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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, December 24, 2014.

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  1. Josh Bolton

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    Although we should be inclined to focus on what lies ahead for the club, the figure that is Gareth Bale never seems to escape our, or even solely my attention.When the club went kamikaze under Sherwood last season, I frequently glanced over to our Spanish counterparts with feelings mixed with jealousy and pride.

    With the mass-media coverage surrounding Spanish football and Real Madrid, escaping the ever-growing success story of Gareth Bale is proving harder to ignore. But Bale is back in the British media again, unsurprisingly, as stories swarm of a proposed £120m move to Manchester United.

    Louis van Gaal only had to refuse to discuss a United move for Bale, for the papers to be awash of breaking news of ‘van Gaal confirms Bale discussions with CEO’. It’s obvious that United’s boss sees the football media as a circus to be made fools of, but what would it mean for us if Bale did come back to our shores in the red of Manchester United?

    Bale to follow in footsteps of Fabregas?

    Cesc Fabregas caused uproar amongst the Woolwich fan base when he left the Camp for the Bridge - to join a club he had expressed distaste for when at the Gunners. History will tell you that there is no loyalty in football and it wouldn’t surprise me if Bale ended up at Old Trafford – whether it was now or in the future.

    Fabregas and Bale share similar stories, as they were the young golden-boys for their North London clubs. It could be argued that if they stayed in the capital, they would have gone down as legends for their sides. Fabregas was idolised at Arsenal, but left to fulfil his dream of playing for Barcelona – a similar dream that was also achieved by Bale when he transferred to his ‘boyhood club’ Real.

    Success was easily found by Fabregas in his first season, but as time wore on, his value to the team dropped and fans never saw him in the same bracket as Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. Similarly the same may be said of Bale, who despite a whirlwind first season, has been called to be dropped by Madrid fans in place of Isco. While in a poll on AS, 54% of Real supporters said they’d cash in on the Welshman if United paid the money quoted.

    Why would Bale then, stay at a club where he is not valued as highly in the long run?

    We thought we had learnt from our mistakes

    Campbell, Berbatov, Carrick and even Robbie Keane – those are the names of players who ultimately broke Spurs hearts. It’s never nice to see your best players leave, but to see them playing at their top form for another English club gives a whole new meaning to the term involving salt and wounds.

    It may have simply been jealousy that they (minus Keane) were lifting trophies that we could only dream of competing for, or maybe it was just the fact they didn’t give a toss that they had got where they were now through Spurs, as long as they were winning trophies. Either way, we came out worse off.

    As a result, Levy and ENIC faced backlash and thought they had corrected their errors in the summer of 2011 when they blocked Luka Modric’s move to rivals Chelsea. A year later Modric went to Madrid for around €30m – a fee that I feel is well and truly below his actual value, but at least he was doing the business in La Liga and not here in England for us all to see.

    Galacticos often go at Real

    Sky Sport’ Spanish football expert Guillem Balague believes that van Gaal and United are extremely interested in Bale, but that the Spanish club and their player are in no mood to do a deal. Even Bale’s agent said that the links between his client and United as nothing but ‘lazy journalism’, does that mean Real Madrid won’t consider selling Bale? Absolutely not!

    Madrid have a history of selling their super signings – Wesley Sneijder, Klaas Jan Hunterlaar, Angel di Maria and even Xabi Alonso have all left the club after big transfer fees had been paid to bring them in. They made £42.5m from selling Mesut Ozil to Arsenal, a deal that caused uproar amongst Los Blancos players and fans. 18 months later and the name Mesut Ozil would probably do little to provoke fans of Madrid – the club always looks and moves forward to attain the latest hot property of manager or player on the market.

    If Bale did go to United for £120m, Real will make a£35m profit on Bale – perhaps enough spare change to bring in either Reus or Aguero, or even both!

    Although it is looking unlikely Bale will join forces with Manchester United, being a Spurs fan over time will teach you to be open to the impossible and aware to the what if...
  2. Deggsy56

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    Why would Bale want to go to the Mancs when he's winning everything at Real ???? The only cups he wont win are Euro and World !!! If anywhere surely he would choose Chelsea - the only PL club capable of winning something !!
  3. Artistrunner New Member

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    Gareth Bale came from the same part of Cardiff as me . He would always feel something toward us Spurs, I saw a tweet where he claimed he regularly looks to see if Spurs has put one over on the Gunners. I do not know Gareth but I do like to believe if he were to return, he would like to come back to us! However, I think Real would be absolutely mad to let him go! Especially they Real not Barcelona are bosses there at present. Messi has always stayed at Barca.
  4. Rico Guest

    we did well to get rid of keane he was totally shot when liverpool signed only mistake we made was bringing him back cos harry was a clueless idiot
  5. xnic Guest

