When was the last time you saw a Spurs player kiss the badge?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, October 22, 2014.

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  1. Josh Bolton

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    Often considered fickle in the world of football, where loyalty to club and contract is often short-lived, players’ laying their lips on their current club’s crest is now a rarity - especially for Tottenham Hotspur.

    Cast your mind back to the last player who kissed the badge of our beloved club; think you know the answer?

    If my memory serves me correct, it was Jermain Defoe who last participated in this action. Defoe kissed the badge in a final farewell to Spurs fans after our 1-0 win over Everton in February 2014, before departing to Toronto FC.

    To delve even deeper into the memory, to remember the last player to do this, before Defoe, is a tricky task and one that I myself am unable to answer.

    Although the very notion of ‘kissing the badge’ may seem like a fan’s naïve dream that a player could love the club as much as they do, it’s the qualities of; leadership, loyalty and passion that come hand-in-hand with this very act of kissing the crest.

    Just as Spurs current stars have locked their lips tight when celebrating, it’s easy to argue that they have also been void of the three qualities stated above – something that provides us fans with serious worry and anguish.

    Tim was right y’know

    For all the stick given to Tim Sherwood, it’s fair to say that the man did sing some home truths about the club, truths that were in definite need of saying.

    To go back to January this year, after beating Crystal Palace 2-0 at home, Sherwood said: “I am not saying they [the players] haven't got character, I know it is in there, but I felt they were looking around at each other too much, instead of someone saying, 'I'm the boss, you come here, I'm pulling you around' which is what they need to draw the best from individuals.

    "We're all in it together and you can't do it on your own. If you know your mate is on your side it gives you a lift."

    Nine months later, with hindsight in hand, how spot on was, and more depressingly is Sherwood still!

    After the delay in Pochettino’s appointment of a captain and the adverse reaction from a hefty number of fans, including myself, it’s a bleak, but honest assessment to say that there are now, no leaders at Spurs.

    For Jan Vertonghen, a player who has flirted with the exit door since our inability to qualify for the Champion League, to be considered for such an important role as captain, truly sums up the predicament at WHL.

    Passion sold and devotion drained

    The lack of passion, or for the sole purpose of this article ‘badge-kissers’ on the field, can only translate to what we, as fans, feel is the mood upstairs in the boardroom.

    Just as we feel that there is a lack of pride and love for our football club from the players on the pitch, those responsible for recruiting these players are duly held responsible for harnessing this atmosphere. The continued silence of ENIC does nothing to suggest that they, like us fans, have the best interests of the club truly at heart.

    From what seems like a lifetime ago, I remember writing an article titled: ‘Selling our soul for a long term goal.The article suggested that we were selling our British soul, in favour of foreign exports, who would take this club to the next level – how wrong could I have been?!

    Regardless of the talent we have in our side, what I would give to have players like Parker, King, Robinson, Defoe, Van der Vaart, Crouch, heck even Dawson back at the club!

    Minus King and Rafa, the rest of these players weren’t world-beaters, but they were players who would; relish big games, seem visibly hurt after a defeat and would give 100%, even if they were outclassed by the opposition.

    The only modern player who has come close to any of these figures is that of Lewis Holtby.

    Fan favourite Holtby was never given a fair-crack at the club, his passion and pride of being a Tottenham player was merely redundant to those in charge. Big wages for someone out-of-favour was a no-go in Levy & co’s eyes, meaning he had to be shipped out.

    It’s a stark reality of our club, and football in general today, that we are not prepared to pay more or sacrifice money for players who are on high wages, but show hunger on the field – such as Lewis Holtby.

    No excuse for lack of leaders?

    Despite a lack of players at the club who’s roots are embedded in English football or even Tottenham Hotspur, there are no doubt, players in the current squad who have been considered ‘leaders’ at least one point during their footballing careers.

    When you look at players like; Lloris, Vertonghen, Chiriches, Kaboul, Adebayor, Fazio and Stambouli, it’s evident that the club has made a concrete effort to sign players who have, at one time or another, captained a football team.

    Out of the players listed above, how many would you want in our side when we are facing another capitulation? It’s a question of whether you could trust these players to rally the troops and get us moving up the gears, when the chips are down.

    Leadership qualities these players may possess, but they have to voluntarily display these qualities consistently when we are in a time of need - one of these moments being the 4-1 defeat to City on the weekend.

    Youth of today, legends of tomorrow

    Whatever the season has in store, Pochettino’s main aim is to restore pride at White Hart Lane, telling fans in his first interview: “We will try to give everything to make you proud of this football club.”

