User's guide: WHY Pochettino is a SPURFECT fit for Tottenham

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Ramos43, May 15, 2014.

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    Notnats - Look, Notnats I also enjoy reading your comments, and have long considered you to be a voice of reason around this place, who usually offers INTERESTING and CONSIDERED responses to any topic being discussed. Which is why I have been SLIGHTLY surprised by a few of your comments regarding this particular subject. Including your assertion that the Argentine 'hasn't achieved anything significant', which is VERY much an opinion, NOT a fact!

    I am NOT saying that Pochettino is the finished product, by any means.... or that he has nothing to prove in management.

    My point is, regarding his potential appointment, is just that he appears to meet MOST, if not, ALL of the criteria, I imagine Spurs will have set, at this particular stage, in the clubs development.

    I agree that Rodgers and Martinez also have MUCH to prove as managers but they, along with Mourinho (Porto) and Wenger (Arsenal) at the time, were given opportunities to manage at BIG clubs, with all the pressure that comes with those roles, and have enjoyed what some would consider success, albeit to varying degrees.

    It goes back to that old cliché; How can one obtain experience WITHOUT being given the opportunities to do so?

    I also notice that you haven't answered my question regarding criteria you would set, etc..
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    My preference is still FDB but I cant see how Levy can overlook the possibilities of Rafa or Anchellotti if either became available with their wealth of experience and winning mentality so I wont say that my choice is necessarily the best option for the club as none of us actually know who will or wont succeed at spurs. I say FDB for a number of reasons that ive stated on a few occasions but if someone said that he was also a risk due to his lack of experience in the EPL I would only agree. its true he is also a risk. However I don't really understand peoples reasoning when they say his record in euro comps is poor, lets not forget he had to win four titles in a row to get his team in the champions league to start with and before anyone suggests that anyone could get four titles with Ajax remember that they hadn't won the title since before 2004 before FDB took over. That is a fantastic and very real achievement for a young manager. Unfortunately for Ajax they are no longer the European powerhouse they once were. sad but true. As a result they've had a few disappointing campaign's by their former standards, albeit in some very tough groups in the last few years. This year they narrowly missed out in a group with Barca, Milan and Celtic, narrowly missing out after a nil all draw with Milan. they did have a win against Barca. The previous year was also disappointing grouped with Dortmund ( finalists ), Real Madrid and Man city. the only notable result was a win at city and a draw at home to the same team. In recent years they've won at Manu in the Europa. Looking at the teams in those groups should we really expect a team like Ajax to progress ? For me I think that the experience of playing in the CL against top opposition has been a valuable experience for a young manager such as FDB and wins against Barca, Milan, and Mancity to name a few are a credit to the manager in such a strong comp. Some might still say that his record in euro comps is poor, fair enough if that's your opinion but at least he has a record in the CL.

    Ramos - Sorry I may not have given an adequate answer to your question, what do I think spurs should be looking for in a manager. I think we should be looking for someone who can get us top four and win silverware.
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    Notnats- Your answer is PERFECT, my friend. Will be interesting to see who Spurs actually do get in. It WON'T be Benitez though, that much I do KNOW!

    Besides Levy's recent statement about his desire to see the club win, and look good doing it, I can't for the life of me see how that can equate into hiring a manager who is MORE PRAGMATISM than PANACHE!!!

    Anchelotti seems like a bit of a LONG-SHOT too. Which, to my mind, leaves Poch and De Boer.

    I AGREE with your points about De Boers record in Europe, which has produced some OUTSTANDING results and displays from his young Ajax team.

    But I think Levy will factor in EPL experience (amongst other things) giving MP the edge!

