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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, July 21, 2018.

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  1. antony Active Member

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    You make a fair point Remy and Poch will improve him but right now he is my 3rd choice r/b behind Trips and KWP.

    For me, if we were offered 60m for Trips I'd reject it! 30m for Kwp, I'd reject it! 23m money back offer for Aurier I'd bite your hand off and look for a 23m r/b with potential who did not need the obvious amount of work to get him to improve as Aurier does.

    Ps: Agree about Amos and I think Lucas could well become one of the starting 11 more often than not this season.
  2. DangerHereDuce

    DangerHereDuce Member

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    Latest from the Sky Sports rumor mill is that Man Utd are in for Maguire...does that mean Alderweireld might suddenly be looking to stay put?
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  3. Big fran Guest

    Be interesting that story as far as it looks there's only united interested in Toby so is he prepared to be the lowest paid senior player in the squad for 12 months while his clause kicks in.??? Or does he lower his demands earn his place back swallow his pride???
  4. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Probably more like Utd. sick of trying to do business with Levy then anything else .. If Toby really wants out then sell him abroad unless Utd. do some sort of a deal with Martial if that's what we really want . Apparently they don't want to do business with another Prem Lg side , well we should be doing the exact same thing i.m.o . **** that idea of selling your top players to your rivals .. Top center backs are like gold dust , let them go and waste another 50+ mill on someone else rather then us strengthening them and then us pissing the money down the drain .

    Was obviously the 2022 World Cup Poch was on about when he suggested we should have our business done before it starts . Silly me , how'd I get that so wrong ......
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  5. antony Active Member

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    Said before, there is only one way Toby goes to Utd and if that's Martial comes the other way. An if I'm honest I hope this happens because I think we can survive/progress further without Toby but not the likes of Martial! He or someone very similar in style is a major part of our statement of intent and therefore our progression.

    Add Andre Gomes from Barca to that!
  6. Big fran Guest

    Just watched first 60 mins or so before all the silly substitutions take place and be it all a friendly and not getting carried away its very positive. Amos in particular looks cool composed assured strong and in the main keeps it pretty simple as it should be. Moura looks bang on point and dare I say it lamela revitalised being more decisive than show pony. Early days yet but if them two can perform at this level along with eriksen son and Kane plus alli to come back in there's a lot of good options going forward. Still need a forward and another midfield player but if we were to keep one or two I'd be confident of a good season.
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  7. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I see Wanyama's reported to be nursing yet another (or the same?) knee injury, and I really wonder whether there's any other club in the PL that carries such a burden of semi-invalids, often for year after year. King supposedly injured himself in his very first senior game, but continued more as a mascot than a player for another ten years or more, and we all know the current members of the Crocks Club, of which Lamela is chairman and Dembele treasurer, with Winks as hon.sec. I suppose the modern footballer is just too big an investment to be written-off, but when the endless cossetting of our 21st Century lead-swingers is contrasted with the speedy cancellation of the contracts of the likes of Roger Morgan, Jimmy Pearce and Peter Collins in the early '70s, it offers yet another example of how one extreme (the treatment of pre-PL players as dispensable commodities) is replaced by another (the endless pandering to the current crop of self-regarding and greedy prima donnas). Oh well, here comes another season of dashed hopes, false dawns, and all the other joys of being a Spurs fan.
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It's not all bad Cheshuntboy the club have announced that the Theatre of Cheese can convert to safe standing in 1 hour.......

    The irony of paying more for your new seat only to have it taken away
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  9. PompeyYid New Member

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    Doom n gloom everywhere, jeez! after watching us, Spurs B or C, play Roma and winning 4-1 I am looking forward to the start of the season as the rest of the first choice are back. Suppose am easily pleased.
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  10. PompeyYid New Member

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    Personally I believe we have a fantastic first team, maybe a couple of tweek's are needed to the squad, if not aok!

    A number of posters keep saying sign this and that top geyser, for big bucks, my question is - at who's expense in the first team? and will they, these top geyser's be prepared to play 2nd fiddle and sit on the bench awaiting their chance.
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  11. Cheshuntboy Guest

    We played Roma pre-season in 2008, and beat them 5-0, and what followed was the legendary 'two points from twenty-four' debacle (though at least that forced Levy to appoint a proper manager to get us out of the Ramos mess!). I'll be surprised if this season starts quite so badly, but I don't expect us to be pushing for the title either - gloomy enough for you?
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  12. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Rose past his best after the injury ..

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