"We won't need to worry about the opposition"

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, August 23, 2015.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Spurs are now played 3, lost 1, drawn 2 and with other results it could be a lot worse. But where is the fast, flowing football that Pochettino in the titles quote promised?
    It was evident in perhaps 3 games last season. Versus Everton, Chelsea and Arsenal. This season it has been evident in the first ten minutes at Old Trafford and for maybe 25 minutes against Stoke. In the second half today it started to appear, but only in fits and starts.

    So what needs to be done? Firstly we have to stop this boring, negative possession football. We had so much possession today but most of that was just going across the back line.

    If we are investing and building with youth, let's give them a chance right here, right now. When Alli came on today he was quick, incisive and bold. Exciting.
    He has to start the next game. He is at attack minded and quick with it.

    Drop Vertonghen. Only poor officiating stopped Leicester being awarded a stonewall penalty. He has become lazy and disinterested. It would be taking a risk to bring Wimmer in but he can't do any worse than Vertonghen at present.

    Rose is missed. Davies is naive and gives away far too many silly free kicks. Lamela has to be dropped and sold.

    Kane showed signs of his talent today with strength and skill to set up our goal.

    Simply we must start playing the "attacking, exciting" football Pochettino promised. There have been the odd signs of it so far but it needs to be consistent.
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  2. KevMeist Guest

    I agree about LAMEla. I cannot for the life of me see what MoPo sees in him EVER. He cannot tackle worth a c**p, many passes are just NOT good or incisive. Get rid of him while he is still worth a little bit of money.

    I have never seen much in Ben Davies either...like a lumbering carthorse sometimes.

    Jan...not so sure that he needs to be dropped (although this article is NOT the first one I have seen advocating this). Maybe for a game or two. He has always struck me as a player looks like he doesn't care to try too hard, but I don't think that is it. Maybe play Wimmer and Toby for a few games.

    The first time I saw Alli...I liked him. That hasn't changed. He deserves a run out. Bring back Rose (who, for me, me had a great last season). He is so much better than the carthorse.
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  3. Wouldbebob Guest

    A good summation, but the immediate and urgent issue is to simply concentrate and stop giving the ball away needlessly in our own half. Today's goal conceded was pathetic. The lazy way the players returned to their own half for the kick off was indicative of what was to come. Davies lost the header, but no one ran with their most dangerous player and then Vertonghen failed to get tight on him. The three goals conceded in the two previous games all came from misplaced passes in our own half. Sometimes there isn't a pass on and you have to thump the ball long.

    What these things have in common is coaching failures and lack of desire. These seem to be bigger problems than individual player selection right now.
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  4. Gerry Guest

    like to know how much Baldini recieved in the brown envelope from Roma . Supported THFC for 55 yrs and this is the most boring side I have ever seen. Pocco has got his favorites and will NOT change. Still want to know what Lennon did wrong. Need some balls Like Deli ali as we have to many Nancy boys.
    Drop Jan and Dier next to Toby . Rose was on the bench last week and this . If he is not fit why have him on the bench?. He could have crutches and still be better than Davies. Really pissed of watching this team now.
    And as for MY PHILOSOPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!. It's a simple game made complicated by idiot.
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  5. Miketheyid Guest

    There will obviously be changes made but it's about time we showed a bit of patience.Less talk of style and boring football Poch has to concentrate on winning football first. 7 players already introduced to Poch squad, 4 bought and 3 loanees, a couple more buys will follow and then a team must be allowed to evolve.
    Rome wasn't built in a day nor was Fergie's great utd team of the 90's that took him 3 years to build.
  6. Ginola Guest

    About Lamela. You should get behind him! All this negative stuff about his preformance is not doing him any good. You must remember that he arrived very late this summer and id not fit 100 % and has clearly a confidence problem. Remember the end of last season he was our best player the last 5 games. And do also remember Gareth Bale. He struggled badly in the beginning. I like Lamela. The problem for me are center midfield. We need steel!!!!
  7. tony Guest