    And if he is NOT of that thought process, I will call him up and CALMLY and ARTICULATELY make him see sense! ;)

    ...Now, where did I put that number...?
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    I agree that Pochettino could be the right man for the job. He certainly ticks a lot of the boxes and if he is given time, and I mean at least 2 FULL seasons, then I think he cam bring glory to the Lane. However, as I mentioned in my recent article, my concern is will he get that time. Levy is not a patient man and unless he changes that stance, Pochettino could find himself in deep trouble if we lose a few games. MP also has raised concerns at Southampton regarding being in control of ALL footballing matters. Now, at Spurs, it is highly unlikely he will get that and I cannot see Levy promising him that he will be able to keep all our top players to build a team capable of winning the league, which surely has to be the ultimate aim.
    Before anyone starts at me about moaning about Levy, let me just state that I am not doing that here, what I am looking at is the FACTS of how Levy operates and whether MP will actually be happy to work with that.
    I hope he is because on the whole, I fully agree with Ramos that MP is a perfect fit for Tottenham. I am not too interested on what he has or hasn't won and his skills with youth players and getting a team to play fast and expansive football is there for all to see in my opinion also.
    MP is the man for Spurs, but can he work with Levy? Time will tell and I hope that common sense prevails and Spurs start to build for the future, to be a force, to be a top 4 team and to ultimately win the Premier League.
    As ever...Come on you Spurs!!
  5. Domenic Guest

    Some very nice points by Ramos however firstly based on his profile I have big reservations about his taste in manager as Ramos (Spanish) as his profile, makes me ponder whether Ramos is fighting so hard and passionately with blinders on for MP (Argentinian) partially due to his own heritage,? maybe Ramos is a big supporter of the Spanish league and has a connection to MP that way. Maybe not, this does not mean I will disagree or agree with what he has written but it makes me wonder about his motivation in his un yielding support of MP. Secondly you say you have great football knowledge, but what is your CV? Thirdly not everyone agrees with your points and has some very valid reservations, some are a matter of opinion simply re stating your point adds no extra credence to it, it just looks like you took it personally when some one respectfully didn't agree entirely. Now every one is harping on about 8th as you claim this is a high achievement besides the winning money for finishing 8th there is no prize for 8th I do agree it's an achievement however I think where some may disagree as it's all relative, for Southampton 8th is a great achievement but it's hard to compare apples to oranges, Tottenham finished 6th for them that is a failure, apparently 4th with no CL is also failure as HH found out. Whether Spurs are the apples or oranges I don't know, it depends on your taste, but you can see how Spurs fans are hoping for the best, with managers with league finishes at the top, and for many this is not enough and they require European CL or Europa success also. This is where the difference of opinion is most evident as I reiterate it's a matter of relative opinion. All of these possible managerial appointments have a degree of risk, I think many as his potential may be greater, I believe MP is also a bigger risk than FDB or Benitez who have had league success, titles and trophies, proven success, whether the Dutch league counts is another matter, but it still trumps no titles, clearly no decision is based solely on this. I do agree with your points about MP's man management, his communication, organisational and motivational skills, to get the young unit of Southampton into such good, fluid, attacking shape, which leads me too one of my other great concerns is the high line they play with, TS also played a high line with Spurs and it was very unconvincing to say the least as the back for are extremely accident prone, so let's hope if MP is appointed they shore up this area or MP has more success at teaching the high line to the Tottenham players, and that he creates a culture of hard work, and defending as a team.

    This could be all for naught and null points if it turns out my suspicions of MP using his alleged Tottenham interest as leverage to get a bigger pay check and resources with a decent transfer kitty, and maybe a bigger say in who is allowed to be some?. If this I particle is true why would he leave? He'd be on amazing wages that Levy would never match 6m a year plus 3m release fee, Levy will run for the hills, he already is a Soton hero, Europa League top 6 would be a huge achievement for them, his reputation would grow even more, and he avoids the pressure and the guillotine of Levy at Tottenham, why would he possibly leave then?
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    Dominic- I appreciate your comment (however misguided SOME of it may be) , and I am also glad you enjoyed my article.

