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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, July 4, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    A quick question for you Burnt how much longer is acceptable in your opinion without Silverware???
    With all the buildings in place and according to some the best manager to have ever lived a squad that can't be improved on and now a window where he's been backed with 'potentially' world class players surely all the ingredients are there if all this is true??

    So how much longer should we all patiently wait before serious questions need to be asked?

    10 15 20 years????
  2. burnt Well-Known Member

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    See this kind of terminology doesn't do you any favours Felon . Just because people don't always agree with you doesn't mean they think everything is perfect either , far from it .
    Name me one person on this site Or any other for that matter who would state that Poch is " The best manager to have ever lived or that this squad can't be improved on " .

    That's a difficult question to answer . Nobody's entitled to win anything . Winning the trophies that matter is very difficult now more then ever with all these financially doped clubs around but you know that as well as I do .
    Now as far as domestic cups are concerned , well we have different views on them and I respect yours and others opinions on them but I don't see it the same way . Winning a domestic cup competition wouldn't do much for me if we weren't in the top 4 . Now I don't mean to open a can of worms here with the so called " top 4 trophy " debate . It's been done to death already . I can only tell you how I see it while respecting others see it differently . I.m.o and in the opinion of many others , the way the game has evolved through the years does mean that top 4 is more important now then winning a domestic trophy . Now whether I or anyone else likes that is irrelevant really , it is what it is . I'd like to think we could win a domestic if we really set our minds to it but we prioritize the league , Europe and top 4 before them and that's perfectly understandable i.m.o but again I will reiterate that I respect that others don't buy that at all . Now I'd be hopeing that given time , and a good enough squad overall we could have a right cut at them in the long-term . Every other team that has been a regular top 4 seemed to be able to achieve this so I'm still hoping that will be the case with us eventually . This of course could very easily go the other way with us not being a regular in the top 4 and it certainly looked like this is the way we were heading last season unfortunately . If this ended up happening , perversely I think it would mean we'd probably have a better chance of winning one of these trophies as things stand . Our squad just isn't deep enough to take everything on at this moment but again I know you don't need me to point this out to you . So for me , answering your question is very difficult given all these variables . Whether that is acceptable or not comes down to one's opinion on the big picture I suppose ...
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    If the years of penny pinching and now the 1bn stadium and however many hundred millions we're in debt for isn't for the purpose of winning trophies then what is it for ???
    To make money for owners that don't pump it back in aggressively enough to make us winners?
    There has to be a point where as a fan you have to ask where is the Silverware?????
    Else what exactly are you supporting a buisness venture ?
  4. burnt Well-Known Member

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    “My personal feeling is that starting my sixth season, I need to lift a trophy. Carabao Cup, FA Cup, Premier League or Champions League,” Pochettino told reporters on Friday (via Sky Sports).

    “I am not saying it is time. I don’t want to put pressure on the team or the club.

    But if you ask me personally, this season is not about finishing in the top four to be successful – although of course maybe that matters for the club.

    “But for me, it is about winning a title.

    “If not, after last season’s final, to be again in the top four and reach the semi-final of the Carabao Cup, it is like, ‘Come on!’

    “You are always there but you cannot touch the glory. That is personally – me. My personal target, objective, aim to be successful this season is to lift a trophy.”

    Well there you go , straight from the horses mouth . Looks like the time for excuses is over ...
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  5. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    What? How about Moura? No good for PSG either? You know well that they purchased Neimar. They must had sold players to finance that purchase. Neimar leaving Barca was a godsend for us. We will get Dybala in January not because the player has been deemed useless for Juventus, but thank to Ronaldo who has by far more influence in Turin than you and Felon82 in North London.
    Juventus will win a trophy or two or maybe none and I know that the model many want to follow. It is the most expensive way to build a winning team. And it is risky and unreliable. It will never happen at THFC regardless who owns the club.
    Just stop worrying about trophies everybody. Once Levy and ENIC decide to sell Spurs a few will be in the cabinet. Just wait. It is not far off.
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  6. Cheshuntboy Guest

    You obviously know more about PSG's finances than I do - I thought they were a moneybags club comparable to Manchester City, and the idea that they had to sell Moura to Spurs in order to pay for Neymar is surprising - hadn't he been a bench-warmer for most of his time in Paris? As for Lo Celso, they bought him as a kid, gave him a first-team run and then sold him to Betis for a fraction of what we're supposedly paying (option to buy next year, or obligation? They're very different things) - isn't that the very definition of 'not good enough'? As for Dybala in January, I'll believe it when I see it.
  7. Big fran Guest

    Surely nobody actually thinks levy made a serious approach for dybala right?? Cmon lads haha a complex deadline day deal for a near on world class player with image rights issues.
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  8. P reed Guest

    first half against villa we look like the team from last year and the defence as I feared would leak all over the place.Why oh why is Lamela on the field and are Kane and Moura playing?.I hope they turn it round in the second half but having watched Liverpool and City already we haven’t got a prayer of the top four on this performance.Lets hope Celso can bring some creativity because we lack in this department
  9. P reed Guest

