We've plugged a hole

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, July 4, 2019.

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  1. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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  2. Big fran Guest

    If the season were to start tomorrow I think it would be a successful window given we would have kept Toby Rose and eriksen and added ndombele. Parrot and tanganga look like they can step up and Skipp looks much improved. Worried about RBk. Foyth got bummed yesterday so it's down to KWP to step up.
    However I do feel we will add sessagnon and either lo Celso or Bruno fernandes.
    A title push is unrealistic given that we haven't strengthened significantly in the front line. Like the look of tanganga and Parrot who could step up and contribute. Skipp looks fitter n better, stronger so could leapfrog wanyama who should be sold along with CCV onomah GKN.
    I would not be surprised if we end up turning a profit in this window if CE leaves.
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  3. P reed Guest

    I am amazed by spurporter and can’t believe that winning the Audi cup on penalties gets him excited.Bayern played their reserves in the first half and when they upped it in the second half we were hanging on.One thing was clear that when Foyth got injured we have no full back cover at all.I still think we will sign de Celso but we should be desperately looking for a quality defender.Of the youngsters who played there is promise from Parrot and Tanganga and Georgiou.One apology to Lloris who looked different class toGazzaniga.I am still not sure about Ali who was no better than last season and although Ericson scored he looked disinterested and is too easy to knock off the ball.
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  4. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I agree with reed and frans last comments

    I actually wrote a similar post but it didn’t get posted for some reason, I think it’s because I actually started it saying I agreed with Felon ( so someone must have thought my account was hacked :) )

    I think alds and rose are huge if they stay. We need good back up and a future plan but I think you would be hard pressed to improve on either

    CE is often mooted as looking disinterested, I am not sure if that is just his style, he consistently outruns most players and his running is always intelligent

    I wouldn’t be overly upset if it stayed as it is keeping the above mentioned three but we do need to show other teams and our own players that we aren’t standing still
  5. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Sorry, I've been sarcastic with celebration photo.
    We will finish above Liverpool, who will have a setback, we will challenge for the title, but will end up with one domestic Cup only at best. You can check post #18 on this tread, just to see how good my predictions are.
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  6. P reed Guest

    Unfortunately it looks as though aldy is pushing for a move to Juve and this will leave us with no cover at full back or centre half if Foyt is a long term injury.Tangana looks promising but not ready yet for a regular premiership place.Our defence last year creaked under pressure so what will it do if verts or Sánchez get injured.We seem obsessed with attacking midfielders which is okay but with no back four we will struggle big time.We do not seem to have a transfer policy based on needs but rather on prettyattackers.luckilythe arse seem to be doing the same.The last time we forgot defence for attack was when Ardilles was manager and that was a disasterWhy are united spending big to get a centre half as did liverpooland City.because they know you build from a strong back four.Surely we can increase his wages to make him stay and I think this is why Poch is annoyed about no input in our transferpolicy
  7. Big fran Guest

    Toby to juve... Really can't see that they already have bonnucci, de ligt and chellini.
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Let's say we keep a (half hearted) CE and Toby for another season both walk on a free next.
    Is this great for the team/club I'm not so sure.
    Toby I can see his worth, CE not so much.

    If once again the highlight of our window is keeping the same squad that's won nothing and is getting older/slower more injury prone and announcing new contracts as 'like new signings' then it's a very sad state of affairs indeed again.
    And before we get ENIC ultras bleating on about N'dombele he's a Dembele replacement!

    Are we remotely improved from last season?????
    I don't see it at all
  9. Cheshuntboy Guest

    In the space of a few days we've supposedly been seriously chasing Dybala, Lo Celso and this Lisbon bloke, the first and last in competition with United, who'd happily pay higher fees and wages to either - it looks far more like headless chickenery than a well-planned transfer strategy, and it's no wonder that the self-serving Pochettino is distancing himself from it.
    Lo Celso seems the most achievable of the target trio, but is he really that great? Didn't make it at PSG in a weak league, and has had one good season at a middling Spanish club, who want three times what they paid barely a year ago? Add to that, he's Argentinian, and we've currently got three, all full internationals like him, none of whom have seriously troubled the first team, even when given the longest settling-in period in football history (six years and counting, Mr Lamela).
    The Fulham full-back (I won't attempt his name) is apparently on the verge of signing, but that isn't the coup it would have been twelve months ago - he made no impact whatsoever in the PL last season, and we might find we've paid thirty million for someone else's Onomah or Edwards - it doesn't add-up to a refreshed title-challenging squad in my book, but after expecting success for years without achieving it, perhaps starting a season with no expectation whatsoever might do the trick - it's time we had a new Leicester in the PL, so why not Spurs?
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  10. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Just as an aside, I feel it helps to have balanced left and right hand sides, as I feel it helps at this level. So Verts is a gifted left footed player, Sonny can use his left, Rose of course. Lo Celso is left footed, so would provide further strength to the left side, giving us natural width and options. Fernandez is right footed I think, so perhaps second choice. Monied you he's contributed shed loads of goals and assists, albeit in a weak league. I'd take either....COYS
  11. palmover Active Member

