What's the Strategy for Leicester?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by dnoll5, January 6, 2016.

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  1. Big fran Guest

    What kinda **** u schmokin out there RAM haha
    All jokes aside tho its fair to say that the club is unrecognisable from the Alan Sugar regime where Klinsmann was begged to return and save us from almost certain relegation and did so with willingly and with such aplomb despite him being in the latter of his superb career.
    Think one or two of us do forget that at times conviently of course but we all want the same end goal which is to win title's ...
    Just hoping that levy can deliver the two maybe three players we need to do so in particular a forward. Hk is out on his feet and will be asked again to lead the line again today. Personally I think a forward should have been brought in before today with a view to start and get 90 mins under belt for the league campaign but that's just my opinion.
    Our entire season hinges on that HK doesn't suffer an injury,loss of form or even more fatigue which is likely given the amount of hard yards he puts in.
    Be interesting to see if Andros and Berahino start for respective clubs today.
  2. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Ramos it is of course obvious to all that with your extensive football knowledge and enormous brain that you could have been a remarkable football manager, so why didnt you ?
    Please tell us more about your extraordinary self.

  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    If we do not achieve top 4 this season it will be a huge failure on everybodies part in the club, dont think any of us have witnessed poorer Utd, Liverpool, Scum sides in the last 10/15 years, Chavs having imploded and an aging Citeh side.
    I would love us to add a trophy aswell and there is no reason other than ourselves that we cant.
    But we NEED attacking options upgraded as a neccessety in this window to ensure we have tried our best.
    First time in a long long time we have a solid spine and balance but its the goals that will let us down in the long run.
    With Kane on 11, Alli on 5 then its slim pickings from the rest, an injury or dip in form to either and our genuine goal threat has dissapeared and with it our Opportunity.
    Striker and pacey forward needed with some players moved on and what was budgeted for berahino this is not gambling with the clubs future even if by chance we fall short, but at least the club has shown it has given its all to achieve something which is all as a fan i ask for.
  4. Big fran Guest

    Well well well what an almighty f##k up!! Berahino plays and scores an is now cup tied!!!
  5. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    just seen us linked with Jordan Ayew which is not going to happen in this window but at the end of season when the villians go down I wouldnt have a problem with us having a look at this player who has a lot of potential and looks keen.
  6. Big fran Guest

    Not sure on that one nonats... Not ripping trees up at villa really.
    Austin got left out yesterday so could be an option.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Alexandr Kokorin would be a geat addition imo, 24 yrs old club/european/internatiinal exp, a very respectful goal and assist return, big and quick, very much in the mould of Harry Kane so an adequate stand in or play alongside.
    And best of all hes out of contract in the Summer apparently.
  8. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    No one ripping up trees at villa at the mo so point taken there, I think he's netted 5 from 12. I watch a bit of Villa and this player has some talent and a good shot on him. Def not saying he is our answer and im also interested in Austin but I think this kid will be a decent option come end of season.
  9. Big fran Guest

    Read about this fella's contract situation yesterday and wonder if a deal similar to the one with lewis holtby could be done..
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  10. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    'Extraordinary', indeed...;)

    To be fair, though, @notnats , that IS a decent question... to which the honest answer is that I decided to opt for a life in the world of magic, instead...After all, I am multi-faceted, don't you know. :cool:

    Because whilst I am madly passionate about football, and more accurately THFC, magic has been something that has truly changed my life!

    ...But ofcourse, had I chosen to use my EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE and DEEP UNDERSTANDING of the game, in the professional ranks, I would've been one of the greatest young managers/ coaches of my generation...of that there is no doubt!!!

    As it is, I am, now, merely one of the most brilliant football minds never to of managed in one of Europes Top 5 leagues...:cool:
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