What's the Strategy for Dortmund?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by dnoll5, March 16, 2016.

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    Alright, this is the game that could define the intentions for the rest of the season. Or maybe not. What are Spurs to do?

    At first blush, it appears that Spurs are dead in the water as far as the Europa League goes. They are down 3-0 to one of the ten best sides in Europe. It’s over. Tottenham should send out their academy players, take the pasting Borussia Dortmund are sure to give us, and be on our merry way out of the competition. They should focus on the Premier League where they’re only one good weekend away from putting real pressure on Leicester.

    But that’s not how Maurico Pochettino works, is it? Sure, he sent out a weakened squad last week in Germany, but he probably expected a 1-0 loss instead of the comprehensive three-nil shellacking that Spurs received. It all sets up for a difficult team selection on Thursday at the Lane.

    What should he do? Fielding a strong eleven that can go head to head against Dortmund is probably what we’ll see. The paying customers at White Hart Lane have paid to see a competitive match, so that’s what I think we’ll see. Mauricio isn’t a white flag waver.

    But he should be waving the flag wildly if the score line is still 0-3 to Dortmund at the half. Dortmund have given up 25 goals in 26 games in the Bundesliga, so Spurs snatching three in the 90 seems unrealistic, but three in 45 is bonkers. It’s not going to happen. Make all three substitutions at the half (my recommendations would be Dier, Kane, and Lamela/Eriksen) and call it a day.

    Now, if Tottenham snag a goal before the break, my money is on Pochettino going all in. Crazier things have happened, and we’ve seen what a surging, confident Tottenham can do. A two goal (or less!?!?!?) deficit at the break will really get the team believing. After all, to dare is to do, and I think that Mauricio will take that motto to heart.

    Of course, in retrospect, we shouldn’t even have to deal with this as a weakened team would’ve likely been enough against Villa, but we are now faced with this reality. And the reality is that Dortmund are the best team left in the Europa League (Villarreal and Sevilla might have something to say about that) and Spurs should be 100% focused on Bournemouth and three points on Sunday if they have made no dent into the aggregate score by the time the half time whistle blows.

    Projected line-up:
    Lloris, Trippier, Alderwerield, Wimmer, Davies, Dier, Mason, Lamela, Eriksen, Chadli, Kane.
  2. johnnyhrvat Guest

    Agree in principal. I cannot see Dortmund playing as well as they did last week - they really should have put six past us.
    Some fans are worried about injuries - we will suffer more injuries playing stupid international friendlies next week than we will playing competitive club games.
    Your forward line looks a little weak though - put Onomah in for Lamela or Chadli to strengthen it a little.
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    The match was lost when Poch waved the white flag in Germany.

    No point in chasing a 0-3 deficit even IF we got 3 back the tie goes into ET.

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