Watch out Moussa's about....

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, November 26, 2018.

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  1. guesty Guest

    ....same place it has always been....and always will be.
    If you are waiting for us spend will have a long wait

  2. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Another 3 points in the bag , it was hard earned but we got what we deserved in the end . We all know the pattern in these games by now , the longer ye don't score the more encouragement the opposition gets but you just have to keep plugging away . Torturous watch but a nice ending . The young lad did well overall , he'll have tougher days for sure but a nice start non the less , he's a fine big chap too for his age and already looks to have more football in him then the likes of Dier which a midfielder should have . Time will tell as always .

    So Dortmund it is in the Champs LG , not too bad at all .. A very winnable game but I'm sure they'll be thinking the same . It's something to look forward to tho . Lots to do before then tho , Everton away at the weekend , never an easy one but an important one to keep the momentum up .. I think 6 of our next 8 after that are very winnable looking home games so a big opportunity to really get motoring , in theory anyway .. C.O.Y.S ....
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    I'm waiting for us to win something and the manager to be backed

    30+ years I've been waiting.....
  4. Big fran Guest

    I don't think we will spend big in January but I do think we will sign one maybe two players. A lot will depend on moving on GKN llorente and janssen.. That will open up one or two places in the squad for a non English or homegrown player which is what contributed to no signings last window. If GKN and or llorente are moved on it could well open up a reprieve for janssen until the summer at least. I'd be open to that as I can't see any decent CFs available in this window who are also eligible for the champions league also.
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Mourinho has been sacked .......
  6. Glint New Member

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    Not necessarily a good thing...
    Increased speculation linking Poch with ManUre. Followed by speculation linking Mourinho with Spurs :( all unsettling
    ManU can only improve from where they are now with a new manager whoever that may be. They'll soon be competing for that Europa spot.
  7. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    Hmmmm …. who's going to replace him ? Hopefully someone who can continue to keep them where they are, for me Mourinho was doing brilliantly, defying the "we are Man Utd and we belong at the top" Divine Entitlement Brigade. No-one "belongs" anywhere in life unless he or she proves it and in football, even if you've won a few cups along the way, you have no right to be at the top unless you continually earn it. Otherwise the Corinthian Casuals from waaaaaay back, Bolton Wanderers, Notts County and other giants of their time would belong at the top of the PL. Might sound a bit stupid I know, but that's how I see it. Anyway - enough philosophising; the Big Question now is - is Poch in the frame ? And hopefully Glint has seen a wind-up instead of speculation - Mourinho is toxic, never was any sort of box-office as a personality and is a miserable, divisive, graceless, detestable individual. His time at Premier Club level (in the sense of elite, if I can use that word) is over. He can't be any sort of replacement for anyone at the Lane, EVER.
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  8. Big fran Guest

    We're always going to get this pochetino whilst he's not backed financially and we continue to fall short. Thats the nature of football.
    Hes going to be desirable due to the way he conducts himself, his players, doesn't moan, doesn't demand obscene amounts of funds, improves players, improves teams, his style of football and promotes young players. My fear is not just that one day inevitably he will go but its who he comes bk for. I just wish he would manipulate this situation into.. I want a new deal for Toby, for Jan, for eriksen and I want a quality cm and a versatile front man in this window. It's not a big ask but it won't happen. Ndombele and Wilson would be nice.
  9. DangerHereDuce

    DangerHereDuce Member

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    Well said Gordon MC!

    I've been getting pissed off all day, looking at social media since news of this sacking broke. So many obnoxious Man Utd fans arrogantly assuming they can have Pochettino at the click of their fingers. Fervently hope Poch tells them where to go, and that Man Utd spend a few more years in the post-Fergie wilderness, just to take their glory-hunting fans down another notch or two.

    I am glad to see the back of Mourinho at this stage though. When he first came to the Premiership, it was something a bit different, he managed to upset the duopoly of Ferguson and Wenger at the time, which was no bad thing. But over time, he has proved himself to be an exceedingly crass and graceless piece of work.

    I really do not want to even entertain the idea of Poch leaving, not at this current point in the club's development. That said, Poch has been here for 5 years, so surely his days at the club are drawing to an end one way or another. It would be wise of the club to have a contingency in place, for if/when Poch ultimately leaves. Trouble is, I have no idea what that contingency plan will look like...who on earth can Spurs look at getting, to really carry the club forward and not let the development of the last 10 years or so go to waste?

    P.S. Dear Santa, I know I haven't believed in you for a while, but please please PLEASE can Spurs hammer the Scum tomorrow, just to shut those AFTV fam blud d*ckheads up for 5 f*cking minutes?

    Yours Sincerely,
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Pochettino is/has been a good fit , right man right time at Spurs.
    He is a good coach who brings a professional hard work ethic to the team.
    Arrived when a bunch of players with potential were about to blossom and during a period when the establishment collapsed.
    Has done well in making hay while the sun shone but has also blew 2 of the best chances to ever win the league, can't get a single cup comp right, seems to always be outsmarted when it counts and hides during transfer windows.
    The praise lavished upon him is typically Spurs and perhaps untypically the media is a little OTT imo.
    If he were to go Utd who could blame him? What's keeping him at Spurs, the sell to buy budget, the player contract struggles, the projected debt, the hopes that a building will open at some point .....
    What it would do is put his top pedigree status under proper scrutiny instead of the look how well he does despite what his parasitic board hamstring him with.

    Then what for us? The ENIC cycle will have completed its 4/5 year full turn and it'll be on to the next Transition for what ever next up and coming dead horse flogger can get out of it.

    But we can at least take some comfort in self pouring pint systems and statistics to put in the Cabinet, exciting times
  11. palmover Active Member

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    I think MP would do a good job at Man.u, he could get them competing for top 4, however, i m not sure he would win anything. Man.u have enough quality players to turn it around, it's a massive opportunity for Solskar, if he gets them playing and makes top4 and wins Fa cup, he may get the job.
  12. Big fran Guest

    Who would you like to see him replaced by?
  13. Big fran Guest

    Who would you like to see him replaced by felon?
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    It's obvious Eddie Howe is the prime candidate , won f- all works with peanuts gets a tune out of a small squad.
    He will be the next puppet in the production line.
    Is he who I'd want? Not really but what else can we hope for realistically under this joke of a regime?
    No top quality manager will come in under the unrealistic restrictions forced upon them.
  15. Glint New Member

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    Even Levy wouldn't go for Howe. I'd put Benitez top of the list. He's working under worse constraints in the north-east and has at least won things.

    Very good performance tonight. If only we'd been that composed in the league game. Have to say Davies looks to be a more composed centre back than Foyth and Sanchez and less pressure on him there than at left-back other than to defend. Dele's goal and assist were sublime. Dare I say world class.
    I really can't see us (through my rosey-tinted-spursy specs) dropping points through to February at least.
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    That goal from Alli......

    That's what football is all about

    COYS !!!!!
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  17. Peter reed Guest

    great result tonight Ali sublime and Davies is a far better centre back than full back as this is where Wales play him.Sissoko another fine performance but he really must do some shooting practice.One negative without harry we do not hold the ball up very well as was proven with second goal.pity we did not get Burton but we are in the semis

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