    Now where do I start,....Oh, yeah, my profile picture and name which has led to your 'reservations about my taste in managers'. lol

    I'm not entirely sure what the point of that comment is/was, as EVEN you appear to question the validity in asking such a question, so I won't dwell on that one for too long. But what I will is I have NO strong affiliation/connection with the Spanish league, and my 'passion' to see Pochettino installed as the next manager of Tottenham Hotspur is based SOLELY on basis that I have taken the time to compile a list of criteria, that I believe Spurs should be working towards, at this particular moment, and I have simply looked for a candidate whose credentials MATCH the 'personal specification'.

    I actually started writing a piece that included highlighting the merits, and flaws, of EVERY manager linked with the Spurs job in recent weeks but I soon realised that I would still be working on it now, had I gone ahead with that idea.

    As far as my knowledge of the game goes, it comes from years of STUDYING, ANALYSING and DEVELOPING a DEEP-UNDERSTANDING of the game in most areas, including the mental side of it, which I have ALWAYS considered important.
    I have long been of the opinion that everyone has at least one thing they do EXCEPTIONALLY well in life. One of mine is talking/understanding a game I love. It is this understanding that allows me to SOMETIMES see/highlight things that others may not even give a second thought to.

    To go through my CV would be pointless, at this stage, as I am NOT attempting to convince you of any thing, in relation to my grasp of football. I would hope that you can come to your own conclusions on that score!

    If you look back through the comments people have left here, you will notice that the ONLY time I have given my opinion on them is when I have been addressed in the posts. So IF you are implying that I am trying to FORCE my opinions down the throats of others, that would NOT be accurate in the SLIGHTEST.

    I am FULLY aware that people will have their own views in an open forum such as this, and I respect that. But if someone makes a point of naming me, or making reference to me in their posts, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I will respond, as I am ALWAYS willing to talk football with anyone!!!

    The 'harping' comment was NOT only based on remarks made on this particular page. But the problem on commenting on certain aspects of other peoples interactions is that you may NOT be PRIVY to all the info, which can often leave one looking ILL-INFORMED.

    The REASON I sometimes have to reiterate/re-state a point I have ALREADY made is because people tend to ask questions that I have ALREADY answered/explained, perhaps because they did not read my comment properly, or simply failing to comprehend the point I have made previously. Or perhaps it is through a desire to try and pick holes/find flaws in my argument which prompts them to focus on certain aspects of what I have written, and NOT others. Whatever the persons agenda/reason, I am simply helping to shed light on questions that evidently have.

    Who is HH?

    I have NO problem with people preference for different managers, and I myself would NOT be against the appointment of Frank De Boer. Would he be my first choice? No. But would I be excited by his arrival? Yes.

    Benitez is another question and answer ENTIRELY though, and I struggle to see the appeal, personally. But Rafa has ONLY slightly more chance of getting the job, right now, than I do, so will continue to sleep well in that knowledge.

    The problem with Tim/AVB's high-lines ONLY came as a result of a lack of a COLLECTIVE ,and therefore EFFECTIVE, press. Pressing as a UNIT is an art-form and as such requires DISCIPLINE, FOCUS and PLENTY OF WORK on the training pitch in order to master it!!! Spurs looked like they lacked ALL of those contributing factors in most games they played, and at times, it REALLY showed.

    If you look back at all of the 6 goals that Spurs scored against S'hampton this season not one of them was due to the Saints playing a high-line.

    Most BIG teams around Europe play with a high-line, but are better organised than Spurs in knowing when to squeeze the opposition, and when to having the back-line just drop back and limit the amount of space left in behind.

    I could go on, but in truth I am writing this reply half asleep still. But if you have any more question or queries, please feel free to leave a comment, including my name, and I will be sure to respond a.s.a.p. ;)
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    P.S. Football is NOT always about money despite what SOME will have you believe. Ambition, the fulfilling/sharing of a vision as well as simple enjoyment (within a particular environment) also a play significant part in someone deciding where their future lies.

