Watch out Moussa's about....

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, November 26, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Not Moussa Dembele!

    I am of course talking about Moussa Sissoko.

    After what's seemed an age of penny pinching, fiscal ownership not entertaining big money signings ...
    I like many others was stunned when on deadline day we stumped up 30mil for Moussa Sissoko on the back of a few decent performances during the Euros and many poor ones at Newcastle...

    What we were supposed to have purchased was an attacking pacey powerful wide man , what this translated to for us was 2 seasons of dire performances from him, poor in possession, poor out of it couldn't nail down a pass let alone a place in the team.

    Having witnessed his last few performances is there light suddenly emerging on the horizon?

    Due to the sheer negligence/incompetence of the summer transfer window this year coinciding with the slowing and injury prone pair of Dembele & Wanyama we have been left looking rather limp in the CM position.

    Answer- Moussa Sissoko....
    By acute management?
    By chance perhaps?
    Who knows , but it's good to see a player emerging at last fighting hard for the cause.

    Now I'm not for a minute gonna say he's a better footballer than either of the aforementioned nor is he the answer to our shortcomings, but what he has given us is that much needed box to boxness that the other CMs in the squad just don't have which I think helps break the slow lethargic movement of the ball around even if it's just creating a bit of chaos/havoc.

    His power and pace is unquestionable when he applies him self just needs to add some direction to his play. But for now he's doing a good job in the engine room.

    A few more displays like that, keeping the energy/work rate up and he will endear himself much more to us Spurs fans that have been less than impressed with previous displays.

    Good work Sissoko!

    Must mention - the rest of the Team again who put in an awesome performance on Saturday Evening, must keep more at this level hopefully this is the catalyst to some front foot football again.

    We literally bullied the scummy Chavs and that's made the universe a much better place for now. :D


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  3. Pickleman1967

    Pickleman1967 Member

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    I would go further than saying Moussa has put in some fine performances lately; he has of course, but his all round game puts him in front of Winyama (average at best since coming back) in my book.
    If the man could add goal scoring to his skill set, say five or six goals a season, he would make that £30M price tag look like a bargain.

    There was no irony in the "Oh Moussa Sissoko" chant on Saturday, Tottenham fans have warmed to this powerful athlete, who can hold the ball up, dribble, tackle and spray accurate passes around. You can see he has grown tremendously in self confidence; don't know if that is the Poch factor, whatever, if he keeps up this rate of improvement Dembele and Winyama will do well to keep him out of the first team.
  4. Big fran Guest

    Really pleased for the lad. In fairness he always has tried and never hid. Sometimes I wished he had for his own sake to be taken out the firing line. He has been useless most of time so hopefully his mini revival continues. Still it's an area regardless we need to strengthen upon because as Sunday shown if the midfield duo perform and dominate it gives our front 3or4 a platform to play with freedom.
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Jan's back for tonight
  6. Big fran Guest

    Brilliant performance tonight COYS. Professional, discipline, good tactics, subs and rotation and too many performances to menymtionbut I will. Aurier Jan Toby lloris and dare I say it SISSOKO ......
  7. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Haha SISSOKO indeed, he looks a totally different player. I never doubted his effort, he definitely lacked the discipline, touch, and quality but always put in a shift. Poch deserves lots of credit for helping him find his confidence and improve him as a player!!! Difficult game tonight but the boys were able to find it late!! Let's destroy arsernal this weekend!!!
  8. burnt Well-Known Member