    And with the inclusion of many youth graduates in the squad, this may be possible.

    By including the likes of Townsend, Bentaleb, Kane, Mason and even Rose to an extent – these are players who have grown up through ranks at the club, and know what it means to play for Tottenham Hotspur FC.

    Whatever their faults may be as footballers, during their careers at Spurs, they will have the club’s DNA ingrained into their footballing brain.

    So players of Spurs, both young and old, I ask you this: if you are not going to pucker up and peck that proud cockerel with your parted lips, the very least you can do is – pull up your socks and give your all for the mighty Spurs.

    And if you do that, we’ll love and treasure you for an eternity.
  2. David Guest

    You have to score first before you can kiss the badge and we are not scoring goals as freely as days gone by.
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  3. GARDY Guest

    Nicely written mate.. i think you're spot on.
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  4. Dubaijim Guest

    Chadli v Southampton - after his assist, he kissed the badge when he was on the half way line just before Soton kicked off again. He may not have scored, but that boy seemed to celebrate his assist....
  5. Horny Helen Guest

    badge kissing is overrated. I don't recall greaves, mackay, Gilzean, England, etc kissing badges. Yes football has changes the world is their lobster now days and they all strife for CL football. We have made appalling signings over tha last few years since Harry went and still we sack the mangers. Paulhinio, Lamella, Soldado, were all mistakes and you can add a few more. 36 million, 26 million and 18 million, fecking joke and a disgusting peice of transfer policy. get rid of Baldini and possibly levy.
  6. billysboots Guest

    Helen Lobster or Oyster!! or are they all legends in thier own lunch times.
  7. dts ma 7.2 Guest

    Where are the dave mackey's or danny blanceflower's, they are earning to much money to love spurs.

    to busy kissing there own arses.
  8. Horny Helen Guest

    WHOOPS big freudian slip there on my last post. Of course there is nothing wrong with vadge kissing, in fact I insist on it, assuming it is done proffesionally boys. :)
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  9. Mattj78

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    I agree Josh that there is a lack of passion but it is not just happening at Spurs. Personally I hate to see players kissing the badge because it means nothing at all. The days of loyalty are a long way away now and only the odd players remain committed to one club, namely Ledley King. The issue is widespread in football and there are too many foreigners, too much money and football long stopped being a game and is merely a business.
    People like Mason are a god send because they have come through the ranks and want to fight for the team they grew up supporting. Most players like Mason never make it or at least end up in the lower leagues and that is where English football has gone wrong. Just look at the German players in the German team - many of them play in their home country.
    Well, that has certainly cheered up my afternoon!!
  10. Mac Guest

    How can you question passion?theres no answer levey tears the squads apart far to often like a spoilt child looking for a quick fix, the expection of failure is embedded on the squad you sack your manager your team failed but did they thats the real question? after the martin jol > ramos and redknapp > avb it's obvious to see who's failing and who lacks passion, ENIC not the team.
    Passion comes with stability we never had that and whilst enic are in control, we'll never get that.
    I'd rather spurs play great football in front of 50 people then substandard in front of 60 thousand thats passion, but if the supporters satisfaction doesn't appeal to the board in ways of revenue the'll take the money side albeit the proformance any day.
    Fake supporters run our club.
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  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Bang on Mac.

    There is no inspiration coming from the board, their ethos is watch the pennies and sell your best.
    Unless there is a driving force demanding success and putting the effort in to achieve it from the top down then you end up with this just happy making the numbers up atitude that is deep rooted in Spurs at present.
    There is no passion because theres nothing to be passionate about hoping for 6th is not success!
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  12. The Cockerel

    The Cockerel Member

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    Cannot agree with all this 'kissing the badge' business. Players show their passion through their performances, week in, week out. Talking about gestures, I personally enjoyed Nacer Chadli's 'index finger across lips (silence!)' gesture when he stuck the 1st goal in at the woolwich. MP's interview yesterday was interesting in many ways, particularly when he spoke about instilling a winning mentality at the club. Remember it took him a second season to really get the saints playing the way he wanted them to. We will have to be patient (again!) while he sorts the squad out and chucks out those he doesn't fancy.
    Finally, regarding Super Jan and his hints about playing Champions League football at another club (maybe), I refer you to Chris Waddle's comments on 5 Live last Saturday after he was turned inside out (once again) by Aguero for the fourth goal, " Champions league football, he must be dreaming!".
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  13. Mattj78

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    Kane kissed the badge tonight!!! Deserves his chance now. He plays, he scores!! He might not be everyone's cup of tea, but he scores goals.

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