    The opportunity to manage one of the biggest clubs in Europe, in one of the best leagues, does not come around everyday. If Pochettino has the AMBITION that I believe he has, he will jump at the opportunity to manage a club that can REALISTICALLY look to compete for titles both home and abroad, on a REGULAR basis.

    Unless the Saints can assure him that he will get that opportunity to do that at St Marys, I think MP would love to speak to a club with the reputation, and potential for growth, of Tottenham Hotspur.
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    Did someone mention 8th place again ? Well at least im not the only one harping on about it.
    8th place, 8th place, why did I even mention it ?
    Now I remember I was concerned that finishing 8th and being Pochettino's highest and most notable achievement, fact. was maybe not enough to say he is the standout and most obvious candidate against proven winners and A list managers like Anchellotti, Rafa and FDB. Well I still think he's a massive risk, and if the latest ITNs are correct and talks with Pochettino are well under way I will be happy for the new manager but will think he has been given the benefit of a very large and real doubt.
    If he does become the next manager I wish him much success he's definitely shown some potential but I don't think that in considering Pochettino right now that is very realistic in comparing him to Rodgers and Martinez because of their moderate success in their new clubs ( I say moderate respectfully as they need to prove themselves with Europe and the extra games ) At this stage he hasn't achieved anything more than Laudrup or even Steve Clark who also achieved 8th place ( oops done it again ) with WBA with arguably a weaker squad. I don't hear many calling for Clark, I wonder why, he's worked as assistant manager to Mourinho and Gullit, at Chelsea, first team coach with Daglish at Pool. Does he not measure up with Pochettino with the said criteria ? Am I being negative ? I don't think so ive said in previous posts that although my preference is FDB I don't see how Levy can overlook possibilities of hiring proven winners like Anchellotti, Rafa, why are some dismissing them saying that they wouldn't come to spurs, how do we know that ? they have both stated that they would be interested in managing spurs. A lot of people have said on this site that this is a crucial time for spurs and that the club needs a shake up maybe even a complete restructure from top to bottom. some have said that this next appointment is one that Levy cant afford to get wrong then would he be doing his job if he doesn't at least consider these proven winners and if possible interview them to see what they offer ?
  9. Dom Guest

    I was trying to be subtle, not many Spurs fans are a fan of Juande Ramos, I stand by my point

    "Ramos was sacked after Spurs have had their worst start to a season since 1912 and are rock bottom with two points from eight games.'

    Does this sound familiar, worst start since 1912, of 54 game sunder his management he only won 17, 17 from 54, seriously?this is the guy you choose as your profile. I am not even going to b other reading the rest of what you wrote as you have zero credibility. I gave you an opening to explain, by giving you a subtle hint, but honestly I could not take your taste in anything seriously, no offence.

    The ODD use of capitals is one thing, and yes choice of profile, but your criteria is another, OMG say no more you have compiled a list of criteria, I now take back everything and agree with every word you said.

    Oh and I meant HR (Harry Redknapp) not HH, (Harry Hotspur) is another football blogger, he is decent you might enjoy reading his stuff and learn a thing or to, that I was previously referring to in another blog, we all study, analyse and watch football I guess we are all experts.

    All and all good job, I will move on, and I have not mean't anything personal. And my mistake I typed this on this ipad, and couldn't be stuffed fixing the mistakes. And if he is appointed I will be fully behind him, I had my doubts about AVB and TS as caretaker, this hire could not be crucial to the future of Spurs, one more wrong choice of manager after what these guys have been through It could all come crashing down, suddenly a few players here and there leave, and are not happy, and don't give 100%, we loose a few too many games and suddenly we are in the bottom half of the table, fighting for our lives, I would like to have faith in Levy to finally get it wright, bit when choosing managers that solemn has been the case.
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    As you can gather by now, I am unlike many football/Spurs fans, in the sense that I am NOT often blinded by STATS, EMOTION or BIAS. And, I must say that, I have never been one for bandwagons,either...usually a bit too cramped for my liking!!!
    I prefer to analyse events based on what I believe I know about the beautiful game...and my God, it is beautiful.

