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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, August 18, 2019.

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  1. Guesty Guest

    no sure we were ever in for WB really were we.
    I think KWP will be a good player....but he needs time....which llessens if course playing for one of the top 4. every time you make make an errir it is mentioned by millions.

    Getti g a dra against City could be a 'mental' 3 points. I hope so.
    Yes we got lucky with a couple of decisions but you need that at City.
    ......but so called 'player' (ex or otherwise) TV pundits moaning on about VAR....f@cks sake.....rules are rules....VAR did what its meant to do.

    We need to be strong out of the blocks against the barcodes today. Lets hope for a good performance and 3 points

  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Typical Tottenham football 70% aimless possession 1 shot on goal and 0-1 down by HT.
  3. P reed Guest

    spurs0 Newcastle 1 say. no more .This usually triggers the poch lovers to insult me and gets a second half come back let’s hope so
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We could play until Christmas n still couldn't hit a shot on target the way we played today.
    This result has been coming and is worthy of the inept slow ploddy lethargic uninventive stagnant turgid **** show we've been churning out since last season.
    What utter clueless dross !
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  5. P reed Guest

    where do I start after that rubbish.Having watched Liverpool and City play fast attacking and closing down football I am beginning to wonder if we need a change because all we continue to do is play sideways and backwards with no pace or invention.Why is pochetinos team selection usually wrong.When Moura is sub he is brilliant but when he starts he is clueless and does not gel with Kane or son.If he starts then Kane should not and he should be paired with son Kane today gave as poor a performance as a forward I have seen this year and yet Pochettino lacks the courage to pull him off .The Newcastle boy totally outplayed him.why oh why does he pick Sanchez instead of verts.One long ball down the middle enough so many times.I personally am going to upset the poch lovers but I think the players have stoppped listening to him and a change may soon be needed because even the gooners have outwindowed us and I think we are in for a hiding next week unless they keep their super Chelsea reject in defence.I know the poch lovers will be out in force but they seem to accept second best all the time.Maybe we can borrow klopp to show our wide players how to cross a dangerous ball like both their full backs.That performance will not even get us in the top 6
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  6. Guesty Guest

    simply do not understand no Vertonghen and Eriksen in the starting 11

    and again.....Sissoko only starts playing when Eriksen is on the pitch.

    ......Winks is a bottom 4 team player not a top 4
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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Don't worry PReed, you won't get any of the eternally deluded on here today they usually go into hiding when reality is exposed.
  8. Cheshuntboy Guest

    It's stating the obvious, but when Kane plays well, Spurs tend to win, and he's not been even a shadow of the 2016/17 Kane for pushing eighteen months now, since he came back too early from injury to try to pip Salah to the Golden Boot, played sluggishly at the WC (and only penalties gave his performances an undeserved gloss), and hasn't dominated games as he used to ever since. I reckon Pochettino knows that most of his supposed managerial 'success' has actually been due to Kane's goals, hence the obvious over-reliance on him, fit or not, the CL Final being only the most extreme example, and if today's display is anything to go by, it's going to be a long hard season. By the way, what exactly does Sanchez offer the team? Two years on from his record transfer, he still looks more like Anthony Gardner than Ledley King, and how Pochettino justifies favouring him over Vertonghen is beyond me - yet another example of Poch's ego counting for more than the best interests of Spurs perhaps?
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  9. palmover Active Member

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    The way spurs play is all down to Mp, i lost faith in his abilities to win trophies, the year Lester won pl title, and even though i hopped spurs would win a Fa. cup when the chance presented it self he failed again, however, when he did the unthinkable and some how got to a cl final i thought he was going to make me eat my words, however, he failed again.

    Mp is a fitness coach who has run this group into the ground if he was going to win thing's why would Walker and now Ce won't out? Walker was ridiculed for being dumb well 2 pl titles and more money playing for the best coach in prem, makes me think he's smarter than he looks.

    Mp needs an attacking coach, the lack of movement, first time passes, and the ability to stretch teams is missing. Moura and kane missed chances where their timing was off was this due to lacking sharpness caused by heavy training?

    Mp is a one trick pony, he can't or won't coach a proper 433 which is what most teams win titles with.
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