What Effect could the WC have?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, July 11, 2018.

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  1. Jam Guest

    And for a moment there I actually thought you might be concurring with my post.. hehe.. nevermind

    Before I respond to your post.. ie. take you to task.. could you please elaborate on the 'monkey gland' reference?

    My apologies.. I'm fascinated.. but none the wiser
  2. Big fran Guest

    When he drops one boy oh boy does he drop one. Been a great keeper for us and think he has a couple more years in the tank yet for ourselves. I don't think it's a position we will be looking to add to in this window. Disappointed to see two pass masters in seri and jorginho sign for Chelsea n Fulham as I felt they are the type and quality of player we would be looking at. Keep seeing these Andre Gomes stories cropping up and wouldn't fancy that one bit from what I've seen.
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  3. Cheshuntboy Guest

    It's even before MY time, but the 1939 Wolves FA Cup final team were reported (correctly or otherwise) to have been given energy-boosting injections of monkey-gland extract before the match, and old gits like me still think of monkey glands (best not to dwell on their precise origin!) as some sort of wonder drug (not available on the NHS though). Much good they did Wolves; despite being hot favourites, they were thrashed 4-1 by Portsmouth, so perhaps Pochettino had better ignore my helpful suggestion.
  4. Jam Guest

    Ha! that's brilliant.. and disturbing.. many thanks

    As for Lloris.. he's long been considered a top goalkeeper.. and about as far from Gomes as you can get.. all the best keepers make mistakes.. even the great Oliver Kahn laid an egg in a World Cup final

    Hugo would be the first to tell you his form was not up to standard at times last year.. yet at 31 he's not about to fall off a cliff

    As Antony rightfully pointed out.. Lloris anchored the best defence in the EPL in 2016 and 2017.. last year the third best.. and that was with a highly disrupted backline.. no Walker.. Rose injured then a shadow of himself.. Alderweireld injured then ostracised

    In that time he's also captained his country to a Euro final and now World Cup glory

    If that's your definition of 'decent' then I'd love to know exactly what it is you consider 'good'

    As for our World Cup contingent I disagree.. they'll be knackered for sure but mentally all good.. our captain won the World Cup.. the Belgian boys had their best ever tournament.. England? well they massively overachieved.. first semi in 28 years.. Kane golden boot.. Dier won a penalty shootout.. Rose back in the fold.. and Alli? too precocious to give a damn

    I will agree on one thing.. following Spurs during a transfer window these days is about as interesting as watching paint dry
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  5. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I fully accept that all keepers make mistakes, but Lloris has reached the stage where nobody is surprised by them, which is not only damaging to his self-esteem, but reduces his effectiveness as our last line of defence. All the great keepers have had an aura of invincibility, which puts them at an advantage in one-on-ones, or penalties - the attacker not only faces a physical presence, but has a psychological barrier to overcome as well, and I really don't think Lloris has that aura now, if he ever did. Since the days of Pat Jennings (who wasn't above the very occasional error, I concede), the only Spurs keeper I've had real confidence in was Erik Thorsvedt, while the rest have perhaps had a good season or two (like Robinson or Sullivan), and then fallen apart. If Spurs could have any keeper from the current PL, it would have to be De Gea or Courtois, but I doubt if either is on Levy's shopping list (or am I mistaken?).
  6. Jam Guest

    Lloris has a presence.. he may not be as physically imposing as a Neuer or a Courtois but he exudes a calmness that is rare in a keeper

    As we all agree his form was poor during the latter stages of last seaso.. it happens.. even the big geek between the Chelsea sticks has looked decidely flakey for extended periods in recent years

    Should Hugo's inconsistentcy surprisingly continue over the breadth of next season then maybe you would have to consider he is past his best.. but for now his credentials speak for themselves

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