    Worst manager or not, I suppose that is a question of opinion. And, as well, as the MANY Spurs fans you implicate in your opinion, you would do well to remember that Juande Ramos was the last manager to bring silverware to WHL. Indeed, had it NOT been for the Spaniard, the WHL faithful would of been waiting a HELL of A LOT LONGER than Arsenal for their last cup win!!!

    So you see the Spaniard was not so bad. And besides, I am NOT one to hold grudges, Dom. :)

    Harry Hotspur/'Arry Redknapp.... I suppose it is an easy mistake to make. lol

    Now you mention it, I am familiar with his web-site, and to be honest it seems to cater more to cheap jokes, and questionable journalism, than REAL football talk. I was actually on that site yesterday, as it goes, and it seems nothing has changed! But hey, we all serve a purpose, don't we...

    I DON'T believe Levy has done such a bad job when hiring/firing managers... and when you look at it closely, a LOT of what he has done, in both regards, has been understandable. Is their room for improvement on that front, though? Of course there is, but after EVERYTHING the Chairman has done, and will NO DOUBT continue to do, for the club, I am NOT of the opinion that he is drinking in the last chance saloon. Although, I do feel the clubs next appoint is EXTREMELY important on many levels.

    So,like I said, Dom, I don't hold grudges. And, I ONLY take comments such as yours as a compliment. So if you EVER want to talk about subjects football related, you know where to find me. ;)
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    Facts. Opinions. The facts are that levy is in last chance saloon. Opinion is that this time he may get it right. He has brought players to Spurs who have been fantastic and then sold them but to say that they would not have come if levy was not there is nonsense.
    I agree that Poch is the man for spurs, but if levy decides to operate as he has done, then it will end in yet another sacking.
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    This is a managerial aopointment that Levy cant get wrong in terms of the risk of spurs slipping into mid table mediocrity. Its interesring to read people who often demand more ambition and success from Levy happy to take a huge gamble with the clubs future and then already blaming Levy for any failures that might occur. There are some interesting ITKs saying that Lewis is the one pushing to hire Poch and that Levy prefers Rafa. I dont know how that would work. Who to blame if it all comes crashing down ?
  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Scum winning the cup yesterday what an utterly depressing end to a depressing season.
    When are we gonna finally get our finger out and make something happen at this club?
    Sooo much talk and bs about what were doing, how we should do it, who were gona buy, whos gona be appointed yet the fact remains the same we always end the seasons with nothing. 10 points short of top 4 and that would have been bigger if not for some dubious penalties, the worst goal dif in the top 8, the most goal conceded errors, the most expensive flops, 3 losses to Scum and Wet Sham, assaulted by Liverpool and City. We are going nowhere faster than an xfactor contestant.
    FFS doesnt anyone at the club want success? Or will we forever be in this land of limbo 'transitional' period where we make a little noise or threat then dissapear any time the real buisness comes into play?
    The last few seasons as a Spurs fan have been absolutely soul destroying, we missed our chance when Levy wouldnt speculate to accumulate when we had some real top talent in the side instead of buying a top cb and striker he recruited saha n nelsen on a free- we then didnt make top 4 and have since sold all our best players. People can dress it up all they want but we have not replaced with anywhere near the same quality as has gone out and that is the crux of the matter.
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    Well, there goes the old ,'yes but Arsenal haven't won anything for nine years argument.' I find it quite amusing that people constantly harp on about how we cannot really challenge for the top four or the title or major silverware because of the size of our stadium. When Arsenal were winning lots of trophies, league titles, the double, they were still at Highbury which had a capacity of just over 38k! I believe we need a new stadium to house all of those poor huggers who have been on the season ticket waiting list for many years and to increase revenue, but I am often berated on this site for a lack of FACTS and simply opinion but I have just provided a FACT. The argument that we cannot expect to challenge due to the size of our ground is simply rubbish.
    In thirteen years of ENIC have we ever finished above ARSENAL? The answer is no. How many times have we got into the Champions league? Once. What have we won? The league cup.
    And the majority of Spurs fans are content with Levy and ENIC. Content with a complete lack of ambition. Content that in thirteen years we have become a top six team rather than a top ten team.
    BUT we are really well run financially so we don't need to worry about what happens on the pitch it would appear for most Spurs fans. I have to laugh when certain parties accuse others as well as myself of being deluded about Levy and the suggestion of a vendetta nearly makes my side's split in two!!! In thirteen years, we have made some progress but the idea that in that time we have suddenly become a much bigger club abroad is equally laughable and simply not fact. I can just see the chats in Spanish and Italian bars now. Wow, Tottenham are amazing. Thirteen years ago they were just a top ten ten team but now they are so much better and attracting the cream of Europe and dominating the UEFA league!! The fact that we are still behind Arsenal is galling.
    I do know that the decisions on the pitch cannot be blamed on levy because he doesn't kick the ball, fall over etc. However, where he IS culpable is for the decisions of hiring managers. In thirteen years we have had nine managers. Arsenal have had one. They have moved into a new stadium. We have a supermarket. My point is pretty simple really. Is thirteen years of running a club and still finishing below Arsenal and only qualifying for the Champions league really a sign of progress and something to celebrate? In my humble opinion, then I make no apology for saying that the answer is quite simply NO. As for the limitations of the capacity, then yes, of course it reduces revenue but it is just used as an excuse by the board and as I have PROVED when Arsenal were winning the double etc you CAN win with a smaller capacity. I want success ON THE PITCH and as far as I am concerned, the board have simply FAILED to deliver and thirteen years is more than long enough. Drop the excuses Daniel and admit that Clive Allen and me are spot on. You are a great business but when it comes to football, you are clueless.
  15. Dom Guest