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    Man.u have spent 130m on two defenders not proven at the highest level. The arse have spent 70m on an unproven winger who had a mediocre Afcon. All might turn out to be a success or they could all be flops. In the current market if you really want a player you have to pay more than the player seems to be worth hopping they will be a success. What i would add that if you really believe a player is that good and will be a success then pay the money, his value will rise.
    Ps: There is something about Pepe that makes me think he may prove to be a very good signing. Time will tell. Coys
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So 5 days left if you include today to actually show some ambition in the TW.
    Generated all that money from Sponsorship deals, TV money, Merchandise, Tickets, food/drinks, competition money etc.
    Didn't buy a player for 2 successive windows.
    Spent an eye watering amount on buildings but won't spend appropriately on the team to give us a proper fighting chance.
    What I've seen pre season is a continuation of last year's inept uncreative football and sloppy goals conceded, we play a full 90minutes barely creating any chances praying we can score off any scraps and then hit the snooze button at the back.
    With Alli out, Foyth, Dier, Wanyama, Aurier we're already stock piling the walking wounded, Son unavailable for first 2 games also.
    Again a couple of key injuries and this team is extremely bland and even with key players if they're not on their game there's still naff all on the bench to improve it.
    This is not the way to run a football club it's just a cash extraction operation.

    Worst part is that frustrations are turning to boredom , Project Con rolls on
  13. Big fran Guest

    Looks like a diamond formation with 2 up top. I wonder where the creativity is in the diamond and also don't have enough quality at full bk to give us width.
  14. P reed Guest

    watched game against Milan yesterday and I know it was a friendly but once again we played 90 minutes with hardly any chances created.This is so much like last season and without at least 2 more signings we willl fall behind Chelsea and Arsenal and man united because they have made an effort in the transfer window.If Levy loses out on Celso and Fernandes because he is to tight to spend the money then the supporters must show there disgust by boycotting games as I think this is the only way to get to levy.If the gate money goes down he will start to worry.Before the eternal optimists start up criticising me I do really hope I’m wrong and Levy surprises us all before the end of the transfer window but I wouldn’t hold my breath.Any bets on Pochettino still being here at the endothelial season?.
  15. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Yesterday was poor in terms of chances created and did indeed seem like the end of last season. Was it two shots on goal - Lucas and Sonny. As for DL spending the money, you see that we've raised the Lo Celso money to 60m Euro's compared to the 70m they want. Just spend the money ffs.......
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    This has been Spurs in general throughout last season.
    Praying we create out of nothing the 1 maybe 2 chances we get if they break for us.
    It's AvB brain damage football just hoping we can out muscle everyone.
    The rest of the top 6 even top 10 at least attempt to play on the front foot to score goals and as many as they can.
    This hard running aimlessly for 20minutes before tiring followed by stroking the ball about backwards sidewards and inviting pressure before a lapse in concentration leads to conceding is the new Spurs way .
    As it stands we are a RB and 2nd Striker worse off than last season.
    I think not, it's scandalous
  17. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I see Pochettino's been quoted as saying that we shouldn't expect too much of Ndombele in his first season, and presumably the same will apply to any one else who comes in this week - it explains why 'doing business early' doesn't happen or apparently matter, if players on several million per year are effectively allowed a protracted settling-in period with no pressure to perform from the manager (and also explains the continued presence of Erik Lamela, now starting his SEVENTH year of semi-retirement at Spurs). I very much doubt that SAF or Shankly said 'take it easy' to their latest record signings, but Pochettino's casual attitude, getting his excuses in early, tells us all why Spurs haven't won anything under him, and why they're not likely to.
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  18. P reed Guest

    Can anybody believe that levy will sell Ericson to Man U.Is there any other team in the the top 6 of thepremiership who will sell to another top six team to avoid him running his contract down.This is almost as stupid as the sol Campbell transfer in the past.I would rather he rotted in the under21s for a season and we lost the fee rather than help the red scum to finish above us in the league which is a quite possible with their signings as opposed to our chaotic transfer policy.they buy 2 defenders while we sell one and probably 2 by the end of the window
  19. Big fran Guest

    Eriksen and pogba in the same team strolling round the pitch. Masterstroke.
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  20. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Sky now says Coutinho to Spurs on loan. Poch had the player at Espanyol in 2012. Anything to make Felon82 happy, right? Well, I'd be happy as well.

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