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    It was another decent performance in what was a difficult game , completely different from the weekend game . This time we were up against a team that could defend properly , a team that had no hesitation sitting deep when it was needed unlike Chelsea who were rancid at the back on Sunday .. It made for a completely different type of contest and one where patience and persistence were as important as everything else . It was quite an absorbing contest i.m.o and the fact we came out on top made it an enjoyable one . Lads like Aurier and Sissoko are really standing up for us at the minute , it's been a long time coming for both but better late then never , hopefully they can keep it going now . We've given ourselves a chance and could ask no more after the miserable start we had , it been self inflicted makes it even worse but we can't do anything about that now so onwards and upwards from here hopefully . Barca are not the force of old by any means but still have some unbelievable individual quality and can be awesome on a given day . They've failed to win on 7 of their last 14 or so match days so it's not an impossible task and who knows , P.S.V might also do us a favour . Look if Sissoko and Aurier have taught us anything , it's there's always hope . Some big games to come before that tho so hopefully now we can keep our pedal to the metal ... C.O.Y.S .....
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  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Only 1 result is acceptable today, no faffing about let's destroy the scum at their ground just to let them know their true level.

    COYS !!!
  10. Peter reed Guest

    Why oh why no alder at centre back we need his big game experience another of pochs unbelievable decisions
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  11. Peter reed Guest

    hate to say I told you so but forte is not ready for the big games and because of the sending off he will probably have to play in the week.Pochetino does not see the dangers and doesn't react until we have gone two goals behind.Can he not pick Davies and aurier again as they are both liabilitiesHate to admit it but we were outplayed outfought and out managed from the first whistle to the last and the will push us out of the top four unless we get some urgent replacements in January.Sadley our discipline went again as it did last year against Chelsea.Kane and Ali non existent again
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  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    What a complete shambles , from fluking a 1-2 lead to losing 4-2.
    The contrast in Emery patrolling the touchline and making tactical changes whilst the game was still alive compared to Poch who once again stood there glum and watched the game pass him by before even thinking about changing anything.
    Can someone please tell Poch looking moody is not a tactic FFS!!!!
    Arsenal did to us what we did to Chavs, they basically bullied us and we strolled about like it was a training game not the NLD.
    Seriously fooked off with that result and 'performance' but a few of us have seen it coming.
    Typically Spurs we have 1 good performance/result then think we've done something and stroll about , well the Scum gave us a rude awakening today and leap frogged us at the same time.
    Back to 5th for us Chelsea City Arsenal all winning just liverpool now to push the advantage as well.
    Alderwerild left out?? Shocking decision
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  13. Genevaspurs Guest

    we can not always throw the stone on the coach when things go wrong and find that it is thanks to the players when things are going well. Pocchetino is also responsible when we win and especially when it's as good as against chelsea last Saturday. On the other hand, he must take his responsibilities in a defeat like today. If there is a match where we want to see the team give 200% on the field it's against arsenul and if there is a match where we should not leave the boss of our defense it's today ! While we play against southampton Wednesday and Toby could have recovered, Poch removes him of the eleven today in the NLD ... It's a professional mistake with consequences! Does klopp spell van dijk today against everton? He is not suicidal to him ... Pocchetino must stop his sterile rotations and have a little more reactivity during the match! Even today he reacts too late to make changes. Bad and disappointing!
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  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Pochettino must've been watching another game today, coz if he thinks we deserved or were comfortable at 1-2 then he is sadly mistaken.
    He waited until theyd pressed us completely and scored 3 goals FFS, til he suddenly awoke from his moody stupor.
    This is the exact result (Chelsea aside) our performances have actually warranted , and while we did well to gloss over most the season hopefully this is a wake up call.
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  15. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Why can we never build and maintain sufficient momentum to win the games that really matter? Five years under Pochettino, and every season we have a good(-ish) run, until we reach a crunch match like Juventus in the CL, or United in the FA Cup, and then we fail, from a combination of individual errors and inexplicable team selection. Credit to Arsenal for their performance, but if they've already overtaken us, literally and figuratively, in a few months under their new manager, what does that say about our brief claim to be Kings of London? And as for our CL decider against Barcelona, there'll be a stewards' enquiry if it's anything less than a thrashing, certainly to judge from today's showing.
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  16. Peter reed Guest