    'Worst manager or not, I suppose that is a question of opinion'.
    Well firstly I never said he was Spurs worst manager, but quoted from when he got the sac which said Tottenham had there worst start since 1912 or something, his record is pretty terrible, not the worst.
    Juande Ramos
    Tottenham Hotspur 27 October 200725 October 2008P 54W 21D 16L 1738.89W

    But there are some who do believe he is the worst Tottenham manager, right or wrong, its not a great glowing reference for him is it.

    I just came across your post on LVG.

    'Good riddance! LVG was NEVER my 1st, or 2nd, choice to become Spurs manager. I just think his ABRASIVE, CONFRONTATIONAL and PIG-HEADED approach would cause arguably as many problems as Tim Sherwoods, in the Spurs dressing room.
    Look, I’m all for strong management but I’m not sure that a man who drops his trousers to bare his testicles, to make a point, is REALLY the man to unite a fractured/fragile Spurs dressing room.

    Whilst there is no questioning LVG’s record, if you dig a little deeper his successes seem to be relatively short-lived, and usually end with the Dutchman leaving a trail of bitterness and bad-feeling in his wake.

    Mauricio Pochettino on the other hand ticks most , if not all, of the boxes as far as I am concerned. He:

    -Knows the EPL.

    -Has proven he can build/develop a team that plays attractive, high-tempo and effective football.

    -Has shown that he can improve players, helping to maximise their potential.

    -Is used to working with a DOF.

    -Enjoys working and developing young players.

    -And last but certainly NOT least, has a CLEAR philosophy which could become the hallmark of spurs for years to come.

    People keep on questioning the fact that the Argentine has yet to win any thing, yet. But what had Brendan Rogers ever won (bar the Championship play-offs) and yet we stand on the brink of him lifting the EPL title. And Martinez is another who is relatively inexperienced when it comes to winning things, but he is currently in the process of masterminding a Everton CL qualification charge.

