title Chase Went Wrong….and Right

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by dnoll5, May 3, 2016.

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  1. dnoll5

    dnoll5 Member

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    First off, as it has been said before on this site and countless others, Spurs didn’t lose the title, Leicester won it. Plain and simple. But oh what could have been! Here are some of the key moments that Spurs let a potential title slip from their grasp and a few where, quite frankly, Tottenham were lucky to get the points.

    The ones that got away…

    8 August 2015 at Manchester United

    Spurs played a great game to start off the season against a favorite to fill a top four spot at the beginning of the year. Tottenham controlled great portions of the game, but a Kyle Walker own goal (on a hustling effort and through little fault of his own) cost the team two valuable points.

    13 December 2015 v Newcastle

    This one hurt. A stoppage time winner for a team that was battling mediocrity and relegation all year long. This one stings and stands out as the biggest disappointment of them all. Two points dropped. Actually, check that. All three points dropped.

    13 January 2016 v Leicester

    With two cup ties sandwiched around this one, Spurs picked the wrong games to emphasize while Leicester rested key players for the FA Cup matches. This six point swing is the point where you could start to actually see Leicester doing it. Gut wrenching.

    5 March 2016 v Arsenal

    After a loss to West Ham in their cup final, Spurs turned their attention to the Gunners and had them right where they wanted them after a Harry Kane wonder goal. But Spurs lacked the edge to put away 10-man Arsenal and Alexis Sanchez tied the score. This was two points dropped in the most terrible way possible.

    5 December 2015/25 April 2106 against West Brom

    Simply put, even with the other dropped points mentioned above, title teams don’t take only two points from West Brom. Win these and it’s a different story completely. It reminds me of the way that two draws against Sunderland prevented Spurs from a top-4 finish a few years back. Some teams (and managers) just have your number I guess, but you’ve got to beat these teams if you want to hold the cup.

    Perhaps we deserved less…..

    4 October 2015 at Swansea

    Spurs came back from a goal down twice to salvage a draw at the Liberty Stadium, but perhaps this was a game that they should’ve lost. After all, giving up 11 shots to a hapless Swansea offense proves that this wasn’t Tottenham’s best effort and an away point was maybe more than they deserved.

    14 February 2016 at City

    Yes, we were in great form at that time (winners of four in a row), but I would’ve been satisfied with a draw and a great display at the Etihad. Instead, it was scintillating. The game of the season for me and a well-deserved, if unexpected three points.

    2 April 2016 at Liverpool

    Playing a fluid Liverpool side at Anfield as they get amped for Dortmund could’ve gone a lot worse. Besides Spurs and Leicester, the Reds were the in-form team at the time and getting a draw at Anfield is never a bad result.

    But, as they say, this is football. Sometimes you get an absolutely magisterial performance against a big side and play sloppy against a lesser team. It happens. Spurs will learn from this and the fire will burn deeper next season when this experience pushes them to the top. COYS.
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  2. graham Guest

    You have missed the 0-0 draws v Everton , Chelsea , Liverpool at home . IMO we were the better team and these are games Leicester seemed to win 1-0 .
    Plus 1-1 draws away at Everton and WBA when we battered them in the first half and turned around
    1-1 at half time .
    But I never thought we would be in the top 4 . Hence to moan would be hypocritical .
  3. dnoll5

    dnoll5 Member

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    Like you, I didn't want to complain and list them all as it would seem like sour grapes.
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  4. burnt Guest

    2 nil up against Stoke , finished 2- 2 , early in the season .... They're loads of if onlys I'm afraid and what makes it worse is we were better in 90% of these games but who would have known it would cost us the League .. Looking back now it was our greatest chance but that only developed as the season went on and the others struggles became more and more apparent .. Ultimately every time we had a proper chance to get to the top or really apply the pressure , we blew it unfortunately and as for the last couple of games , well the less said about them the better .. You started off by saying , we didn't give it to them , they won it , well I'm not sure to be honest , we certainly should have made them sweat a bit more I.m.o .... If it was anybody else we'd deff be saying , lol they botteled it and going by what we've seen over the last few weeks you'd have to say on the evidence shown , even if we had made it to the top we prob would have wobbled , now that would have been excruciating ....... Hopefully we,ll learn from it and come back stronger , we,ll have to because it will only get tougher .... C.O.Y.S ......
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  5. Greaves Guest

    At the start of the season all of us would have taken 2nd/3rd...... Assuming we see off Saints and/or Newcastle, we are 2nd.

    One team...US....took the title race to May.

    Chelsea celebrated as if they won the league..... major power shift!?

