Well we didn't Lose!

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, November 6, 2016.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So the NLD passed and the spoils were shared.

    Everyone had written us off leading up to and before kick off and after the last couple of weeks I think all of us Spurs fans were nervous.

    Nervous of what a defeat would do to us mentally and the manner in which it could be dealt to us by our bitter rivals.

    Then kick off came and 10 minutes in I felt surprisingly comfortable as we didn't look remotely overwhelmed by the Scum and were playing well.
    25 minutes in and we were the better side, Harry was unlucky with a reactive header that went just wide.

    I was most surprised when Walcott hit a thunderbolt onto the post (I can only presume he was trying to cross it) that seemed to wake everyone up.

    Then just before half time bug eyes clipped the ball in and Wimmer marking 2 offside attackers nodded home nicely in the corner of our net to give the Goons a barely deserved lead.

    Oh sh*t one thought! Are we going to fall apart? How are we going to get back into this?

    To my delight we galvanised though and 10 minutes into the 2nd half we were back on level terms, Harry Kane from the spot (how else these days?). Credit has to go to Dembele who by the way was my MOTM today for his great run into the box and drawing the foul. Dembele ghosts past players with the ball and is one of the best in the world at it, he needs to be further forward doing this much more regularly!

    Both teams to me looked a bit jaded from midweek action but both gave a good account of themselves as the game opened up. It was nice to see 2 teams going for the win rather than settling for the draw.

    A good save from Cech and Eriksen's free kick that evaded everyone and rattled the post was the nearest we came to a winner, but in the end it was a well fought draw.

    We certainly look more confident with Harry up top, like I said Moussa was immense and that's the 1st time in a while he looks to be getting back to form, Eriksen was unlucky not to score but a few times today he just didn't get involved enough, Jan/Rose/Wanyama were solid, Dier and Wimmer not so.

    The difference between the 2 sides going forward for me is that the Scum break at a better pace and more numbers something we should and could do a lot more of, which ultimately would bring us more chances to score.

    All in all it was a fair result in the end, neither dominated nor were under the Kosh. Considering the build up, going 1 down and it being Away I think we're happier with the point, Goons should see it as an opportunity missed.

    So we didn't lose which was the main thing!

    Moving forward we need to get Kane back to fitness desperately, we also need Dembele further up the pitch to create havoc and we need more numbers going forward if we are to start putting the ball in the net from open play regularly.

    We are back in our familiar spot 5th 3 points off 7th 5 points off top, still unbeaten, still drawing matches.

    Lets give those scummy Spammers a lesson and get back on track!

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  2. NorkieSpur Guest

    Still concerned by the lack of penetration up front. Walker seems to be in a run of iffy form. Wimmer is rusty, should anyone be surprised at that? Wish Poch would use him instead of Dier as central defense.
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  3. Samspurs Guest

    more concerned about the complete lack of depth on the bench....nothing to change the game .... but overall happy with the performance today
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  4. 71yid

    71yid Member

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    Too many draws recently has left me, like all Tottenham followers, feeling very frustrated but today was, i think, an exception under the circumstances. We started well, passing the ball around and played more direct and with purpose, pressing Woolwich back until they finally got a foothold.....or rather the unfortunate head of Kevin Wimmer, to go ahead but credit in the second half, we kept at it and gained a deserved point which ensures us, for the time being, an unbeaten record to the start of a season not seen since the days of that awesome double winning Lillywhite side of the early sixties. Hammers next and that should be interesting along with a trip to Stamford bridge end of the month to face that other lot we like to beat but very rarely do. Coys!
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  5. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Today in terms of tactics and performance considering our bad run of form and it being an away, the response from the boys when they went down one before the half; it was a decent shift for the squad. Alli behind unable to go definitely hurt us in terms of our attacking and creativity, Eriksen was decent I'd say, unlucky not to score when he hit the post. Great to see Kane back on the field, it gave our squad a booster and can help us regain our composure and form back. Wimmer was a bit rusty understandably but although he played the ball, those two scums were offside and made an attempt to play the ball. Bad missed call I believe. Mousa was fantastic in the middle, we played well enough to win that game. This should give us a lift and some confidence moving forward. These bad runs every team goes through it, hopefully this is the end to ours. Let's get back to winning ways!!! COYS!
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  6. guesty Guest