    Its a mess, we're going further back all the time , Levy must take the blame, i have watched spurs since 66 a season tkt holder nearly every yr, this is the weakest team i can remember, we got lucky with Kane last yr, cant see that happening again. Only Lloris would get in a top 4 team , and he will be sold as soon as Levy can, so how are we expected to compete ? Were charged top money for a poor product, i for one have had enough of being mugged off. Once the grounds done Levy will sell the club , hes just asset building , the fans want a side that will challenge.
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    For god sake do not compare Salmonella to Bale, Bale at the very least showed great pace and a wand of a left foot. Salmonella is poor and for 30mil is shockingly bad give us Mahrez any day over this limited weak naive scared clumsy boy.
    Its not everyone elses fault that this clown is a dud. To many excuses afforded to these sub standard players who produce next to nothing.
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  9. johnnyhrvat Guest

    Article is spot on.
    Lamela would not even make an impact in the fourth tier of English football - as soon as I saw his name in the starting X1 I was totally depressed.
    Rose is not perfect but far superior to Davies - at least he offers us width going forward.
    Jan is a total disaster who thinks he should be playing for Barcelona - delusional.
    Kane will be getting criticism for having not scored or assisted in the first three games but he created our goal here just as he created our only other goal from open play this season. His only chance for himself was when he hit the target despite the close attention of four Leicester defenders.
    I am fed up with changing managers but if this constant, pointless possession-football among our back four is the future with Poch, he needs to go today.

    Toby to Jan to Toby to Jan to Toby to Jan.
    Who says Poch doesn't have a plan 'B'?
    Toby to Jan to Ben to Jan to Toby to Kyle to Toby to Jan.
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  10. I suspect the criminal handling of Lennon, and the sidelining of Adeybour, and the sale of a lot of deadwood (destabilising the balance of the squad) is negatively affecting our club. Poch tactics, and 'man under pressure' interview yesterday evening is also a cause for concern.

    We need to buy a striker or two, and two midfield generals incl a winger, and Poch needs to improve his tactics/ speed of play, and man management of all players, but his sacking in Oct is starting to loom large!
  11. The problem for us remains the central spine at the back and in mid-field Vertongen is an average central defender and no more. Technically good going forward, weak in the air and at his best in cutting off low crosses. I agree he is delusional, comes across as sulky and needs to be dropped. I cannot understand why there is so much faith in Mason either he is a poor passer, poor tackler and his only strength for me is driving forward through the middle. We badly need a creative central midfielder a solid hard no nonsense central defender and just to throw my toys out the pram and join the negative brigade, i ain't too struck on Eriksen either.
  12. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Still have visions of Poch from last year and it was one of the few times I remember seeing him animated running up the sidelines screaming "no long ball, no long ball" he's not having any of it. no width, no pace, no searching balls, no balls. He has eliminated the Spurs out of Tottenham, this is not the way we play football and the one and only reason anyone can come up with as to why he shouldnt be sacked is because we have a history of sacking managers but having said that its not much of a reason to keep this imbecile
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  13. Roger Le Roy Guest

    I like all Spurs fans want signs of getting better, appreciating the introduction of youth will provide for the future, we must also have a backbone, Loris and Kane get us half way there, Dembele finally shows signs and I believe Mason will when fully fit. I hope the Belgium defence will, but Dier's determination might be needed for a wake up call. Chadli needs more concentration. Erikson has undoubted ability but needs to produce it more and not fade in and out. Rose needs to replace Davis asap and maybe should have had 30 minutes yesterday. Still not convinced by Walker and Trippier showed all positives in pre season. Lamela one day maybe if not up to it because of late return to squad, why have we not given Ali more game time he is hungry as he proved yesterday, Pritchard also hungry why not on bench even if only for a cameo 20 minutes he proves repeatedly he knows where the goal mouth is. We all have seen the sales and know we have profit over our buys so far. We have far more funds on top of that. I know that everything has to go through the usual prelimeries but the importance of the need cannot be wasted on time, a defensive midfielder with vision an attacker with proven premiership ability and some one on the wing with speed and goal scoring to show our present wingers what to do and if they cannot match that requirement time to ship out more. Finally Mr Poch we have proved yesterday that we can have possession up to 72 % yesterday but sometimes you really must try and do something with it. 100% possession without a result cannot be our aim. COYS
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  14. KevMeist Guest

    LAMEla has been "getting better" for two seasons. Yes, I know he was injured for part of one season. How long do we wait for him to "show his value"? Before long, we will be saying he is too old. Get rid of him.

