Watch out Moussa's about....

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, November 26, 2018.

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  1. voiceofreason Member

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    What a great result .. from psv :)

    Seriously though- season is looking pretty good now. Through in the champions league, 3rd in prem and who the heck is this Sissoko geezer- all this without a home to play in


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  2. Glint New Member

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    I'd say the error for the goal falls as much to our 'set piece specialist' Ericsson unable to clear the first man in a two-man wall from a kick out on the wing. The only real negative point for me (as well as those missed chances). I'm buzzing again!
    They did the job. Sure PSV helped, but that's sport. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes not. If we'd gone out tonight it would have been due to the Inter away result and 1-1 at PSV. Saved by the post twice.
    Sissoko, Rose, Winks all stepping up tonight. Our Belgians at the back showing what they're worth in the same team. New contracts please Daniel, asap. Decent subs at the right time. A lot of belief in themselves on that pitch tonight. Love seeing that. Walker-Peters unlucky, and naive. Lets see how he learns from that mistake. Shouldn't ever do it again.
    Get through Xmas fixtures on the back of that and one decent signing in January (unlikely though). We might not win the league but with Liverpool & Man City putting pressure on each other one of them could slip up....

    Oh Spurs! You've gone and given hope again as you always do. It's a killer!
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  3. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    Quite pleased in a strange sort of way - can't explain it other than surprise I guess. Favours all round from Barcelona and PSV - who would have thought it, although one side having qualified and the other nothing to play for helped in no short measure. Barca could have put out a far stronger side but didn't and PSV could have lay down but wonderfully didn't - thanks a lot guys. That said - I was really worried when Messi decided he wanted a run-about but again, he did little. One free kick that went comfortably over, indeed it looked to me that he wasn't at all interested in where it went although I could be wrong. However - job done and much credit to the lads (Walker-Peters gets a huge thumbs up for not falling apart after his early rick, Sissoko & Winks - unrecognisable from a few weeks back) for a storming 7 points from the final three games after a miserable one point from the first three. We've had luck along the way, given away stupid goals and ridden the famed Tottenham switch-back once more. I'm not sure that'll ever change but hey, we're out of a group that, to put it mildly, at one stage looked a trifle hard to get out of and we're into the knockouts instead of the Thursday League. Onwards.
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  4. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Beautiful game, huge credit to PSV; putting in a professional performance and playing for pride. I couldn't believe it, it was a hell of a much anxiety; it has definitely taken a few years off for me. Great seeing Rose up and about, on his day....he's one of the best LB in the world; damn injuries have just held him back. Sissoko and Winks were marvelous, credit to Walker-Peters for stepping up after that blunder.

    Poch threw caution to the wind, everything including the kitchen sink was thrown out there...truly well deserved victory!!

    Keep the momentum going!!
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Hmmm , we salvaged a draw Vs a weakened qualified Barca.
    Now we played well and should've won really but again a sloppy goal conceded through ignoring a young player and then throwing them in at the deep end.
    Again the finishing was abysmal and we struggled to put the ball in the net.

    For once Poch used his subs wisely and Moura & Lamela really gave us the extra movement we desperately needed.

    We got through in the end by the skin of our teeth, thanks to making an early pig's ear of the group and PSV saving our blushes.

    Great we managed to scrape through, be interesting to see who we (go out to) draw next....

    At least it will continue us on the money train so we can boost our squad in January to give us a real chance of doing something memorable, silly me I forgot there's no one in world football that can improve us.
  6. Big fran Guest

    Wow just wow.
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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    And in the meantime the Utd game in January has been confirmed to be played at ......

    U guessed it Wembley

    Wow indeed
  8. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Haha, Felon. You're such an upbeat spirit. True, we barely scrapped's not an experience I'd like to relive for sure!
  9. burnt Well-Known Member

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    So we got there in the end , no mean achievement given our poor start . There was no end of drama either throughout with so many late goals both conceded and scored but credit to them they stuck at it and got what they deserved in the end . We haven't been at our best and our defending is really worrying in all honesty but we're hanging in there . The thing is , we're not the only ones struggling for top form at the moment , the European powerhouses are nowhere near the teams of the recent past . Now I know a lot can change quickly in this game and it's a long time before the competition starts up again but there's a huge opportunity brewing for someone in this competition this year . Look we have to get our own ducks in a row before we start thinking about anybody else but there's a huge opportunity for an unheralded team to go deep in this competition this year and if we can sort our sh1t out between now and then , there's no reason that team can't be us i.m.o . Not suggesting for a minute we go all the way but at this moment I don't see a huge amount to be terrified by but as I said we have to sort out our own sh1t first and foremost ...
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  10. voiceofreason Member

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    You really do need to change your name to ´Spurs’ Piers Morgan » I am only just realising you do this just to get a rise out of people and you reel us in. Ok I’ll bite...

    You have often mentioned our recent history and that it doesn’t matter if we have got better we just need to win something. So with that in mind why don’t you draw a line under the no transfer summer and move on to present day. To that end we turned around what was a **** start to the cl - although to be honest we were playing better in those games and deserved to win yet played worse in the pl yet won more often than not .

    We have had a terrible injury start to the season and are only now getting our good players back. We still have Dembele and Sanchez out

    I am pretty sure that if at the beginning of the summer, a simple question was asked of “would qualifying from a group with Barcelona in it and being 3rd and “there or thereabouts “ in the pl leading up to Xmas and still in both cups constitute a successful start,(all whilst playing every game away from home) everyone would have said yes.

    If you can shoehorn a negative into that then well done- however I do have complete confidence in you to do so!