    The point is, given the right circumstances and environment, potential is realised. Something tells me that WHL could very turn out to be that place for Pochettino.

    So you see the Spaniard was not so bad. And besides, I am NOT one to hold grudges, Dom. :)

    I see you have added to your criteria. I did not disagree with everything you said about Poch, but I found it really hard to swallow, anything you wrote, claiming to be a football expert by watching it, and yes by your poor judgment.

    You said
    '.... I suppose it is an easy mistake to make. lol' ..Harry Hotspur/'Arry Redknapp

    Well it was a mistake of one letter HH instead of HR, not Harry Hotspur/'Arry Redknapp I did not actually think Harry Hotspur was a Tottenham manager but was use to writing about HH, as I said I had commented that in another blog, HH's blog, where I have been referring to him as HH.

    This sums it all up really you said.
    'I DON'T believe Levy has done such a bad job when hiring/firing managers... and when you look at it closely, a LOT of what he has done, in both regards, has been understandable.'

    I'm out this stopped being entertaining.
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  16. Dom Guest

    Juande Ramos Premier League, Win ratio: 28.6% from 35 games.

    So he apparently has the worst W% record for a Tottenham manager, winning less than a 3rd of his games, and yes he won the league cup with Tottenham, list of league cup winners below, shows its not exactly the biggest achievement for a BPL team now is it, Swansea, Birmingham, Middlesbrough, have won it over the past decade or so, (in the last 4 years, Birmingham and Swansea)

    2014 Manchester City
    2013 Swansea City
    2012 Liverpool FC
    2011 Birmingham City
    2010 Manchester United
    2009 Manchester United
    2008 Tottenham Hotspur
    2007 Chelsea FC
    2006 Manchester United
    2005 Chelsea FC
    2004 Middlesbrough FC

    This season Soton 8th 13pts below Spurs (who were terrible), Stoke 9th, last season WBA 8th, Swansea 9th, WHam 1oth, 2011-12 Fulham 9th, 10-11 Fulham 8th, solid achievement for Soton, but at Spurs its ECL or bust, as I said its like comparing apples to oranges.
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  17. Ramos43

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    Dom - Who's taken the jam out of your doughnut, then? Look, mate, if you ONLY found 1 post of me singing about the merits of appointing Mauricio Pochettino, then I would suggest that you've been looking in the wrong places, my friend....

    The FACT is though Dom, EACH and EVERY time I write something on/in this particular forum, I back it up/give well-thought out reason as to why I have said, what I have! I would NOT be able to sleep at night if I didn't.... and ,also, people have come to expect that of me....And we can't disappoint the people can we?:cool:

    Of course, their are those who want to catch the guy who appears to be an 'expert' in this particular field out. And they will go to any lengths to try do that, but the TRUTH is, those are the people who I believe like my work the MOST, because behind all the FRONT, all the ANIMOSITY, all the SNIPING, it is evidently clear that I have INSPIRED them.

    Inspired them to do what, I hear you ask? Well, let tell you just a few things (because I might be here all day otherwise):

    - To FEEL (strongly) something when they visit this forum.

    - To ENJOY what it is to engage in debate (some of which can appear heated, BUT is all very well natured.... on my part at least ;))

    -To THINK about what they write, and attempt to put REAL thought behind an explanation.

    -To ARTICULATE themselves to the best of their ability (which is all you can ask for, right)

    -To have a sense of mental/emotional STIMULATION when they visit this site, which is something that CAN'T be said about every site you come across.

    -To EMULATE aspects of my work/writing style, which I only take as a HUGE compliment, in regards of the value and creditability I have EARNED through my knowledge of the game, and the way that is presented.

    -To COME BACK, and to RELISH doing so.

    I could go on, but I won't because like I said, I might be here ALL day....And believe it, or not, I have got plans for this most glorious of Sunday afternoons.

