Welcome to the new season of Spurs kit 'leaks'

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by GarethMcKnight, March 2, 2015.

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  1. GarethMcKnight

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    About six weeks ago journalist and deputy sports editor at The Herald James Morgan revealed that an inside source had informed him that Spurs’ next kit deal would be with Nike.

    We are currently in a deal with Under Armour until 2017, but the design of some of Tottenham’s recent kits has split opinions amongst the White Hart Lane faithful.

    As such, when Morgan made his Nike revelation, Twitter erupted with Spurs fans everywhere seemingly unanimous in their support of a potential switch to the leading sports brand.

    The American company has been praised for its simplicity in designing football kits, with the home kit in the design here falling into that model.

    However, the outlandish colours of the away and third kits will surely spark debate, with no tradition or logic behind the green, black or red colours.

    Having a nice-looking football kit is one thing but it won’t change our results on the pitch.

    What would play a part in an upturn in the club’s fortunes would be a sizeable cash injection from a bumper deal with Nike, which could in turn be used to fund a number of new signings or be put into bringing more young players through the ranks.

    Just whether we will see a Nike-made Spurs kit any time soon remains to be seen, but with the club not currently able to go head-to-head with the Premier League’s billionaire-backed elite, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing if it did happen.
  2. mendes Guest

    Don't like the Blue and HATE the Black & Red
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Think Levy & Enic are interested in putting extra income into the 1st team?

    Dream on-

    If Armani were making our kits wed still be playing with a glorified swapsies budget in the transfer market.

    TV money has never been so high, sponsorship has never been so high, yet our transfer Budget is lower than promoted teams. FACT!

    As for Kit Nike are a leading brand and they do do decent looking kits, but if you have no Stars to put in them and you dont win anything then you wont sell big enough numbers around the world for it to be any help. Just more expensive for the suffering faithful who are being shafted by Ming the Penniless and his Enic Dictatorship!
  4. superspurs Guest

    generally promoted teams have to spend money to bring in players to keep them up. We spend as much, if not more in recent seasons, as the top 6 teams in the league. Just because we dont spunk £50million + EVERY transfer window little bitches like you come out moaning.

    Look up FFP ***** and realise that until we are in a bigger stadium which in turn generates more income then we can not spend £100 million every summer.

    But i'm sure you would rather support a team like Leeds that blow vast summers in the chase for Champions League and then run into money problems and suffer in lower rings of English football? or how about Portsmouth? spending beyond their means with a stadium that can not cover the wages and go down the leagues?

    People like you make me sick. its not Football Manager its a BUSINESS..!
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  5. billysboots Guest

    Blimey fella,

    do you think we can Spunk 100mill every season, do you realise how much goes into a £20mill purchase, add in another £10mill plus for a 4 year salary contract add in your greedy bastards agent fee, and your looking at £35mill, an 8mill player will end up costing 20mill. In fact Spurs havent been shy in spending money, its just (and i hate this) we have sold great players to fund the next batch in, which in truth Eriksen apart is pretty much appalling. we have made a small net profit over the last couple of years, but i bet you will be happy to sit in a shiny new stadium, Levy an co must of spent a fortune so far in just legal and groundworks. its not all about money money that you can see on the surface.
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Weve only spent money recouped from weakening our side by selling our genuinley quality players.

    Our net spend on the 1st team is non exsistant. FACT.
  7. Yiddle Guest

    Levy gave us a new training centre and invested heavily in youth development which we are now seeing come through and it looks good right? Kane, Bentaleb, Mason, Rose, Townsend and more to look forward to next season. Who's not to say the next batch of young lads will not be better than the above named? We've finally got our new stadium to look forward to, we're a business that operates very well with no debt to write home about. I like what Levy has done, I think it's been an excellent long term plan from Levy and I believe the near future will continue to produce quality from the academy. I don't want us to be a chelski, or citeh buying titles and cups, I dont want a russian oligarch or middle eastern oil tycoon to use us as his toy.
    Levy has does wonders for Tottenham, long may it continue.
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  8. The Cockerel

    The Cockerel Member

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    Some people seem to have forgotten the early '90s, or are too young to remember. We were in serious financial trouble, with the distinct possibility of going under, right at the birth of the Premier League. This accounts for why the woolwich and other clubs stole a financial and, ultimately, a footballing march on us. We were removed from the 'Big Five' table. While they were bringing in the likes of Dennis Bergkamp ( a Spurs fan!), we were pinning our hopes on the likes of the 'Ginger Pele'. We've been playing catch up since. With a new stadium closer on the horizon and a promising young manager in place, now is not the time to go blowing all our money on some glorified European so-called 'big names' who may or may not come good but who will cost us a disproportionate chunk of our budget. I don't remember too many howls of protest in Spurs fandom when we splashed £26m on Soldado, when some of us thought Benteke would be the better bet.
    Anyway, like Yiddle above, I would rather we built our club our own way even if it's a bit slow for some, than become the latest plaything for some newly minted billionaire.
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  9. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I don't like anything RED on Spurs kits, including current one.

    As for spending vs. inner development discussion, the DoF Baldini has to go first.
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  10. SpursEd Guest

    Agree with everything you've said except that we haven't sold our best players, they wanted to leave. Levy got as much money as he could for them and put it straight back in the kitty. The problem we have is that we're a club that top players want to leave. We may well be on our way to becoming a club that top players want to join but until then, we the fans will keep bitching about Levy being a tight arse.
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  11. Steve Markey Guest

    Blue and green should never be seen.
    Red on a Spurs kit Nah!!!!!!!
  12. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    Love the home, hate the others. No red in WHL. Ever.
  13. roger h Guest

    That blue abomination looks like the kit of a club that will finish 7th. Why are not all Spurs away kits a classy, traditional navy blue, as in the 20s through to the 60s? Spurs should have more pride in their tradition.

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