What are your Cup Final memories?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, March 1, 2015.

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  1. Mattj78

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    The day has arrived and Spurs are back in a Cup Final. Regarded for many years as a 'cup' team, our appearances in league and FA cup finals have somewhat diminished in recent years with the battle for a top four place taking precedence.

    But today is not about the top four. Today is about the build up to the final between Chelsea and the mighty Spurs!!! Already the sun is shining and the excitement is building.

    So, what are your Cup final memories from the past folks! It would be good to hear them in the lead up to today's 4pm kick off at Wembley!!

    1987 was a great final apart from the result. I remember watching on TV with the radio commentary on in the background, which is still much more exciting than the boring TV efforts. An early Clive Allen goal had me running around the living room and dreaming of cup glory, but alas it was not be. My picture you see on this site is from the week before the final and it gave me the chance to meet my heroes with Hoddle being the ultimate prize!!!

    It was then onto 1991 and who can forget our incredible run to the final and Gazza firing in one of the most wonderful cup free kicks of all time.
    Cup final day came around and I was up early with my brother having a kick about in the local park before settling down to watch the build up on Grandstand. This was back in the days where cup final build up started at 9 in the morning!!

    Spurs started brightly but Gazza seemed possessed that day and of course ended up injured and being stretchered off. In reality, he shouldn't have been still on the pitch as his high boot into the chest of Garry Parker would have seen him red carded today, as would his awful lunge at Gary Charles.
    Nayim (from the halfway line) came on and played a blinder.
    Before Pearce struck for Forest, a goal where Roy Keane rugby tackled Mabbsy to the floor and should not have stood, Lineker wrongly had a goal chalked off for offside. A penalty miss also and I just felt it was not our day.

    Thankfully I was wrong and Paul Stewart scored with a low drive to the right corner and in extra time, Des Walker put trough his own net under pressure from the legend that is Mabbsy!!!
    Seeing Mabbsy collect the cup and the thrill on his face was a truly beautiful moment. The cup was ours again!!

    The league cup final against Leicester was a pretty drab affair and was notable for the acting skills of Robbie Savage. Down to ten men, this was a game that would turn on tenacity from the LILLYWHITES.
    Thankfully Nielsen headed home the winner and the league cup was ours. I don't remember a great deal of the final as I was rather inebriated, but I know we won!!!!

    Further cup finals against Blackburn and Man United ended in disappointment before our last Cup final in 2008 against today's opponents.
    Spurs were underdogs as no doubt they are today, up against the multi billion pound squad of Abramovich, but Spurs had no intention of lying down.
    Under Juande Ramos, performances had been sketchy to say the least and I wasn't over confident about the result.
    Jonathan Woodgate however had other ideas and he met a lofted ball with pure strength and will and was first to the ball and it dropped, almost in slow motion across the line and it was King Ledley that lifted the cup once more!!

    And so the 1st of March 2015 has arrived.

    In the words of Hot Shot Tottenham 2015' " Ledley all the goals are gonna be for you!!!"

    Let's hope so folks.

    Please share your cup final memories. COME ON YOU SPUUUUURRRRSSSSSS!!!!
  2. Two words: Ricky Villa.

    I am sure those who saw the match will recall that this was the replay, and that in the drawn final the previous Saturday, Ricky Villa looked the saddest man in the world when he was subbed.

    History has a way of repeating itself. Wouldn't it be so ironic if the winning goal today was scored by Soldado?
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  3. houstonyid Guest

    I was there for the Gazza goal and at the final. I remember it being very bittersweet 'cos it was Gazza's last game and he was in hospital by the time it finished. He 100% got us to the final. Best I've seen pull on the lillywhite shirt in my 50 years of support.
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  4. only commentary ,sky box not payed for ,dancing white and black screen,,,last painful minuates...the words ,les Ferdinand ,les Ferdinand,,,,,,,,,,,, N...E...I...L...S....E....N ! ...what he say what ? ...yes yes oh dear god yes ........ C O Y S
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  5. stevethespur Active Member

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    Remember being at Wembley for the 1981 replay and Ricky Villas amazing goal. Spurs fans took over Wembley for the replay as it must have been difficult for Man City fans to return to London in midweek. The old Wembley was always a bit too big to really enjoy a game, you needed binoculars to see the other end of the pitch ! What stands out for me that year is the semi final replay, we'd travelled to Hillsborough and drawn with Wolves, then they announced the replay would be at Highbury ! We bought tickets for the North Bank ! Had never stood in the gooners revered North Bank before, it was similar to the kop End at Anfield. It was a fantastic night watching Garth Crooks get the first two goals, then Ricky Villa a peach of a shot. Spurs fans loved that North Bank end that night. Goals and fans must be on youtube, check it out, 1981 Highbury Replay. Coys
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  6. Deggsy56

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    Going to Wembley for the '91 FA Cup Final winning and coming home on the train with Forest Fans. Gasgoine going off injured was the best thing happened that day !! never rated him myself !
  7. Feriedoun Guest

    I have been to many cup finalas. We won , we loos and all was good but for me yesterday's game was very special . For the first time I went to a game with my six years groundson and that was above all the win and loos. Passing the Spurs flag to a new generation of my family. COYS

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