    Must agree with chesunt boy 5 years of promise without any real end product in that time Leicester both Manchester teams arsenal chelseahave all won a trophy including getting to european finals whereas we fall at the first big hurdle.pochetino is feted by the mediia as one of the best managers whereas mourino who has won countless trophies is hounded. I for one am prepared to have a unpopular manager who wins things rather than the darling of the media who has won nothing in ten years of managing.I will be interested if he goes to united or Real Madrid whether this will change.Did he not see how arsenal made changes to stop the bad ten minutes they had while we wait until the damage is done and then panics producing a shambolic ending
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  17. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    Another shocker - what can you say that hasn't been said already ? Bullied out of the game again and mistakes aplenty - and we paid dearly for them - one of the biggest both in the shocker and mistakes department being Poch's incredible decision to leave Toby out. If it was to prove some kind of point hopefully someone will enlighten me as to what it is. To me it looked downright careless and foolish; when you play a high pressure game you prepare and respond accordingly, not b*llocks about with vanity selections that may (and to my mind partially did) cost the game. However - not all the blame can go on Jan's shoulders although he was woeful with some of his decisions. Aurier - yet another nightmare, including giving away a stupid free kick prior to Jan's headstaggers handball and appearing to badmouth Foyth when he had little to be blamed for, Sissoko - back to what we know he is best at i.e doing sweet FA (actually the header of this thread should be amended to "Watch out, Moussa's about... as much use as a sunroof on a submarine") Alli - anonymous, 'Arry - ditto, Son - started OK then totally disappeared, Foyth - maybe he will turn out to have a huge future but I'm far from convinced at this moment..... it goes on. Playing Woolwich was always going to need strength in both selections and tactics allied to performances that really matter. Absent in all respects I have to say. Beating a Chelsea side last week that was frankly dreadful - Luiz and Alonso are completely different propositions to thugs like Mustafi, Terreira (Man Of The Match for doing little other than running around putting a shoe in) and Xhaka - now looks not much of an accomplishment at all. On the point of thuggery - Jan went through with his tackle for his second yellow, certainly, but I lost count of the times the aforementioned Goon trio "missed" the ball and either stamped on feet or raked ankles, all without punishment. We were lucky not to get stuffed. I've had enough -I'm going to have to calm down. Good night all.
    Last edited: December 2, 2018
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  18. Spurporter Active Member

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    This is how the Spurs are or will be looking without Sanchez,Toby and Jan ( I consider Jan was being absent from kick off). Why Toby didn't start? Is that the contract dance again? I doubt Poch was trying to save him for Wednesday. Any information on Toby?
    Anyway, at 2:1 Poch should play Dier as 3rd CB, if not to begin with, cause Foyth is what he is - a loan material. Jan seemed to shitt in his shorts as soon as he get a true sense of playing with the kid.
    Yes it was nice win last Saturday. But you can only play the same record over and over if your LP is not broken. Failure to adapt during the tie is what Poch is known for.
    No sense to go for Poch head, however. He is the best manager we ever had, because he is the best manager money can buy. Levy's money that is.
    Back to Wembley on Wednesday. COYS!!!
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  19. Big fran Guest

    Throwing Foyth in the deep end in such a big game away from home in that environment was footballing suicide. His inclusion spread nerves along to bk 5 like wildfire. Rest Toby by all means on Wed night v Soton but get the points on the board. I'm still convinced we will finish in the top 4 and a cup win is conceivable but we must go close to full strength when we play them in the cup as this result must be avenged. All eyes on what happens with Toby next game now as I'm sure this is linked to his contract stalemate.
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  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It's pathetic is what it is, trying to squeeze our best Centre half out to not pay proper wages.
    Pochettino just looks foolish everytime he tries this charade, and worst of all to do it in the NLD watching what's unfolding and still not play him was even more ridiculous.
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  21. Big fran Guest

    Totally agree. I'd be squeezing every last drop out the boy before he leaves.
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