    the thing about the Arsenal goal is....did the linesman flag? ....surely his job is to spot 'offside'.
    in a situation like that with players moving towards the goal soo close together....how can the linesman tell if any players are impacting any other players??? ....surely that's the ref's job from his position??

    For me the linesman looks across the line and should flag Sanchez offside...as from his position Sanchez is nearer to Lloris than anyone else! ...and actually is in Lloris's eyeline. But I don't think the linesman flagged....so he clearly thinks Sanchez was onside! (wrong!)
    I can see how they allow the goal in terms of Wimmer and Koscienly...as the linesman can see Koscienly is onside when the ball is played.

    So I would expect the linesman to flag Sanchez offside...and then the ref say it is a goal because Sanchez wasn't impacting the play.
    ....so I can only assume they didn't make any decision until they discussed it (over the mic)??
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  7. johnnyhrvat Guest

    I think Poch must have read some of the posts on the preview to this game because he suddenly came up with a plan B which resembled a lot of the ideas being given on here. As early as the third minute Rose crosses and Walker is at the back post for the header - using the wingbacks properly decongested the centre, allowing Dembele to run straight into their penalty box and also allowing more space for Ericksen and Son.
    Wimmer was unlucky with the goal - if it had been anyone else in that position the result was likely to be the same. Apart from the spell at the end of the first half, the defence, Dier, Wimmer & JV really handled their attack well. JV has finally 'stepped up' - I hope it lasts.
    The future suddenly looks so much brighter!
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  8. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    - Fine margins. There is part of me that says we were the better se, with the better chances and the better player performances. Jan, Danny were good, Eriksen better, Moussa awesome.

    - My recent depression has lifted, a little.

    - 5-6-0.....would we have settled for this on match day 1. Probably. Would we like fewer draws. Definitely.

    - Echoing the views posted, our bench is Soooo thin

    - I've liked Janssen's work rate, but his touch in front of goal........

    - At last we have a plan B

    Better lads.

  9. spursforlife Guest

    Well here's a stat
    Kane has scored 23 when he and Dembele played together but when Dembele didn't play kane scored less than 5 goals.
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  10. Nomadico Well-Known Member

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    I have had to read your post a number of times Felon to make sure it was really you, for the first time in weeks you have NOT attacked the team,the club,Poch,I hope you are not sick,your report was spot on,Poch must have listened to you about the plan A a pleasant change,I hope he will follow your idea's again when the Spammers arrive..COYS
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  11. barney Guest

    feeling much better after Sunday 3 players missing plus ring rusty Kane great performance from the team hope we can build on this nothing less than a win v west ham please we owe them a good clump after last seasons away game c.o.y.s
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  12. burnt Well-Known Member

