West Brom preview, team news and expected line-up

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by josh_b, January 30, 2015.

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    After a very important game in the League Cup semifinal vs Sheffield United, I wouldn't be surprised to see Pochettino alter the lineup at all. Lloris will come in for Vorm, Rose for Davies, and Fazio for Dier, but I believe Poch will keep a very similar attack, featuring the likes of Eriksen, Kane and possibly Lamela.

    This game signals the start of a very important string of games, which features not least the NLD next week. If momentum from the League Cup semi can be built on, the mood around the Spurs camp will be positive and confidence will be high for our clash against the Gooners. It is simply vital that we win.

    Poch trying to revitalize dead wood?

    The inclusion of Paulinho in recent sides is, to me, an attempt to get rid of him. He has featured more during the transfer window than in the rest of the season - hardly a coincidence.

    He has also given Soldado numerous starts - something that pleases me, I like Soldado, he just isn't physically strong enough to lead the line - and with the possible exception of Lamela, it is approaching sink-or-swim time for most of the others we bought last summer.

    Mason yet to hit previous form

    A golden boy of this year, Ryan Mason's emergence into the first team is one that we have reaped the benefits of. However, since his injury against Chelsea, he has failed to hit previous form, having a less than average performance against Sheffield United.

    For this reason, I wouldn't be surprised to see him rested for the next few games - if only to prevent a sudden resurgence of the muscle injury. It is vital we remain injury free, and with Mason as one of our standouts this year, we can ill-afford an injury to him.

    I would like to see a defensive midfield of Stambouli and Dembele. If Dembele is willing to be the legs of the midfield, Stambouli can sit and use his wide range of passing as an alternative method of attack. So far, Stambouli has divided opinion amongst the fans, but solid performances in the next few games would change that.

    Choices to be made up front

    Adebayor's return to the Spurs team is one that has baffled, bemused and in places disgusted the Spurs faithful. However, the fact remains, we have three strikers, one of whom is out of form. Adebayor might be the only option after 60 minutes, if Kane is to be taken off. The trouble is that the Togolese international is one of our highest paid players, but simply hasn't shown the form of last season. Pochettino seems to rate Ade, but I would rather see him released than in our starting XI.

    Team news

    "Everyone is fit and that’s important for us”
    "It’s a difficult job for me to select the 18 players for the squad, but that’s my job."

    “All games are difficult so we need to continue to work hard at West Brom,” said the 22-year-old. “We lost to them at home before but now we are playing better and we know we can win away.
    “We have played a lot of games this season, often twice a week, but we have a good squad to allow us to continue in the Premier League and Europa League.

    “We showed our fighting spirit and a good mentality at Sheffield United and we showed that we always fight until the end to get the victory.
    “It was a good overall result for us but we are professionals and we will quickly change our mindsets to focus on the game on Saturday.
    “We will go to West Brom and battle like we did on Wednesday night. Every game in England is a hard game but we have to try to win and I believe we can do it.”

    Predicted starting XI

    Lloris, Rose, Fazio, Vertonghen, Walker, Mason, Dembele, Townsend, Eriksen, Lamela, Kane.

    It is very important that we win tomorrow, and come through without major injuries. The NLD should be in the backs of the players' minds, they should go out and earn the right to play in one of the most important games of our season.
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    Tricky fixture coming up tomm .. Pulis sides are always tricky to play against . Will have to play a lot better than any of last 4 performance,s if we,re to get a result here .. A very underrated and clever manager i.m.o ....
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    Lloris walker dier jv Davies stambouli mason dembele eriksen lamela Kane. Unfortunately Ade soldado and paulinho all have cost Spurs a lot of money in fees wages etc and if we cannot move them on then its poch's job to try and involve them and get some value out of them. Its impossible for Kane to play every minute and looked a little jaded in recent games. All 3 players Can do an impact job coming off the bench for 15 min or so to play thierway into the gaffers thoughts. Same applies to Andros. With new faces looking increasingly doubtful expect to see more of these guys come the period of injuries suspensions and cup finals.

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