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  15. Lamela is a white elephant, and ineffective but is likely not to be sold before Jan or next Summer, unfortunately because we are now short in personnel.
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  16. KevMeist Guest

    I'm tired of hearing this talk about "he's tired" or "he was late back to the squad and isn't 100% fit". For what these players are paid and how often they train, they should always be fit (other than coming back from an injury). Anything less is a giant disservice to the fans that either go to the games (season tickets or not) and the fans that pay cable TV fees to be able to watch games (I live in the USA, so going to a game isn't functional).

    As others have posted, constant sideways passing may keep the ball and provide higher possession statistics but is BBOORRIINNGG. No wonder that other teams are back "en masse" defending when we use a slow bus to get to their half of the field.

    Also like another poster, when I saw LAMEla on the starting 11. I groaned, my wife watched the game for a short while and then left. Get rid of LAMEla...he is HOPELESS in this league...nowhere near qualified to step on the pitch.

    BTW, I was born in Tottenham and have followed and watched Spurs for 60 years. Maybe it's time I stopped (if the games so far this season are indicative of how we will play for the season).
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  17. Vertonghen is a lazy, arrogant, petulant, cheating carthorse. He can't or won't head the ball, is painfully slow and clumsy and pathetically weak or downright malicious in the tackle. Davies is way out of his depth and should be donated to a struggling conference side to show their left backs how good they really are.
    Walker was once the best right back I've ever seen, maybe he can be again but for the foreseeable future Trippier has to replace him. Dier is a real lionhearted battler, a fantastic header of the ball, right footed with surprising pace and good distribution, surely the perfect recipe for a right sided centre back. Wimmer is similar but left footed so play him at left centre back. Danny Rose is Spurs left back, full stop. If Barcelona want Vertonghen bite their hands off, promote Carter Vickers to understudy the Centre backs, play Toby as one defensive midfield swap Townsend for Wanyama for the other, swap Lamella for Yarmelenko, buy Austin, Berahino and Lavezzi so we have a proper strike force. Tell Chadli to warm the bench for Clint as he only plays well when he's hungry for it then buy the 28 yr old Mexican captain Guardado as playmaker so Eriksen and Deli Ali can learn how to run a game for 120 minutes if necessary. Get a proper understudy to Lloris as he will get sent off when the refs start dishing out the correct punishment to mad arse keepers who can't resist poleaxing opposition strikers and the rest: squad players or move em on!
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  18. KevMeist Guest

    @goddle....I'm surprised that you never mentioned LAMEla...to me, he is by far the worst of the bunch. It's hard to believe what ANYONE saw in him for 30M (or whatever we actually paid for him).
  19. The first time Lamela came on as sub for us he looked like a 'rabbit in the head lights' which was worrying, but over the last 2 years he has not really progressed and is now a massive waste of money!!! How he gained a squad number before Lennon was criminal, and heads i.e Poch must roll!!!
  20. DbnSpur01 Guest

    I like all other Spurs supporters had so much hope that we will play to potential ..but sadly so far have been badly let down. The goals we gave away are so soft. The negative retention of ball with constant side and back passes is boring , one dimensional and plays into the opposition hands as it allows them to get so.many players back and cut off any options and allow them to double up on Kane who.for most parts is so isolated...I genuinely feel sorry for him as this style.of play will be the undoing of him as a player. Lemela may be good on the training field but sadly cannot cut it on match day....the manager should grow some balls and should drop him. Masin may not be the best or the most acclomplished..but he is.honest and tries..Chadli and Vertongen should.be dropped as they show no intent or interest..like most of the squad. Time the management make the tough decisions that will get us playing good attractive football and get the points that we need to break into the top four.
    The palyers show.no.passion on the field and for most of the time are atatic and predictable in their play..
    I still have hope....COYS

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