    I think you MIGHT be well-served in looking past the ILLUSION that is the profile picture, as it can lead those who do NOT becoming overly distracted, and therefore ignoring the REAL issues at hand.

    I have told you that I am NOT someone who gives much credence to STATS, as far as football is concerned. So using them in ANY context, in relation to a conversation with me, is POINTLESS, in my eyes.

    You see, football is a CIRCUMSTANTIAL and SUBJECTIVE sport, two things which STATS do NOT account for. i.e. 90% passing accuracy from an individual in a match can appear impressive. BUT if 85% of those passes are backwards/sideways it becomes a LESS spectacular achievement.

    Even a 3-1 scoreline does not, NECESSARILY, tell you the (full) truth about a football game/match...

    As far as attempting to BELITTLE the value of the C1 Cup, I would argue that a day at Wembley, and the prospect of seeing your team lift a trophy is something ANY supporter WOULD/SHOULD relish. Indeed, the GREAT memories of seeing Spurs put on a WONDERFUL display as underdogs, the last time we won a trophy, still burns bright in my memory!!!

    Do you think John Terry, Vincent Kompany and Steven Gerrard think that winning the League Cup is ANY thing BUT a BIG achievement when they climb those Wembley stairs to cheers of adoration, and lift that cup PROUDLY above their heads????

    The FACT (a term that seems to be misunderstood by more people than you would initially imagine) that you can see the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool, Utd and Spurs marked down as recent winners should tell how SERIOUSLY people take the cup (especially when they see the possibility of winning it).

    So to end this, let me summarise: The REASON people are attracted to me, my views and my work, IS because I am VERY GOOD at what I do, and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE as a result!!!

    You MAY not like the idea of that very much, (and you wouldn't be the only one) but I would suggest you come to accept it as true, otherwise you COULD find that we continue to repeat this process over and over again until you realise there is no escaping it!

    Some people watch football, my friend. Others study it. It is two different things ENTIRELY, and yet, there is NO SHAME in either!

    At times like this I am reminded of a favourite quote of mine...Now, how does it go again?.... Oh yeah,... ' I'm not one of the bottle'...
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  18. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Am I the only one who misses Tim? If ONLY he could of kept hold of ALL/MOST of his marbles, he MIGHT still of had a job today...

    He was ALWAYS going to make mistakes as Spurs manager, as he was LEARNING on the job, but unfortunately he didn't learn quickly enough for a club like Spurs, and in the end paid with his job!!!

    Some of his decisions got crazier, and in the end stunk of a man trying too hard to PROVE A POINT, instead of doing what was best for the team in the short-term. If I was his assistant I would of told him that (maybe not in so many words, but I would of made sure he understood what I was getting at).

    The WORST thing you can be as a number 2 is a YES man, in my opinion, and I couldn't help but think Les and Chris MIGHT of been a little too submissive to Tim's ideas.

    Anyway, I STILL maintain that Tim has EVERYTHING it takes to become a top manager at this level, bar the EXPERIENCE, and the know-how that brings.

    I would LOVE to see him get a job either in the EPL,or Championship, soon as I believe he has a LOT to offer the game.

    He comes across as a nice/good guy, who CLEARLY cared a great deal for Tottenham Hotspur, and who ALWAYS acted in what he thought the BESt interests of the club were....For that alone, I will ALWAYS be thankful.

    Who knows maybe in 6- 10 years time we will see him don that now famous Spurs gilet and return to the dugout of our brand new stadium...

    I, for one, wish him well!!!
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  19. notnats

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    Who cares what people put in thier profile picture. Ramos can put in whatever he likes. I change mine every week or so. This week im the Hulk, dont get me mad!
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  20. Mattj78

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    Tim was on goals on Sunday this morning and I have to say I agreed with much of what he had to say. He talked about the fact that we sold Bale who had scored 21 goals and although the p layers that came in are good, not one of them had played in the premier league before and that a top four finish was always a tough ask. I have to say that he makes a fair point really.

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