    Next season imo we will be better and in the race for 1st again

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  6. Cheshuntboy Guest

    It's no good - I'm pleased for Ranieri, and don't begrudge Leicester their day in the sun, but we well and truly blew it, and there's no way round it. We gave ourselves a mountain to climb by starting so slowly, and shot ourselves in the foot by playing too many first teamers in the EL (and then bizarrely played a weakened team against Dortmund); we seemingly prioritised the FA cup over the league when we played Leicester three times in a few days, and won the wrong game (which Ranieri seemed pleased about in his post-match interviews), and we've dropped so many points from winning positions that it's heart-breaking - this could and SHOULD have been our year, and I don't share the widespread view that we're bound to do better next season - you have to take your chances, and I doubt we'll get a better one any time soon.
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  7. burnt Guest

    Of course it's true , we would have been over the moon with 2 nd or 3rd at the start of the season , in fact I'd say 99.9% of us would have taught that would be a miracle , but this season didn't develop into an ordinary season .. No one in the galexy could have predicted what has happened over the last 10 months and thats what yee ( the people who say we would have been delighted with 2nd at the start of year ) are overlooking ... This was no ordinary season and while it's a great achievement by all involved to be where we are , it certainly developed into a massive chance to win the title ... For God sake Leicester City are after winning the Prem Lg ............ C.O.Y.S ......
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We can look back through the season and see where we couldve/shouldve done better but all Titles are won/lost buisness end when the pressure is on.
    When we needed to adapt we didnt, when we needed 3 points we didnt get them and Leicester did.
    The cups 'strategies' baffle me every year and its always to the detriment of the league. Happens every year half hearted attempt at all master none a complete waste of time and energy.
  9. A/town spur New Member

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    Hope the likes of Eriksen signs a new contract and build on this season new right back someone better than lamela (not saying he's bad) defensive cover for dier and dembele and a striker wouldn't sell anyone boys put in a he'll of a shift this season praying we finish above the Woolwich the fans and team deserve it top team in London forever COYS
  10. burnt Guest

    On a different note , Leicester and Athletico have shown up and punished the flaws in the modern 4 . 2 . 3 .1 , system in a big way this season ... I'm not saying I'd like us to play like that all the time but there's more then one way to skin a cat ... Will be interesting to see will more teams follow suit over the coming years .... C.O.Y.S .....
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  11. Kevster Guest

    Leicester had few enemies, no grudge derbies, no European campaigns and when it came down to a two-horse race, every single one of the 18 Premier League clubs and their players, staff, fans, managers and even some officials wanted the "fairytale" - few sides wanted to spoil the party and every club wanted to play their very best against us, to "do it for Ranieri"

    How were we ever going to compete against such global opposition? I watched all of Leicester's last 10 games - hardly any side seemed to want to win after going down to a Mahrez or Vardy goal. Yet Spurs faced a cup final every game (Stoke excepted). We stood no chance really.
  12. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Sad but true Kevster....

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    [Quote = "Kevster post: 10760"] Leicester aveva pochi nemici, nessun derby Grudge, nessun campagne europee e quando è venuto giù per una corsa a due, ognuno dei 18 club di Premier League e il loro giocatori, il personale, appassionati, dirigenti e persino alcuni funzionari hanno voluto la "favola" - alcune parti hanno voluto rovinare la festa e tutti i club hanno voluto svolgere il loro meglio contro di noi, a "farlo per Ranieri"

    Come potevamo mai andare a competere contro tale opposizione globale? Ho guardato tutti ultime 10 partite di Leicester - quasi nessun lato sembrava voler vincere dopo essere andato giù ad un obiettivo Mahrez o Vardy. Eppure Spurs affrontato una finale di coppa ogni partita (Stoke escluso). Siamo rimasti davvero nessuna possibilità. [/ Quote]
  14. guesty Guest

    I think pretty much every team can point at games that they should have won...the fact is if you drop points you drop points. there's nothing in the rules that say if you are leading you should win. ...the fact of the matter is that you have to score more goals over 90+ minutes.
    in too many games we didn't score (more) from the possession or chances we had. that is something to work on for next season. if you don't score enough the other team always has a chance. put them to bed and the game is over.
    Stoke away is one of the toughest games of the season....but we just did our business. more of that please.
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    I agree with you.
    i am an italian spurs' fan and believe me it's hard time for me: everyone in Italy told me the same words: "for a good football ...it s right Leicester champion like if Spurs Champions would be a "disgrace" for the World..."....we had all against!
    i think Foxes deseved to win the Title but We had all against!!
  16. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    - There will always be games that you should have won, like all but one of the four we've lost, Wet Spam, where we didn't show. These will be compensated by those we perhaps should have lost, albeit they are so few and far between in this season of all seasons

    - For me our season turned on just one key home match, Leicester . It was the mother and father of must win matches - and if you don't win it, don't lose it.

    We can all do the mental sums for that loss. I've done it a thousand times. At the end of the day you have to beat the best to be the best. Leicester were that team and we failed.

    That we have been a delight to watch is true. Fans across the globe know us as a fantastic, great to watch, young, fit TEAM. It may not be job done yet, getting that runners up slot, but once we do it will be a just reward to all concerned - fans, players, MP, DL....lets do it Sunday lads.

  17. Three points from the first four games including draw against Leicester if we had won those games if if if if.
  18. Big fran Guest

    What about Aaron Lennon equaliser for Everton v us?
  19. johnnyhrvat Guest

    I would have been satisfied with top five at the start of the season, and after the Leicester away game, a top half of the table finish was looking doubtful. We were awful in that game against a side liable to be battling relegation at the end of the season - wonderful thing hindsight.
    I thought where we really lost the title though was our game in Dortmund. Our mentality changed from being able to win everything to being selective about what we won - in the end we won nothing.
  20. Feri Guest

    I am a season ticket nolder for over 20 years but this season due to some personal problem only mange to go three times includings 1- 13 December v Newcastle 2- 13 January v Leicester 3- 5th of December v Wes Brome. My family & friends think that I am a bad luck for the team.
    I am planing to go to WHL this weekened. Shall I go or stay eway?
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