    Well we Did turn it round thanks to villas mistakes but that doesn’t cover up the fact that we were lacking in so many ways
  10. palmover Active Member

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    1st half, the spurs team formation pushed too many players forward inc fb's, leaving too much space especially behind fb's. The narrow diamond leaves spurs too exposed to easy counters.
    Changing to 4411 in the 2nd half, made the team play better, the problem was that all the good chances fell to sisoko whose finishing is woeful. Luckily Tanguy and kane came to the rescue. Thought kwp and rose played well, Tanguy showed glimpses and scored a nice goal. Still wished spurs had invested in a quality wide attacker as i don't think the diamond works.
  11. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Sissoko could have had a hatrick. They should just put him to one side and practice shooting and finishing. He got in all the great positions but just freezes
  12. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    The moneybags count bags of money. Still count, though. PSG is a money making business. They had to "raise funds", like any club would to buy the Brasislian. The fact that owners put down some personal wealth to acquire the club, had never ment that they will subsidise it. That is true for Spurs as well, although THFC is more profitable.
    PSG was entitled to 20% of Betis profit from LoCelso resell. If they were not aware of what his value might be eventually, PSG would not put that requirement in thier contract with Betis, although, if you tell me that that is just a widespread practice nowadays, I wouldn't disagree.
    So, anyway, the trick with loan was to cut PSG share a little. The loan fee is part of final sell price, but not part of resell profit. The loan fee is 15 million was something Levy was to pay upfront anyway. By next summer Spurs will be obligated to pay the remaining 40 millions, as it is an obligation to buy. So PSG will get 3 million less from watever Betis profit would be. It is like 3,3 million euros. A change for moneybags for sure...
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  13. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Yes, it was another typical 'last season' performance, going behind early, huffing and puffing and getting nowhere, and then getting very late goals to give the scoreline an undeserved gloss - but it's still three points, however hard-earned.
  14. guesty Guest

    well.......Lamela, Sanchez, Sissoko and KWP still worry me....Lamela the most. I'm just not sure what he brings??

    Sanchez did okay....but really....is he of the standard we require at CB??
    KWP....okay he's young....but even so is he really top 4 quality?? ...we'll see against City!

    Sissoko .....how can someone blow so hot and cold!? ....its beyond funny how bad he can be at times....and then in the next moment drive the team on! .....but I think he will do well with Ndombele given a few games.

    If Sissoko, Ndombele and Lo Celso are Pochy's aim.....well....lets hope they gel quick. ....personally I'd keep Eriksen in there and play him behind Kane and Son (when he's back).
    That's a decent front 5.....plus Lo Celso...who I've not really seen play closely.

    I assume....perhaps wrongly....that Vertonghen and Eriksen will be back starting against City....we'll need them
  15. palmover Active Member

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    Jan being left out of the squad is a strange one, hopefully he and MP can sort out the problem as jan gives the cb's balance and is a good all round player.

    I don't blame Mp for leaving Ce out until he can commit to spurs Mp should use him as a sub.

    Mp needs to find a formation that brings out the best in the players spurs have. Playing Lamela and sisoko Lm/RM in a 4411 and Tanguy in Cm made all the players look better than the diamond that spurs started the game with. When Ce came on he switched with moura who went wide right and played near touch line stretching villa. The Fb's didn't push on they sat behind wide players waiting for the overlap like city do.
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  16. Genevaspurs Guest

    Why don't use Toby at RB ? He is the Belgian RB and we can have a very Nice back four with
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  17. Big fran Guest

    Lamela won us the game to be fair pick pocketing Grealish. Like him or not when he's fit and in form he's integral to the high press that poch likes. I don't see him playing week in and out but certainly come in handy in the big games where we see less of the ball. I'd expect him to start at the weekend again and eriksen to come in at the expense of sissoko or winks in 4 23 1 formation.
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  18. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I agree, although afraid Poch may go 3 back
    KWP, Tobi, Sanchez, Jan, Rose
    Ndobele, Eriksen
    Lucas, Kane, Lamela
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Incredibly Chelsea made a game of it Vs Liverpool for the Super Cup.
    Shame we couldn't be bothered in the CL final I cudv taken losing on pens coz at least pool would've had to work for it but watching us amble about feeling sorry for ourselves just happy we made it to take part is everything that is wrong with the DNA fabric of our club.
  20. palmover Active Member

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    Mp has said he needs to win a trophy, which is different from last season when he said winning trophies is only for ego's. I am sure someone he respects has pointed out to him that winning trophies is very important.
    The Cl final was such an uninspired performance from MP just like the previous Fa cup defeats, the players are capable but MP just doesn't know how to deploy them effectively.
    If MP plays the diamond tomorrow vs city, spurs will get ripped down the flanks, if plays Ce in CM Deybrune and silva will run past him as if he is not there. Please MP set the team up with power, pace and a little guile. Coys
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