    Honestly I'd be disappointed if Bale left Madrid and joined Utd. LVG doing well to shut utd fans who have been saying money (city/chelsea) can't buy success (provided utd succeed).
    Really would show that he doesn't even have the balls to fight for a starting spot at his 'boyhood' club.
    Like modric case, I'd rather he leave for a different league for a cut price than to go to another club in the same league for more money.
    As for fabregas, he wanted to come back to england and to arsenal but they rejected him and instead went for his club mate sanchez. but honestly who wouldnt pick sanchez ahead of fabregas..
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  6. TommyHarmer Guest

    G. Bale is a typical modern footballer: a mercenary. He wants us to believe that he always wanted to go to Real, and maybe he did, but if Barca had come in for him, would he have said no, or would he instead have said he'd always wanted to play for them? Now the Mancs are said to want him - well they always did, but he didn't choose them last time, or else they couldn't afford him. Now the price is higher, he seems successful, and I am doubtful that the Glazers would want to throw that kind of money around, nor the ex-Franco-supporters sell him.
  7. matty Guest

    What about ...if we go on a run secure champions league football ...with the cash we get and the money made from selling all our dead wood ....BUY HIM BACK! I know its sounds like a pipe dream but if you hear his interviews regarding spurs he says how much affection he feels for us, still looks out for arsenal losing , and said that the only reason he considered leaving was because it was real Madrid with the chance to play with his hero! Also the timing of him leaving them is a bit to soon , could be perfect timing next year...dear santa please....
  8. There is as much chance of bale coming back to spurs as there is lennon scoring a hatrick it will never happen.
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  9. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Clueless idiot who got us the only two fourth placed finishes we have had.
  10. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Levy has sold all our best players because Plc means more than than the football club.
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  11. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Sanchez won't be winning the league.
  12. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Theres no doubt that Bale has a soft spot for Spurs and maybe theres a part of him that would like to come back one day but it wont be anytime soon, I dont remember what his wages are tbh but I do know they are astronomical. I hope he stays in Madrid as I would hate seeing him playing in the red. I always preffered Gareth on the left so for me he's a bit wasted on the right but with the best (arguably) player in the world already there theres little chance of a change, not that he's done too badly, why eould he leave Madrid for Manchester?
  13. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Steven, look this has to stop. Just admit the truth, its obvious that you are in love with Aaron Lennon.
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  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Bale left us in search of glory with a club that doesnt set the acceptable bar at 6th and maybe a cup run.
    Good luck to him and all that but hes gone, move on if he goes somewhere else then so be it, he is nothing to do with us anymore get over it.
  15. Mickey Guest

    I'm a Spurs supporter, but having lived in Spain, I follow La Liga as well. RM always do the same thing with the likes of Bale. They buy them at crazy money, hold on to them for 3-5 years, & then sell them on for at least a third less than they bought them for.
    Why do they do it, simple, it's to prove to everyone that they're the biggest club around.
    Bale might want to come back to Spurs, but his agent is a greedy pig, he'll want him to go to the highest bidder, as he wants what might be his last slice of the cake. His agent made 10 mil. on the last deal!!
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  16. Dee Guest

    Rednapp is clueless. He had the tools I.e modric , bale. Defoe , king etc . He had it all and he even blew a 13pt lead over the Ar*e. We can only dream of those players now . What's rednapp doing now ????
  17. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Redknapp didn't sell those players, levy did. He brought the very best out of Bale, Modric, Defoe. What he is doing now is irrelevant. If you can't see that Harry brought entertaining football to the club, victories over some of the best teams in Europe and a champions league quarter final, then you are blinkered. Harry made mistakes, of course he did, but to say he is clueless or was clueless in managing our club is simply laughable.
    What have we done since he left? Yes, we blew a 13 point lead, and some of his decisions during that period were poor, but he still brought s closer to success than we were and are now. Some people don't like Harry and of course everyone will differ in their views but you don't take Spurs from bottom two to top four by being clueless.
  18. Artistrunner New Member

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    Redknapp actually did not rate Bale, thought he played around with his hair to much and even tried to sell him. Redknapp is famous for putting his bank account in his dog,s name and little wonder HMRC got interested in that! Levy was far to clever this man and saw straight through the man who lost 13pt lead. I did not think Redknapp was an idiot but his focus was on England. Spurs need players focussed on the shirt and a manager focussed on taking us up there beyond a greatest triumphs and Mauricio i think we move is a ton better!

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