    Best wishes VOR otherwise known as a fish flapping around on Felons hook :)
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    No rise to it VoR , I just see things in a different view to others.
    I see winning as a must especially in sport others who find everything else to cheer about are happy just taking part.
    The fact we've done fairly well is against the odds and despite piss poor planning or help from the board itself.
    Making the best out of a bad situation may be something others admire but I want us to be ready with a real chance of doing something.
    Barca was an important game so we set about it no differently from seasons past by giving them a 1 goal head start and then spent the rest of the match scrapping to drag us back into the tie and it's only thanks to PSV we dragged out arses over the line due to a shoddy and sloppy start to the entire campaign.
    The holy grail was CL so we could invest in better players after 3 years participation where are they?
    They're trying to push Alderwerild out instead of paying the man, where's Eriksens & Jan's extensions?
    Where's the money?
    Were taking part were not competing, great if that's your thing but don't critique wanting more as negative on the contrary it's positive.
    We've done well all things considered but the lack of depth , uncertainty about players futures , throwing kids in important games will stop us from winning anything again this year.
    That's where my frustrations lay and view comes from.
    And I can't be extatic about a draw unlike many desperate souls.
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  12. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    Well, Sissoco was great against Barcelona. That's in case you forgot the article you're commenting on. Moussa became a true utility performer. A rare breed nowadays. He can play any MF position: offensive, defensive, right or left. And now he proved to be effective as a wingback. COYS!!!
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  13. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Who'd have thought we would EVER see him in a good light Spurporter, certainly not me. It was he who drove at Inter's left side, passed to Dele for Erikson to seal the win and he was again strong in Barcelona..... If only he could put the ball in the net occasionally...
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  14. voiceofreason Member

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    I agree. Thought he was brilliant. He seems to be doing the same as the other Mousa when it comes to driving in and having a shot. I wonder if maybe that is just the way they are drilled to play it and always look for one of HK Son Dele or CE to link up for the final move
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  15. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    He's strength is breaking through defensive lines by having those driving runs...he's so powerful on the ball and has now found a little discipline while playing within his game. He's not going to make those eye of the needle passes or score goals for that matter. I think Poch has simplified it for him, break the plane and give the ball to the real player makers: Eriksen, Alli or Kane.

    One thing that can be said is that, a few of his first performances were dodgy; in terms of really putting in a shift. But since, every time he'd play; he would put in a shift...burst a gut to attack (often without fruition) and also get back and help defend. He so deserves this moment he's in!! Way to stay strong and persevere.
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  16. bigfran

    bigfran Member Blogger

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    Going to be interesting to see how MP shuffles and rotates his squad going onto a busy Xmas period and this week especially with a quarter final v the gooners. Normally a quarter final for any club aspiring to finish in the top four would be looking to make wholesale changes and maybe play one or two rookies but given its against our arch rivals and both teams under pressure to win a trophy more so ourselves that may not be the case. I'd be hoping that we go full strength v Burnley pretty much and make sensible changes on Wednesday with those returning from injury to get game time. I'd love Skipp to be involved if not starting. I'd look to have the big guns on the bench for insurance purposes but would expect our squad to be much stronger than theirs.
    Ive read a lot how we have a small squad but in midweek we've seen lamela and moura to come off the bench and change a game to great effect. We do seem to have many options in the final third and two players in each position. With our fixtures from now until the end of Feb I believe we could easily still be in the title mix regardless of signings.

    My team Saturday. Lloris Peters Toby Jan Davies sissoko dier son eriksen alli Kane.

    Wednesday team. Lloris trippier sanchez foyth Rose dier winks Skipp. Lamela moura son.
    Subs gazza eriksen alli Kane sissoko Jan parrott
  17. Big fran Guest

    Not a vintage spurs performance yesterday by any stretch of the imagination but three points v a very organised, stubborn and dogged burnley side. We've seen ourselves come unstuck in such games and opponents all to often in recent years - the corresponding fixture of this one a case in point.
    I'd said beforehand I'd expect some sensible rotation given the Xmas period looming and a big quarter final on Wednesday against 'you know who'. Throw into the mix unexpected absences of Dier and Jan the debut of 18 Yr old Skipp and 18 year old Enyoma on the bench in such awful playing conditions, poor pitch and an understandably under par crowd this was definitely an accident waiting to happen.
    Thankfully it didn't happen and we got the goal our dominance deserved again with the players off the bench making the difference in llorente and of course Eriksen. We look to be able to now get something in these type of games keep in plugging to the end. To Poch's credit we finish the game with almost a front five and Danny Rose still bombing on leaving us short at the back. It was a game we looked prepared to lose in order to get the win such is the new found mental strength and belief in the squad. Risk versus reward definatley the factor here again.
    A lot of this belief maybe has been fashioned possibly by the managers belief in the whole squad rather than a niche of 13 or 14 in the past which has meant when we have had to throw squad players in to the team they have unsurprisingly struggled.
    We are now seeing key first team regulars often emitted or rotated from the side.
    Hopefully we will see a much stronger Spurs 11 on Wednesday that we would normally expect due to yesterday's changes and result and we can bring that elusive first trophy under poch home??
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  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    We'd better steam roll Scum midweek, after that we have a tricky away tie v Everton and then Bournemouth where we will have to be more inventive and better than we were yesterday that's for sure.
  19. Big fran Guest

    Everton always a difficult one but I thought they poor yesterday but Bournemouth should suit us as they will come and have a go and should be able to counter them..
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  20. voiceofreason Member

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    And well done Southampton!

    To be honest the Burnley game was 90(+4) minutes of drudgery. Time wasting from 10 minutes really set the tone. Thought Davies had his best game for us this season - he seemed much more comfortable there although admittedly there wasn’t a lot of offensive skills to contend with
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