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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, August 18, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    No I want us to improve in the areas that we are weak and have been steadily getting worse in.
    Quite conveniently people forget we spent nothing the 2 previous windows and in the meantime have clung to deadwood and watched certain players regress badly.
    If some sensible investment/player replenishment had occurred since 2016/17 we wouldn't be so far behind City and Liverpool in terms of quality.
    This team has been and is on the decline.
  2. P reed Guest

    palmover says spurs have a better squad than united.Since when was our back four better They have England’s centre back plus 2 full backs who would walk into the spurs team.An English welsh and french international front3 and when he wants a midfielder who is world class.The only drawback for them is they have a weak manager who toes the party line and will be controlled by the players when they have a bad period.
  3. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I think this year team could beat the 2016/17 Spurs. You just watched not the best XI.
    I also think PSG, Juventus and may be Barcelona would trade their title medals for the chance to play Liverpool in UCL final.
  4. Thomas Guest

    While we don't have the resources to spend like City, I do fully agree that some investments in vital areas are necessary, especially right back.

    KWP is not ready and Aurier being second best to Trippier who was out of sorts speak volumes. Moving Foyth to right back can be long-term option. Our midfield was the area that was really outclassed in the City game. Couldn't hold on to the ball to allow transition from defence to attack. I missed the Dembele and Wanyama combination. We let Dembele go without a suitable replacement. Ndombele needs time to settle in and again another learning curve. Learning curve here, learning curve there. I don't seriously think we can compete for the EPL title given the standard Liverpool and City have set. While we have done well with the minimal investments they had, I do think that some sensible investments at the right time could have done us some good. I am all for grooming young players, but they should be back up and moved up only when they are ready.

    While I do enjoy watching and supporting the team, I can't help being realistic.
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  5. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Whom would you buy as a right back? Name one or two.
  6. Thomas Guest

    You can google yourself if you want some names

    I take it that you are happy with what we have first choice Foyth and second choice either KWP or Aurier?
  7. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I wouldn't say I am happy, but I don't see anyone who would be better being available. I would pay 70 million, for example, to get Kyle Walker back from City, but it is not possible. I never wanted Walker to be sold, but he wanted more Sterling in wages and in cabinet.
    Established FBs are not available. Wan-Bisaka is not finished product , but would be great, yet he was United supporter and snubbed Spurs. I think Spurs are looking around Europe and may come up with something in January if Foyth fails to impress. From what I have seen him playing in Copa America for Argentina he can do the RFB job admirably.
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    GKN & Wanyama look on their way out the door, any news on the lesser spotted 'Messi in the making' Edwards?
    Rumours Llorente has turned down a chance to re-sign aswell.

    Ming working his Arthur Daily last knockings fire sale of the left over spurs damaged stock.

    Still time to break even
  9. palmover Active Member

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    I don't think Man.u has a better team than spurs, man.u have let lukaku and herrea leave and if sanchez leaves that 3 exp players. There squad looks thin in terms of exp, they are going with the youngsters, however, with the EL to contend with i don' t think they have enough depth to make top4.

    Wanyama and Gkn are not contributing so won't be missed, Levy apparently wants 17m for wanyama, i'd take 10m and let him leave.

    The Ce situation is strange in that no one has come in for him yet. I think a really low offer will come in for him late in the window from a club he wants to join. Whatever happens i don't think he will sign another contract with spurs.
  10. Thomas Guest

    Glad you put such faith in Foyth. Would prefer someone who's also established in role. I'm not a scout, so I can't make the statement that there are no established fullbacks available. But I am more of the opinion that it comes down to what you are willing to pay. If we had sold Eriksen earlier, perhaps we would have the necessary funds. Again we can argue that there are no bids/decent bids received. The argument can go on and on.

    With established full backs such as Walker and Rose and a pretty complete team, we finished second. Even if we had the same team, I don't think we'll catch Liverpool and Manchester City last season. I am more worried about other teams catching up on us and displacing us from our top 4 position. We made the cut by just one point last season.
  11. Big fran Guest

    Wan Bissaka should have been our first signing of the summer. Finished article certainly not but which full bk is at his age. The thing being he is more accomplished defending than attacking right now a rarity in the modern game that would definitely suit our defensive woes. On eriksen as far as we are aware we haven't received a single bid let alone one near the figure we would want..
    Last point. Levy will definitely turn a profit this window.
  12. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Mike Dean made us to lose points by provoking Poch. The man will never referee at Tottenham Stadium. Possibly no Spurs ties ever for him. Retire already, POS!!
  13. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Rare indeed, yet KWP is just like that.
    I don't think MP asked Levy for RB, although Spurs checked on a few. He is confident Foyth will be better than Trips. Aurier is better than Wan-Bisaka now. But United got promising player with great potential.
  14. Big fran Guest

    Kwp got ripped a new ass hole last Saturday and aurier is nowhere near the level of bissaka. Next..
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  15. Thomas Guest

    I can't agree with you more. Aurier got no vote of confidence from Pochettino and the only confidence KWP got from Pochettino is that he plays when Foyth is not available.

    To think that Aurier means Spurs would have incredible strength in RB because our 3rd choice is better than ManU's first choice. Quite humorous indeed!
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  16. Thomas Guest

    "To think that Aurier is better than Bissaka" is what I intended to say
  17. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    We'll check the size of Bissaka hole after they play city and get back on that.
  18. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Aurier is not a superb RB, but he is adequate. Otherwise, Poch would let him go. Levy loves to sell players much more than purchase. Aurier is finished product, however, whilst WB is not and has potential. If that potential wanes, very much like it happened with Aurier, he would not be an answer for MUFC. Only Maguire is a defender which is superb finished product in MU defense. We know the price, know that will not happen with Spurs, we all know why, no sense to get upset.
    Both KWP and esp Foyth have unopened potential and dismissal there is premature.
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  19. palmover Active Member

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    People sometimes see the same thing in different ways, i thought Kwp did ok vs sterling and need to see him play more before writing him off.

    Zaha gave WB a tough time which resulted in the palace winner, wb has lots of potential, however is not the finished article.

    Taa is young, however, he looks like the finished article.
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  20. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    First CP goal as well. WB should have gone to Spurs. Under Poch he could be what he might become. Now Foyth will be. WB will get good wages, though.

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