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    They didn't press us at all for 90% of the game , that made it so much easier for us I taught .. They didn't have their homework done because you'd imagine anyone watching us over the last month would be thinking , " right let's get at these from the off , get in their faces , they dont seem to handle it very well " but they didn't and under the circumstances that helped us big time I.m.o ... All in all I taught we did fairly well and could have nicked it on another day ... Same old failings letting us down at the the top end , another game without a goal from open play , what is it , one in 7 now ... We got the basics right , worked hard , got stuck in the right way so that was pleasing to see after the midweek horror show .. I have to say , I taught arsenal were very unimpressive and were there for the taking bar 20 mins in first half .. Strange enough game overall I taught , not really sure what to make of it .. In a game I was fearing the worst beforehand , I felt at the end it was 2 more points we left behind ...
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  13. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Son , well what do we think about him pulling out of the challenge with Cech near the end , and also I'd love someone to ask him why he ducked when Erikson sent in that cross that ended up hitting the post , all it needed was a touch and he actually ducked out of the way , now maybe he was trying to do something but it didn't look good at all ... Really unimpressive stuff from him and ultimately I.m.o it prob cost us the win .. Really not impressed with that kind of powderpuff performance ... The margins might be small but in the end they're the diff between one point and 3 points ... Lamela might be frustrating as hell but he certainly would never be accused of anything like that ...
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  14. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I guess Burnt I'd dropped those bad efforts out of my head. Both were poor and could have also seen Cech sent off. Shabby and lightweight.
  15. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Look Bazza , I was like everyone else here going into the game , I didn't have much faith after what we produced at Wembley during the week , and if asked beforehand would I take a draw and the performance we got , I would have bitten your hand off ... All things considered , it was a decent performance from us , but because of the midweek horror show we are all judging it from a low base .. Ultimately Arsenal were pretty ordinary and I.m.o they were very poor when we had the ball , non existent in terms of pressing and that's for me why it was a big opportunity missed ... Sons guttlessness shouldn't be excused under any circumstances , it was that type of individual performance that caused the total car crash of a performance during the week ... Leverkusen are not a better team then Arsenal , I.m.o they don't have the quality of player Arsenal have ... The one thing they did different was press us all over the pitch and for me , that was the no 1 reason we collapsed and performed as we did .... It was important to get a response yesterday and we did from the team and the manager but it doesn't and shouldn't mask the frailties that exist in this team ...
  16. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I think one thing was certain and that is that there is no issue between the players and Poch. I was worried after Wednesday that he may have been starting to lose the players but that was put to bed for me.
    It wasn't perfect but Arsenal were certainly confused at Poch's change in tactics. I was flabbergasted!!!

    Son looked like he was dying when he came off. He ran bloody miles!
    Own goal aside , Wimmer played well. Dembele was his monstrous best.
    Kane was, well, Kane. The formation allowed extra width and Eriksen looked like he is genuinely a footballer for the 1st time this season.
    Poch seemed to have listened and learned. Let's hope he, and the team take that forward.

    It's just a shame we now have to break for pesky Internationals again.
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  17. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Yes but that pesky brake Matt78 will allow Rose, Alli and Walker time to heal as well as TA. Surely they won't be playing for England because of injury?
    I was really proud of the boys on Sunday...and that's it! Very proud.
    TBF, any team would struggle with their 'spine' missing. On reflection, it speaks volumes that during that period if injury we still haven't lost. Fair play. Carry this new form into Europe please boys.
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  18. 71yid

    71yid Member

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    Ive got faith in this great club even though there are times when the chips are down. There will be blips in the future of course but the response to this is what ultimately matters and the boys did justice yesterday and pretty soon we will turn this lot over good and proper. We dont have to live in Arsenals shadow after all, we are and always will be the original North Londoners! Coys as always!
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  19. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    I completely agree, he shouldn't have pulled out. He's faster than Cech and the keeper had just slipped. Gutless! He's a quality player, but in a derby game he ought to know better. I hope the other lads and Poch get on him and let him know what does derby games mean. One play shouldn't define him, I believe he'll catch fire again especially with Kane in the squad...the defense won't overload on his side since Janssen wasn't doing much. With Mousa find his form and hopefully Toby and Alli returning, we'll be just fine!
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  20. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Not only Spurs appeared at Emirates as a formidable opponent no one expected, they were the better team more often than not. We killed Arsenal game by congesting middle because of 3-4-1-2 created dominance in midfield. We also disallowed successful pressing that was so much problematic against Leverkusen , as 3 CBs made pressing ineffective for Gooners due to ball movement away from chasers, who lost interest rather quickly. Wenger was correct stating his team was flat, but he, obviously, failed to admit that Spurs have made them so.
    I'd give Poch a 9 for his tactical surprise.
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